Mandatory Child Abuse and Governmental Abduction of Children in The Netherlands

No More Turning Away

No More Turning Away


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Sylvano met wond

girl humiliated in youth care


Brandon chained to wall in youth care

Mandatory Governmental Child Abuse


While there is no excuse for taking children away from their own parents, since in all cases, children who are forced to leave their parents are worse off than if they could grow up with their parents, this horrible practice continues to take place in countries that claim to consider themselves civilized.

90% of the children who are taken away from their parents and put in youth care institutions end up as drug addicts, homeless people and  prostitutes and they have a much higher chance of committing suicide.

So only 10% of the children who have been forced to leave their parents and are put in youth care institutions  do not end up in these horrible circumstances, but these children are also worse off than children with similar backgrounds who are allowed to grow up in their own homes.

You would think that these facts being common knowledge  would cause the violent abductions of children by police to stop and be revoked right away. But there is a huge disconnect between known facts and policy, and today, youth care and police are still  taking children away from their parents by force.

The main focus of this essay is on the Netherlands, but  these horrors take place in many other so called civilized  countries as well, and some of these are also mentioned in this essay.

The problem is huge, but the solutions are not that complicated to achieve. Hopefully the information given here will help.

Youth Care (Jeugdzorg)  is the Dutch version of a part of Child Protection Services, the other parts being AMK (Advies en Meldpunt Kindermishandeling , which is the Dutch Hotline for Child abuse) and Kinderbescherming (Child Protective Services) . Lately , they operate together under the name Veilig Thuis (Safe at Home) and they use other names as well, but it is just the name and a few organisational details that have changed. It’s still the same people using the same methods as in the past. In this essay, the name Youth Care is used.

No More Turning Away.

Mandatory Governmental Child Abuse


Mass abductions of Children from Families in the Netherlands by Youth Care and Police.

Are children separated from their families often in the Netherlands?.

You may think there must be big problems with children or families for these measures to be taken.

Surely there must be something wrong with these families and children for the children to be taken away from their own families so brutally?.

Who are targeted? Are there any common characteristics?.

How does this targeting and isolating children and families work?.

What is obligatory schooling and how does it contribute to governmental kidnapping of children?.

Where are children taken to when they are violently taken away from their families? They must take the children to very perfect places if fine children are taken involuntarily from fine families to grow up there instead of home. There must be much evidence that children are better off there than at their own homes.

Isolation, medication and torture in Youth Care facilities.

Anti-conception for ten year old girls and medical experiments on children in Youth Care facilities.

Four times more chance of sexual abuse in foster care and in Youth Care facilities than when children grow up in their own family.

Within Youth Care , children are often dragged from one address to the next Inferior educational options in Youth Care facilities.

Children disappear from Youth Care facilities often.

What about the children who really do need help? Are these institutions good for them?.

Even in the best of circumstances, just the fact of being separated from their birth parents is very bad for children’s mental and physical health.

Then why are perfectly fine children being taken away from their perfectly fine families and taken to these horrible facilities or foster homes where they are not safe?.

There must be tons of complaints about these institutions.

Has any of this been researched?.

What happens with the results of the research?.

Spins and Cover ups.

Disconnect between research results and practice.

Why is the government so fanatical about having children put in these terrible Youth Care  facilities even if they have fine families of their own and even if there is nothing wrong with the children. Maybe the facilities are horrible, but in the end children are better off there than at home?.

How can this government induced oppression of Dutch families take place?

Family law is not evidence based.

Lawlessness in Dutch Society.

Doesn’t any one speak up against the terrible violations of human rights for children and families in the Netherlands? Stentor September 29th 2014

Other sites where parents try to get honest information are:

Are there any results from these efforts?

Surely the Netherlands is not the only country in the world where government induced child abuse occurs?

The Netherlands are hindered by fourteen evils that send it in a downward spiral

How can this overt Governmental oppression of Dutch families and children be going on for so long?


How long has this abuse of children and families been going on in the Netherlands?

Large scale government facilitated child robberies and sexual abuse scandals in the Netherlands.

Why are children and families being Oppressed on such a large scale?

How do these factors work together to form the astronomical abuse of children that has been going on for ages, and the ending of which is not in sight?

But then how can Unicef say that Dutch children are the happiest children in the world?

Turn around..

So who do we turn to?.

Full circle.

Suggestions for Solutions.

Why so much emphasis on the Universal declaration of Human Rights from 1948?

How can this work now?


Mass abductions of Children from Families in the Netherlands by Youth Care and Police

Can you bear to listen to these heart-wrenching cries? They come from children being robbed from their families in the Netherlands. The abduction of Anastasia and Nikolai,the then nine-year-old twins of Jelena Antonova, Ilja N.B.’s mother, was the first to be filmed and spread on Internet. Here we see Hans , Irme van der Heijden’s son being robbed from his mother by policemen and social workers. Here we hear Sylvano Bontekoe being hauled off to a Youth Care facility when he clearly lets everyone know he only wants one thing, to be with his mother.

 Here is Jaimey, being taken away by the police to a secret address.

Are children separated from their families often in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands have the highest percentage of children placed outside of their homes in Europe. The total number of children in foster care in 2013 was 21.606 , and 9490 new children were taken out of their houses that year.  The heart breaking stories of governmental child abductions in the Netherlands are all over the internet

You may think there must be big problems with children or families for these measures to be taken.

But this is not always the case. The teachers spoke highly of Jelena Antonova’s children Nikolai and Anastasia. In the following interview one of their teachers also says these are well-behaved, hard working students with plenty of extra curricular activities and friends, so they were perfectly normal in every way. Their mother took excellent care of them and they always were well behaved, well groomed and tidy.

The photo shoots taken of Hansje and his mother speak for themselves. A beautiful mother, with a beautiful, healthy, lovely child.

Sylvano is even said to be giftedThe papers describe him as being athletic, articulate social and who knows how many other talents he has. He has a perfectly fine mother who has every right to have her children live with her or so the experts say. Sylvano was supposed to live with his mother. That is what the experts at the Child Protective Agency in Holland thought. But Governmental youth care thought it was better to observe him for a short period after which he was supposed to go back to his mother. They never let him go back though.

Christel and Jeroen also lost their children in this manner. Youth Care agencies are known to ignore truth, research, expert opinions, or even court orders for that matter. That is when the conclusion is that children should live with their own parents.

This is also proven by the case of Arlette Heskes, who’s five month old baby was ripped from her chest by a squat team. Even after the court had ruled that her child was wrongfully taken away and should be returned to her immediately, the  youth care  agency kept her child, and still has him to this day. He is now ten years old, and she still has not gotten him back.

Remzi Cavdar was forced to stay in a home for retarded children, Even after an IQ test confirmed that he was not retarded at all, far from it, they refused to let him go. He too was held there against court orders.

And on the facebook page made for Jaimey there are many pictures and video’s showing him as a happy child who obviously felt very safe with his parents, making the total lack of necessity for the drastic measure taken to haul him away from them obvious.

Surely there must be something wrong with these families and children for the children to be taken away from their own families so brutally?

Not necessarily. One anonymous telephone call from a vengeful co worker, neighbour, father in law, teacher or even a complete stranger can be enough for parents to lose their children forever to foster homes and foster families. The court sessions are mock hearings where judges blindly follow the advice of low skilled Youth Care workers who are not under oath and who have often never met the family they are advising the judge about personally, and who work for agencies that have huge financial interests in robbing children from families and institutionalising them. Research shows that the reports are often full of big mistakes, but there is no way to correct them. The unskilled  youth care workers upon who’s advice judges place children outside of their homes are not under oath in the court rooms, and neither real experts nor the parents nor the children are heard. Thus children are taken away from their parents wrongfully.

The government knows this is happening, and many high standing researches and respected scholars confirm it.

The problem of mandatory child abuse in the Netherlands, is huge and complex, but the solution is simple.Here is an analysis of the problem and a plan for a solution.

Who are targeted? Are there any common characteristics?

Targeted families come in all shapes and sizes, in all levels of intelligence, in all races and religions. Being wealthy or well educated may prevent being targeted but is also no insurance that people will be left alone by youth care agencies.

Being a single parent, going through a divorce or having anything that resembles a real problem like a child who is bullied in school or financial problems gives youth care agencies an excuse for coming in, but having no problems is no guarantee they will not either create a problem or make something up to get their hands on people’s children.

And it also seems that who is targeted depends on the social prejudices of the school. Thus Protestants and Jews in Catholic schools, Muslims in public schools, but this is a personal observation, not a well documented and well researched fact like the rest of the information is.

How does this targeting and isolating children and families work?

Targeting families can happen any way imaginable. Anonymous phone calls, and most often   schools are the avenues which most frequently bring families in touch with youth care workers.

Often times the reasons are completely beyond the parent’s or children’s control, or even caused by the ones profiting from the remedies themselves.

This mother got a reprimand from the child protection agency after having her child be rejected by six schools and quitting her job to get her child in a school.

And here a mother nearly loses both her children to youth care , just because of not being able to find a school for one of them. Not because of her own short comings, but because youth care would sabotage her efforts.

Thus schools would accept her child, but then youth care would come in and talk to the school, and suddenly they would not want the child to attend the school any more. It is a well known problem that youth care agencies make many mistakes in their reports, and thus say untrue things about children. Even though she is a teacher herself, she is not allowed to teach him. And if there is a problem with one child, Youth Care just goes ahead and takes away all children. Here is the interview she gave for a Dutch magazine in September of 2014.

Hugo and Enrique Claesen took to the international waters to avoid being put under government surveillance for not having a school.

Kadeesha is a girl with a rare metabolic disease who was placed outside of her home because her doctor filled in a form saying her parents were retarded, while this was untrue.She found her own lawyer to help her go back home, but after two years, still has not succeeded.

This family just has some financial problems. The child protection agency says their children are fine and well looked after, but still Youth Care tries to push them into signing forms so they can take away their kids.

This child was taken away from a school where he had happily gone to for the past three years. He was brought to a secret location for six weeks, like always happens when children are removed from their parents. This is done to loosen the bonds between them, as if a bond between a parent and child is something harmful which must be broken.Youth care does not seem to mind  that this is completely contrary to common sense experience  and tons of scientific evidence.

Mikey Max is a seven year old boy who has also been taken away from his mother because , according to the Youth Care agency, he was too fond of his mother. They thought he needed to learn to be more negative about his mother and more positive about his father.The foundation that was started to get him back to his mother was forbidden in the Netherlands.

Auxilia Silva Dos Santos daughter Sue Ellen was taken away because of a misunderstanding. Here is a petition with the whole story.

Nora Yörükseven’s child was also robbed from her.Here she is speaking at a protest against Youth Care March 31st 2013.

Paolo en Benilda Beretta,  had formal custody of their grandchildren,  the children of their deceased daughter, but the Dutch Youth Care institutions would not let their grandchildren live with them.

And Jaimey had no school, but did get home schooling and was up to date on all subjects. Nevertheless his not having a school was used as a reason to take him away from his home.

So these are not parents who do not care for their children.

Youth care does the same each time. They say children will be taken for a short time, but then are never given back. And there are many, many more like them.


What is obligatory schooling and how does it contribute to governmental kidnapping of children?

Obligatory schooling is different from obligatory learning. Obligatory learning means that children should have the chance to reach their highest potential. This is a sensible rule that applies to all countries.

Obligatory schooling means children have to be at a state approved school for a certain amount of time, regardless of what they learn or if it is good for them.

This is a consequence of a very rigid interpretation of the obligatory schooling law of 1969.

Few countries have obligatory schooling, and the ones that do usually have less rigid rules as to what schools should be like.

Here the schooling laws are listed per country. The Netherlands are one of the few countries which have obligatory schooling.

Only recently schools are being obligated to guarantee children are not bullied.

Unfortunately the methods schools use are proven to be counter productive, and to worsen bullying rather than relieving it. Dutch schools are known to be very unresponsive to children’s and parent’s calls for help when a child is being bullied.

Even when this unresponsiveness leads to a child’s death, schools are often reluctant to apologize for their failure to protect children, or even their own part in the bullying.

This happened with Fleur Bloemen, Livia van Beelen, who’s parents are bewilderd at the incompassionate way the school reacted .

Here is a list of seventeen bullying related deaths of school children. In all the cases schools have reacted unempathetically.

Children who have been bullied to death are often being buried or cremated without their intestines or brains Autopsies are often done without parents’ permission. The deceased child’s intestines and brains are often thrown out along with the other hospital rubbish after autopsies are done.

Most parents do not even know obligatory schooling exists and just take their children to school because they want them to be well educated and don’t want them to miss out on anything. They usually don’t find out about the rigid obligatory schooling policies until for some reason or another there are problems in school, and instead of getting help they get threats of fines , and even risk having their children taken away from them.

In these state approved schools, at age seven, children get graphic sexual education, without telling the children about the different kinds of love, like love that parents have for children or brothers and sisters have for one another, where there is no sexuality involved at all, while the bond is very deep and great.

This age inappropriate sexual education may cause Dutch children to become repulsed by grown ups as well as members of the other sex. The standardized obligatory schooling programs are very unsuitable for gifted children, so they are at high risk of being bullied or dropping out and getting in trouble with juvenile care agencies because of mandatory schooling, which forbids children to miss any school, and restricts them to levels controlled by tests owned by certain commercial companies which may not be questioned by teachers.

Scholastic Aptitude  tests, called Cito Tests are tests which function it is to determine the level a child may be schooled in. Even teachers are not allowed to question or correct these tests. Children are obligated to follow the level determined by these vague tests and their teachers. If they try for a higher level through home schooling, they are seen as breaking the law, and risk being put in  Youth Care facilities. Isolating children and families is very easy for Dutch headmasters of schools.

They have so many choices in how to go about isolating and eliminating children and no risk whatsoever to get caught, since there is not a thing parents or children can do about it. And other parents and children stay clear of targeted children and parents out of fear they might be the next victims. Thus headmasters rule the lives and futures of children completely. Any parents, teachers or students showing any kindness to targeted students and/or parents can count on punishments, which can be given without limitation.

And total control they have, since Youth Care workers, who’s salary depends on how many children they can get into Youth Care are lurking about in every school. So there is often nothing people can do about being targeted by Youth Care agencies.

These rules do not apply to certain schools, which are only open to children of people who work in certain big companies or who are in the European Parliament, where children are schooled from 4-18 and then get a degree, which allows them to go to the university Children attending European schools have much less chance of being targeted. These are schools   which do not have the same rules ordinary schools.

So only children of employees of international company’s can attend, and they have an education from 4 to 18 years of age, after which pupils can attend universities.. If non-elite children happen to come in these schools, the schools are shut down immediately. And non-elite schools are also shut down if they try to have rules that are less damaging and restrictive for children. In ordinary schools strict tests at age eleven determine which level children can follow for the rests of their lives. If these schools try to operate by the rules of European schools, they get closed down. European schools which happen to be attended by other children are also closed down. The private schools for the normal public often have eccentric philosophies, which makes them more like tiny sects than schools. This is caused by the requirements that must be met in order for a private school to be started in the Netherlands. Home schooling can only be asked for before the age of five, and is reassessed every year.

A very stressful ordeal for home schoolers. Many schools in rural area’s are being closed because there are too few children, and so the funding stops. Being without a school is also a reason for being placed outside of the home, since home schooling is seldomly allowed in the Netherlands. This favouring of mass schooling over home learning is not backed by research. On the contrary. Research after research proves that home schooled children are intellectual and socially better off of their mass schooled peers. They also have better future perspectives. So children are not safe in schools, because of Youth Care hunting around there in search of new victims, using essay topics and school doctors because of privacy not being respected, as can be read here and here, And they are not safe outside of schools, because having no school can be a reason for Governmental Child Protection (Jeugdzorg) to take children away from their parents. At present , there 17000 Dutch children who are not going to school, who all risk being taken away from their families by Youth Care and police.

Where are children taken to when they are violently taken away from their families? They must take the children to very perfect places if fine children are taken involuntarily from fine families to grow up there instead of home. There must be much evidence that children are better off there than at their own homes.

Wrong again. The children often become estranged from their families, are prematurely sexualised, start abusing drugs, become criminal, and get no help whatsoever, while these facilities are supposedly the safe places judges send children to who are not safe at home. Here is a secret film of such a home.


Isolation, medication and torture in Youth Care facilities

First the children are hauled off to secret addresses where they must stay for six weeks with no contact with friends or family.

Then they are either brought to Youth Care facilities or foster homes. Almost all children receive psychiatric medication. Torture is protocol in Youth Care  facilities. An example of the torture measures they have is something some call waterboarding for children.

This is a procedure where the group leaders are allowed to take a child outside in cold weather with bare arms and bare feet until the child does what the leaders wants. Leaders have a pass permitting them to execute this type of torture. In these Youth Care facilities, children are allowed to be forced on the ground with their arms held on their back. That is also protocol. Care facilities have isolation chambers. They’re not ashamed of it, as you can see in this documentary. And this while even time outs are proven to be bad for children. Also notice the intimidating and unempathetic way in which this Youth Care worker speaks with this poor child. girl humiliated in youth care

They have a way for using euphemisms for their own unacceptable behaviour and using harsh terms for completely normal behaviour, in an attempt to make their own unacceptable measures seem OK, and to make perfectly fine behaviour seem criminal or pathological.

Thus in the juvenile prisons, where children are often put because there is lack of space in the closed institutions, children can be submitted to “ visitations” at any given moment. “ Visitations” mean that children have to strip to the nude to be checked for drugs, also internally in their private spots. Very humiliating and disturbing. Understandably, children are often very upset after such experiences.

Another torture method, being bound to beds, is referred to as “gefixeerd slapen” or “ fixed sleeping” . This practice is also confirmed in this debate in the Dutch House of Representatives. As a rule children are drugged in these facilities. The abuse they suffer on top of that in foster care and institutions demolishes these children spiritually, mentally and physically.

Anti conception for ten year old girls and medical experiments on children in Youth Care facilities

In Youth Care facilities, it is not unusual for girls to get anti conception from age thirteen, and sometimes from age ten, in the form of Depo-Provera, injected every three months. People who have been in these youth care facilities when they were growing up speak of having had experiments done on them, and see the following as evidence  medical experiments are still being done on children from homes.


Four times more chance of sexual abuse in foster care and in youth care facilities than when children grow up in their own family

The high percentage of rapes of children in foster care were rumours that were confirmed by a government study, the, Samson Committee which presented its shocking results in November of 2012. Children in government care had a four times higher chance of being raped.[1] There is a documentary of a foster home where 77 children were brought, while Youth care agencies knew that the stepfather was raping children. More about this here. The inspection of juvenile prisons is one big show, since the institutions know when the inspectors are coming.

Within youth care, children are often dragged from one address to the next

Here a man who grew up in youth care facilities looks back on his experiences and says how it makes him feel now he is an adult.

Inferior educational options in youth care facilities

In youth care facilities, only the lowest of educations can be followed. This is especially sad when you realize that because of the role of schools in getting children into youth care, and the fact that schools are very unsuited for gifted, often gifted children are put in youth care facilities/

Children disappear from youth care facilities often

Children also disappear frequently from the youth care facilities they are brought to. When parents are worried, often the police do nothing to find the children, and won’t even put out an amber alert.

But when the parents are OK with the children fleeing institutes because they were being abused there, and they assume that the parents helped the children escape, they put the parents and everyone they think is involved in jail and search everywhere for the children, even using international search warrants.

The estimates for the number of missing children for 2010 was 13.288 (see page 4 of this report by the National Children’s Advocate of the Netherlands). So while most children, the police hardly do anything to help find them, while the parents are worried sick. But for Sylvano, where the mother felt better about him being somewhere in hiding than if he remained in the institute, the Dutch ministry of justice went all out in their search for him.


What about the children who really do need help? Are these institutions good for them?

If children really do need help, youth care institutions chain them to walls, as happened to Brandon and Jolanda.

[1] Brandon chained to wall in youth care This is what Dutch youth care institutes do with children who really do need help. 18 year old Brandon was tied to a wall for three consecutive years. And he is not the only one. Around 400 children live like this in Dutch youth care institutes.

Even in the best of circumstances, just the fact of being separated from their birth parents is very bad for children’s mental and physical health


It is known that being separated from their families of origin gives much trauma and even physical damage to children, and nearness to the birth parents is essential for brain development. It is also known that children are better off in their own families, even if they are dysfunctional, than they are in foster homes.

Children living in far from perfect families of their own also have much better chances of having happy life once they are adults themselves than children who grew up in foster care and institutions. They also have a better chance of reaching adulthood, since the suicides among children who grew up in foster care are extremely high.

The claim that it is less harmful for the child if it is taken away directly after birth, since then it supposedly has had no chance to bond is false, because research has proved what mothers know since the beginning of time: bonding with the birth mother begins in the womb, from the moment of conception and has thus taken place long before the actual birth of a child. So there is no excuse or justification for these mass abductions of children.

Then why are perfectly fine children being taken away from their perfectly fine families and taken to these horrible facilities or foster homes where they are not safe?

Since the amounts of money made off of children in youth care are astronomical. many believe that the main incentive is financial.  Here is a document that says it lists all the amounts per child in youth care. And here it says what the total amounts for the nation. Empty cells in youth care institutions and juvenile prisons means these institutions get financial problems,

Figures of €80.000,- a year per child mentioned insiders, but judging from this document, locking a child up in closed youth care facility means youth care receives €500,- a day from the government, so that’s €182.500,- a year per child. Youth care institutes really need this money and get into trouble if they do not fill all the prison cells. Children are spoken of as ways to earn money, and youth care agencies do not benefit from helping children. They do benefit greatly from making and keeping them ill. There are examples of politicians saying that youth care agencies need to be profitable (i.e. “productie draaien)

Secondly the low or no skilled workers of these youth care agencies are taught the opposite of what science and research tells us. So if science proves that a strong bond with the parents is crucial for a child’s development, even going as far as causing brain damage in children if children are taken away from their biological parents, youth care workers learn that a strong bond with the mother is detrimental to a child’s health, and actively work on separating children from parents, using the barbaric measures which invite the cries heard earlier.

Thus fully convinced of the superiority of their views, youth care workers present their reports to judges in court demanding children to be taken away from parents. Thirdly : court rulings are not based on truth. Those writing these reports have often never even met the child they are writing about. They are not under oath in the hearings, and the reports are often full of falsehoods, which are not even allowed to be corrected by experts, parents or others involved. That has to do with the difference between family law and criminal law. Besides that, thanks to article 120 in the constitution judges are not even allowed to check if verdicts are in accordance with the constitution or with international treaties.

There must be tons of complaints about these institutions

There are many many complaints. Families are devastated and appalled about the government induced child robberies, but filing complaints in youth care facilities as well as in schools is completely useless in the Netherlands. Complaints go to internal committees who are paid by the ones whom the complaint is against. So getting the complaint validated is nearly impossible. And even if it is validated, the outcome is nothing but an advice with which the youth care facility has to do nothing. Even if the highest authority for complaints in the Netherlands, which is the National Children’s Advocate (De Nationale Kinderombudsman) finds the complaint to be founded, it has no higher status than an advice, which institutions may ignore.

The same policy goes for hospitals, schools, and any governmental organisation in the Netherlands. But usually complaints don’t get past the internal complaint committees within institutions, which are everything but impartial, since they are on the pay role of the very institution Ordinary people are completely powerless in the Netherlands. This is a diagram of how complaints are usually handled in youth care.


Has any of this been researched?

Youth care is notorious for being very uncooperative when it comes to research, but much excellent research has been done and excellent reports have been written, saying exactly what needs to be done to improve youth care in the Netherlands, like this one by Q4C, or Quality for Children, in 2007. The conclusion of this research headed by Robert Linschoten in 2009 was that youth care lacks transparency . May 19th 2010 one of the conclusions of this research about the future of youth care was that schools needed to be more vigilant in searching for victims of child abuse. The research team consisted of::

  • – P.M.M. Heijnen, head of the group (PvdA)
  • – M.M. van Toorenburg (CDA)
  • – J.R.V.A. Dijsselbloem (PvdA)
  • – J.S. Voordewind (ChristenUnie)
  • – M.C. Langkamp (SP)
  • – I. Dezentjé Hamming-Bluemink (VVD)
  • – R. de Mos (PVV)
  • – T. Dibi (GroenLinks)

  Samson Committee (commissie Samson) The shocking revelation of the Samson Commitee was that children in foster care were four times more likely to be abused than if they would be in their own home, and is backed by the research of the UCCHRresearch done in the US, proving children are better off in their own homes, even it is dysfunctional, Another research was done the atrocities in youth care institutes and found , and a report was written by De Nationale Kinderombudsman Is de Zorg Gegrond? It’s from December 2013. Here is a report of the Dutch Children’s Advocate of September 24th, 2014. with recommendations for improving youth care. A Test was done in the Dutch province Zeeland with helping children at home. Very successful. While placing children out of the home went up by 8% in the rest of the Netherlands, they dropped 50% there.


The research done on the subject of schooling “ Van leerplicht naar Leerrecht” the results of which were published May 16th 2013 was a research raised the hopes that something would be done about the rigid, outdated mandatory schooling system, which also so often leads to youth care. And De commisie Deetman , which the results of which were published in December of 2011 researches the large scale of child abuse in the catholic church. Other researches are into the negative effects of placing children outside of the home. It really has nasty effect on children’s health also. This research shows the negative effects of long term placement away from children’s own families: This article says bonding already starts in the womb, so it is also very bad for babies to be taken away from their mothers: This Trimbos research into the quality of life of maltreated children should have been finished in March of 2014, but I see no results.   Here are the numbers for children in foster care in the Netherlands: And here are the numbers for children in youth care in the Netherlands: hofnarretje zeden zaak file:///C:/Users/wim/Downloads/hofnarretje%20zedenzaak%20(2).pdf Finkensieper file:///C:/Users/wim/Downloads/dubbelblind%20onderzoek%20van%20finkensieper%20(3).pdf Here is a documentary on this case, where a psychiatrist from the William Schrikker Group, youth care for children depicted as mentally retarded, forced girls in an institution to have sex with him and to masterbate, For 15 years he got away with this. This is the same youth care facility that got away with keeping Remzi Cavdar, even though he was not mentally retarded at all. This brochure from KOG is on the fysical effects of taking children away from their families:

Here are some more numbers to give an idea about how many children this is: The Netherlands have the third most infant deaths of Europe One in one hundred. 17000 children without schools. Almost 17000 children without schools 2012-2013 May 4th  2001 20.000 children were under surveillance

21.606 children are in foster families.. In 2011 there was a total of 350208 of children between de 0 en 17 in youth care in the Netherlands. The total number of children and youths between 0 and 17 years of age in 2002 was 1 119. 924. The older the children in youth care get, the worse they do in school. Higher levels that give access to university are not even available in youth care facilities.

What happens with the results of the research?

Often the public gets excited, because research is being done , and their complaints and concerns are confirmed as being valid. You would think something would happen about the atrocities. But then it stops there and the government either uses the research very opportunistically only using the parts with which they can suppress people even further or they do cartwheels spamming the media with junk research to hide the results of the scholarly research and go ahead with bullying families around. Or the youth care facilities continue under a different name. Same people, same rules, same lack of rights for the children and families. And it is disappointing how many people fall for this trick.


Spins and Cover ups

Many tricks are used to mask the shockingly high percentages of child abuse in foster care and to keep the children coming into foster care in spite of them. After doing whatever they can to stop research from being done, after which teams are formed to make sure that abuse is likely to not be discovered, once the numbers are out they still have many tricks to stop them from becoming public.

  1. 1. After manipulating the conclusions and pretending the risk of sexual abuse for children in foster care was not four, but only two and a half times higher in youth care as in their own home home, Rieke Samson, the head of the Samson team, pretended only very disturbed children are in these foster homes, thus making it seem as though all this abuse is thus less terrible.

But often gifted children are placed outside of their homes because the school system is not geared towards their learning needs.

2.Second of all, junk studies were performed, where the strict definition of abuse used in the Samson committee of 2012, consisting of scholars, where abuse was determined as long term rape, was broadened into the absurd (people were allowed to decide themselves what they considered abuse) by a commercial company, without one scholar,   thus making an unwanted kiss given once by a pushy boyfriend be defined as sexual abuse, and making it seem as if the percentages of children being abused in the Netherlands was astronomically high. This is how they went about masking the shocking results of this study, an operation Samson victims predicted and feared. And what do you know? The political debates in the House of Representatives are not about the results from the Samson committee , but about the results from these non academic studies, and a broad panic emerges, because these studies show 119000 children are being abused in the Netherlands, that means one in every class room, and only 30000 are placed outside of the home. And campaigns start to find all these poor abused children in schools and sports facilities, because obviously they need to be searched actively, because only such a low percentage reports the abuse (of course you don’t report being kissed without wanting to. People usually can dump pushy boyfriends perfectly well on their own) .And , what makes it even more absurd, is when you compare the total number of even the artificially pumped up figures with that of the total number of children in youth care. That 350208, still a lot higher than even the artificial number of so called abused children, thus proving the ridiculousness of the campaigns to find abused children, while they do nothing about the abuse in foster care and institutions, and keep dragging fine children from their safe homes into these dangerous places. But new research shows that if the same broad definition used to pretend as if sexual abuse is so prevalent when children live at home, the sexual abuse in foster care is eighty times higher than if children live at home.

  1. 70.000 subsidy has been granted to the University in Groningen (RUG) for yet a new study, no doubt to cover up the horrible facts that are already known
  1. A disconnect between studies and practice. Thus policy makers don’t even listen to their own researches, since on page 18 it says that only 6% of children would tell a sports teacher they were being abused, and yet they want to use sport’s facilities as places to hunt down abused children. And here, it is seen that it is known that youth care facilities are unsafe , but sill children are no freed from these facilities, and they keep being put there against their will and also against that of their families. And while vaccines are proven to be ineffective, unsafe and in fact very damaging, a political groups consider obligating vaccines.Also in California . It leaves one wondering what they are up to, and whether it is ignorance or trickery. Same goes for toxins in food, toxic medication, and the trap that if parents refuse to have their children poisoned, that is considered an offence and children are taken away from them.

So the very personal questions masked as essay questions and the very personal school health services questions to find the children who are supposedly being molested have no function whatsoever, because there are already more than twice as many children in youth care then there are in trouble even according to the totally fake research. And everyone knows what happens when these children are found. No help, but they are put in youth care facilities, where they are not safe at all. Thus there is a disconnect between research and execution. And what has been proven to be best for children is often forbidden and what is proven to be harmful becomes mandatory.

  1. Other Spins are changing the tone of newspaper articles and interpretations of laws midway. This has also been done in the flight of Sylvano. While the Dutch law permits for people to help children who flee from abuse, as can be seen here in the discussion of articles 279 and 280 on page 56. Helping a child who is fleeing from abusers is not kidnapping and is allowed by Dutch law. Civil disobedience is also allowed by Dutch law as a means to protest inhumane policies. Yet the same Minister of Defence who thought reluctant apologies were sufficient for sixty years of abuse in governmental youth care sent search orders across the borders to find a boy fleeing from such an institution. People who are suspected in being involved, including the mother have been interrogated by the police, arrested, had their houses searched and are threatened with 9 and even 15 years of imprisonment. In the mean time the earlier newspaper articles , like the one from September 29th 2014 are removed from the website of the newspaper that published it, and new terms that are totally inappropriate for the situation are used, in which helping a fleeing child is called kidnapping, and being part of a criminal organisation.You can still see the name of that article in the menu, nut if you click on it, you get an empty page

Screenshot_2015-05-23_18-11-30 Screenshot_2015-05-23_18-23-51 And now, they have inserted a fake article for September 29th 2015, this one to be precise. It seems to have been copied from this one No picture of Sylvano, just some heavy terms, and pretence that youth care workers care one iota for the well being of children.The wounds on Sylvano’s face caused by youth care workers and the complete indifference with which his and his mother’s complaints about the abuse he suffered, along with all the other evidence against youth care facilities suggest otherwise. Such tricks are not appreciated by those who have fond memories of those who protected them when they were children hiding from the Nazi’s in World War II, and those who fled youth care themselves as children, and changing laws midway is not allowed according to the universal declaration of human rights. They also left out the article that Sylvano was home for Christmas with his mother, this one that is. And now he lives with a foster family who is friends with his mother, and he is with his mother on holidays and weekends. Not the same as really living with her, but much better than the detention Youth care had planned for him.  So what can the reason be? At the time what people were presented with besides the interview with Sylvano himself on September 29th 2014 were the video’s made of Sylvano himself, made at his hiding places,  an overview of which is given here by Kik de Jong on the website of Professor Heertje

  1. Attempts to control the internet and to outlaw freedom of speech,
  1. They pretend that youth care will change, but all they change is the name, so its new name, same game. And it’s also with the same people, hardly anyone was fired..
  2. Misinformation is  given on nutritional sites and by some health care professionals about physical ailments and physiological processes in the body to make it seem as though physical conditions which have nothing what so ever to do with abuse are caused by child abuse.See also
  3. The same happens with the Shaken Baby Syndrom, where effects of vaccines are blamed on abuse, and surviving siblings are wrongfully taken from innocent parents.
  4. The united child rights agencies are going to Geneva to complain about the violation of children’s rights in the Netherlands. Here is the complaint they filed September 24th 2014 , and which is scheduled to be treated May 27th 2015. Not a word about the atrocities of the governmental child abductions, unless that is what they mean with selling children being legal in the Netherlands. And they seem to base their figures on the phony studies mentioned in point 2. of this list.
  5. Hundreds of thousands of children’s being systematically mistreated in youth care, deaths of children  in youth care facilities by bullying in schools, foster parents that systematically rape their foster children and keep getting new ones, these things are hardly mentioned, maybe one documentary, but that’s it. 80 babies raped at a child care centre, it is not seen as a reason to change anything, and the age that children are expected to go to child care centres.  However,the extremely rare cases  of children who die when they are with parents are mentioned again and again and are used as the reason for youth cares dictatorial rule over parents and families. In each case that children die in parents care, there are stories that youth care had played a part worsening bad situations as well, so even these deaths could be seen as the result of youth cares deplorable methods. Still these cases are used to give them more power , not less.
  6. There is a clear revolving door between youth care and Dutch politics. Many politicians get high paying jobs in youth care after their political office, and vice versa.
  7. Disconnect between research an practice (see following Chapter)

Disconnect between research and practice

There is an enormous disconnect between the outcome of studies and the practice. Even before the outcome of the Samson committee was known , the minister of family affairs was conducting research how to prevent sexual abuse in foster care, and the minister of justice who said how deplorable this sexual abuse sent search parties and arrest warrants across the borders to search for children fleeing these horrible institutions.
The same disconnect between research and practice is seen in the Remzi Cavdar case, where a boy with a normal IQ was locked up in an institution for retarded children, even though this institution had a very bad track record and was disqualified by the inspection many times.
Nevertheless he was not allowed to get reimbursed for his lost youth which he had to spend between retarded children in an institution. Probably due to the spins, youth care initiatives are thrown off course in their convictions, and tend towards more force, rather than less. And instead of giving parents and children more of say, law suits are started to keep people from spreading films with evidence of the human rights violations by youth care workers.
The advice is to blur the faces of human rights violating Child Protective Service agents you show in public on film  as you would do with any criminal, and to refer to article 7 of the Dutch constitution, where the laws for Freedom of Speech are stated. And instead of doing something about the human rights violations, the desperate measures parents take to try and get their children back, is called aggression, and the minister of health, Edith Schippers, who who was involved in fraud,, offers one million Euro’s to help Youth Care Workers handle aggression, as can be read here. This is the same Minister   and who has tried to take away the free choice in physician.. Luckily this was voted against by the Dutch senate.

Why is the government so fanatical about having children put in these terrible youth care facilities even if they have fine families of their own and even if there is nothing wrong with the children. Maybe the facilities are horrible, but in the end children are better off there than at home?

Nope! At 18, when the funding stops, the children are often thrown into the streets without proper educations or even survival skills. 90 % of children do not do well if they grow up. They usually end up in welfare, prostitution, drug abuse, they have the highest percentage of suicides, and for the very few who do make it, and who study and marry, the youth care agencies appear at their doorstep as soon as these former foster care children have children of their own to put their children in youth care facilities and foster homes. Sometimes immediately after birth. They call this“out of womb placements”. Since they know for a fact that these children have had no example at all of how proper parenting works, and since these children have been abused they assume they will be abusers themselves, which is the argument they use. Research proves what anyone with common sense knows: children are even better off in dysfunctional families of their own than in foster care. But as a rule, Dutch policy for families and children contradicts scientific facts. The maker of the documentary Alexandra, looked up her friends from the institution she had stayed in when she was growing up, and these images confirmed what is known. 90% of children who grew up foster care and institutions do not have happy lives. Ten times more chance of suicide, prostitution, and drug abuse.


How can this government induced oppression of Dutch families take place?

Family law is not evidence based

First of all, as in other countries where child abduction takes place such as England,Denmark ,

Norweigh and Sweden, family law in the Netherlands is very different from criminal law. Whereas criminal law is evidence based, family law is solely based on opinions of low skilled social workers. Others write reports based on their non –expert opinions , and based on these reports by people who have never even met the families themselves, judges decide that children should be taken out of their homes. So what the judge says in this program is simply not true. Judges only listen to youth care and do not listen to children, families or any experts they bring to testify. Youth care is not under oath in such mock hearings. The chances that the judges decision is in favour of children and families is minimal in these circumstances, but even if they do, youth care facilities tend to ignore these rulings, and then there is nothing people can do.. There is also no constitutional court in The Netherlands.

And not only that, but thanks to article 120 of the Dutch constitution, judges are forbidden to assess whether the laws and regulations are accordance with the constitution and the international treaties   Civil law is not allowed to use the law enforcement measures that are open to criminal law., but this happens anyway, not only with taking children away from their parents, but also when it comes to evicting families who are behind on their mortgage payments., even when there is no evidence that they have really done anything wrong. These are bureaucratic disputes that should be settled with bureaucratic measures, not with police force. According to the law the Dutch are allowed to practice civil disobedience when the authorities break laws, but the Dutch authorities ignore these laws and oppress those who obey international law and practice their fundamental human rights by protecting their children.

Lawlessness in Dutch Society

These vacuums are everywhere in Dutch society, along with obligations for the population to subdue themselves and their children to situations where are all absolutely powerless. This makes it very easy for criminals to fill up the positions from which they can practice their crimes from a position of authority, and even get paid while doing them. Laws are interpreted in such a way that people have no rights whatsoever, and schools have complete control over children’s lives and futures. There is not a thing parents can do about corrupt schools and cheating teachers and head masters.

Complaints can only be submitted to complaint committees, but the ones who are in complaint committees are either parents themselves with children who’s future is also in the hands of the head master, or they are close friends with the head masters. Even in the rare case that complaints against schools are accepted and the parents and students are found to be right, then still, the school has no obligation to do anything with the complaints. And the schools, in turn, are powerless against the earlier mentioned testing system, which is a monopoly by a commercial company, which is all about financial profit. It also seems that these companies demand loads of personal information about students, as can be seen in these articles: So in the end, everyone is powerless.

Schools who do not want to participate in the labelling, which used to bring huge financial profits to schools, are put under surveillance or even closed down entirely. When schools still got extra funding for labelling children (normally €5500 for an unlabelled child, up to €22.000, – for children with labels) schools went wild trying to put every imaginable label on children. Now schools get a fixed budget and no extra funding for problem students , and since then they stop accepting children who might need any extra care. It’s all pretty much the same for youth care agencies, since they will get their hands on the children anyway, whether it’s because of the labels or because the children are without schools, which, as we have seen before, is also a reason to take away children from families. Families are then burdened with a “gezinsvoogd” or family care taker, who basically takes over the parent’s right to educate the children, and who often takes the children away unannounced. The  family care takers are supposed to work according to the Deltamethod The reasons a gezinsvoogd finds for taking children away basically come down to their twisting and turning everything in such a way that parents seem worse than they are and taking their children away from them absolutely necessary. The child is then taken away to a secret location for six weeks, and then temporarily put in a foster family or a youth care institution. After that youth care always finds excuses not to give the children back, such as that the child is now used to his or her other location and it would not be in the child’s best interest to let him or her return home. Parents are absolutely powerless to do anything about this. They are caught in a web of deceit with people who earn more money when they can take children away from their parents than if they leave them with them.


Doesn’t any one speak up against the terrible violations of human rights for children and families in the Netherlands?

Many have voiced their utter disgust about how youth care operates. Researchers, professors, lawyers, politicians, parents, children, other family members, social workers, teachers, mostly everyone involved sees it is a horrible system.

Even if parents arranged for children to be placed in institutions themselves, they are disgusted with how youth care works, as can also be seen in the documentary Alexandra.

A big complaint against youth care facilities is that they act where they shouldn’t , and fail to act where they should. If there really is something wrong with children or families, youth care agencies often do nothing.

The common characteristic seems to be that they don’t listen to parents or children, but act based on assumptions. Ironically enough, they use the instances where they failed to act in spite of urgent warning signals as excuses to treat parents with even more contempt and have even less regard for their or their children’s wishes.

And often the cases that do go wrong have a history of blundering youth care workers, where many say that it was youth care that made the problems too big for families to handle, and the families would have been fine if youth care had not intervened. Professor de Swaan , (sociology, University of Amsterdam)called youth care child robbers in this article from1997, talks about this child theft by youth care agencies as a despicable phenomenon.

Professor Heertje (Economics, Erasmus University) is livid with the corrupt youth care, as can be read here, and has made it his mission to do something about the disastrous situation in juvenile care calls it an obscene impulse that is created by that is created by paying these enormous amounts of money for children in foster care. He has the website called :making youth care more humane

In 2009, public advocate Brenninkmeijer accused the Dutch Youth care of having a Personality Disorder itself and locking up children for no reason. Arlette Heskes  tours the country, to tell about the injustice that has been done to her and her son Leander, who is 11 now, and she still hasn’t gotten him back. For Hans there have been facebook actions, and like Arlette, his mother

Irme is now also an activist. This is a podcast of an interview with Irme from November 13th 2014.

Ilja went to Brussels. But heard they could do nothing. One of the Europarliamentarians urges for the abolishment of article 51 so that European agencies have the right to intervene in human rights violations of member states, but others warn that this also gives more power for illegal adoptions and child trafficking. Listen to Ilja’s answer to the European Parliament after they said they could not do anything.

And Sylvano, gave an interview in the newspaper with pictures from his hiding place to let his mother know he’s doing fine , leaves messages on internet to assure his mother he is safe and relieved to be away from the youth care facility where he was abused. Not that it helps much. His mother got arrested, a second time for giving shelter to her child who fled from his abusers in the home.

Here are Sylvano’s messages and facts surrounding his flight from his abusers. And here are facts surrounding his flight from the Youth Care facility where he was held without reason, abused and who went on to arrest his mother and a friend of hers and want to lock Sylvano up, going against all expert advice.

There is no reason to lock him up, and no reason to take him away from his mother. There is no question he really was abused. The picture of his wound can be found here, as well as the account of what youth care did with the complaint. The mother was allowed to see her son even less often.

The abuse Sylvano describes is protocol in such institutions, where holding techniques are used to subdue children. In the video’s and newspaper articles. Sylvano begs the police not to tease his mother, who has been arrested before in an earlier attempt of his to escape from the abuse children in Youth Care facilities are subjected to. artikel Stentor 29 september Zeg tegen Mamma dat alles goedkomt

Stentor September 29th 2014

The first time Sylvano tried to escape from the abuse at the youth care facility, his mother was arrested. So the second time he went to others and let his mother know he was OK through news paper articles and facebook messages. Instead of leaving him be the police have arrested not only his mother, but a friend of hers, as well as searching houses and demanding search warrants in foreign countries.

Children disappear from homes all the time, and parents normally are not even granted an amber alert for them, while they have no assurance whatsoever their children are alright. On the contrary. But it was hunting season on Sylvano.

Police went on a wild raid to find him, and are searching homes, arresting and interrogating any one whom they think might have aided him at any time.

Marcel Vervloesem, the founder of the werkgroep Morkhoven, speaks here at the Volks tribunal, a Dutch initiative which seeks to restore fundamental human rights in the Netherlands.

The Morkhoven committee is a private initiative which has tracked down many child porn networks in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The police are often reluctant to cooperate with him, and instead of being decorated for his outstanding achievements, he is being harassed by the government. Here are websites and blogs of people who speak up and try to do something about the human rights violations of children and families in the Netherlands: Irme’s site: KOG :

They have an excellent brochure, called”Wegwijs in de jeugdzorg jungle” which is Dutch for “Finding your Way in the youth care jungle.” SOS jeugdzorg: Professor Heertje’s site: Darkhorse blog spot:

Other websites and blogs are:

Here Martin Vrijland speaks specifically about youth care

Here are some of the many facebook pages that protest agianst the atrocities in Youth Care:

Here some of the many facebookgroups: ACTIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!Help Hansje terug naar zijn mamma Jeugdzorg = kinderhandel

And here we have organisations for safety in schools, since many suicides come from bullying in schools. There is no way to keep children safe there since the people where complaints can be filed are parents themselves the future of whose children depends on the opinion of the teachers.

Political parties

Books: Ik Zal Nooit Meer Stout Zijn by Ada Busman

Wat Je Niet Verteld Is by Sara Morton

De Kern van de Economie by Professor Arnold Heertje  

Annie Berber en het verdriet van een Tedere Crimineel by Yvonne Keuls


Films Huize Alexandra by Sarah Harkink documentaries

Laura who has been placed out of the home tells her story five years later


Films of child abductions

Jaimey March 23rd


What Youth Care says about child abductions: What is said by Youth Care about taking Hans away:

Hans wants to go back home with his mother: Collage Never doubt met Heertje, Sylvano, Von en Marcel On the image above four of the large number of people who are dedicated to exposing the horrors of youtcare in the Netherlands and improving the safety of children and families. Professor Heertje from Humanisering van de Jeugdzorg, Sylvano Bontekoe, Via Von from Stop Jeugdzorgleugens and Marcel Vervloesem of the commissie Morkhoven are a few of the people who work very hard to let the world know how desperate the violation of the fundamental human rights of children and families is in the Netherlands.

Medical Doctors and lawyers are also speaking up against fraud

They have this website for parents who are accused of child abuse. Many doctors believe that this syndrome is in fact  a result of vitamin C deficiency, possibly caused by vaccinations. They also have Het Manifest van de bezorgde Huisarts, (The Manifesto of the Concerned MD) March 11th 2015 the Doctors  nailed it to the door of the Ministry of Health

Other sites where parents try to get honest information are:

About schools: And deals with all human rights violations of children and families and attempts to give solutions, as does:

About health: The oppression also reaches far into the medical world, where lies are told about physical processes in order to be able to launch unnecessary treatments and false labels on children.

These are unmasked in Other sites that attempt to show better and healthier ways of living are:

About giftedness:

Protest songs:

So these are hard working , decent, respectful, caring, responsible  people, professionals, parents, who are speaking up for fundamental human rights, There are many more links to films, documentaries and websites below. The information and evidence are overwhelming. There is no question about the truth of these accounts, just a disconnect between known facts and policy.


Are there any results from these efforts?

November 24th 2014 the judge just decided that Nikolai and Anastasia may return home. Here is an English article about the whole story.

Sylvano was not allowed to go home to his mother, unfortunately, but he is allowed to stay with a befriended foster family, and he is allowed to go home every other weekend and on holidays, which is very much better than the group home he was in before and the closed institution they had planned for him.

Jaimey still is not home, still at an unknown address.

Arlette still doesn’t have her child back.

Hans is with his mother again.

Nora still doesn’t have her child back, nor do most other’s. So while it does seem that going public with governmental abuse helps, it still is not a guarantee that it can be prevented. Furthermore you see a lot of name changes in youth care, which seem to be out of shame for the negative image youth care has.

They now have the name Veilig Thuis or “Safe at Home” instead of Youth Care or Child Protective Services. Just like Ritalin is now called Medikin, but is still methyl fenidate, and so nothing really changes. It is still forced on children, no matter how toxic it is, even though it is known that most mental ailments in the DSM are made up. Politicians debate about the future of schooling, and ask for less rules. This was accepted in the Dutch parliament November 8th 22014, allowing for children to fulfil their educational obligation in other places than school. Since schools are important caterers to Youth care institutions, this is a huge improvement. This does not mean that this will also happen, since as we have seen, disobeying court orders and laws happens all the time in schools and youth care, and still children are being taken away from children for not fulfilling the obligatory schooling requirements. So when it comes to small victories for cases But in as far as policies go, the plans for oppressing children and families in 2015 are even worse than they were in 2014. And the efforts of youth care agencies are not geared towards improving the situation for children, but towards trying to keep people from exposing the abuse.

 The minister of justice Ivo Opstelten and his secretary Fred Teeven have stepped down from their office, but this was over another issue,

and besides Fred Teeven went back to work as an ordinary parliamentarian very soon afterwards. See also Hopeful sounds also come from the Secretary of State for Education, where he says that schools should pay for home schooling. But unfortunately at the same time a very bleak picture is given of home schooling, while research upon research proves that home schooling is superior to mass schooling, not only intellectually but also for the social development of children. And The Netherlands needs to answer to the the Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva on May 27th of 2015, the article of NJI May 21 2015  says (NJI is the Dutch Youth Institute), May 21 2015 Large numbers of children in the Netherlands are victims of children s rights violations. In their annual report on Children’s Rights UNICEF and Defence for Children state the situation for vulnerable children in the Netherlands is alarming 79 percent of children in juvenile prisons has not been convicted but is there awaiting the verdict of judge. Sometimes this temporary takes longer than the whole punishment, is what children’s rights organisations say. According to child protection agencies, locking children up should only happen as a last resource. […] Also, last year 110 children disappeared from institutions, without it being known where they have gone The children’s rights agencies think the Dutch do not take children’s rights seriously and call on the Netherlands to officially protect children’s rights with legislation. On May 27th The Netherlands must answer to the Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva” Source: ANP, Defence for Children This seems good, but when you look at the report on, you ger the same feeling as when the UN started complaining about the celebration of Sinterklaas.(See You cannot imagine that such major issues are being ignored while minor, and even non issues are being emphasized. This does not help to take away the feeling a show is being put on just so people feel something is happening, when in reality the situation is just made worse. More funding is not what is needed. That will just start the vicious circle up again, where profits are made from faking ailments. What is needed is that parents get the funding for their children, and the children get the funding when they are of age, and this funding to be allowed to be spent on education or health care, so there is no reason for faking ailments any-more. Perhaps the biggest accomplishment is that people feel less abandoned , and feel they have a place where they can voice their despair. This feeling of being heard seems to be going on world wide, and everywhere petitions are being started and are being successful for every possible goal. And it’s no longer just the well known environmental agencies that are standing up against big planet destroying ventures by multi nationals, or starting projects to save people, animals and the environment, but every one is starting to get involved. And that is exactly what is needed to make the oppression stop and turn things around for the better.

Surely the Netherlands is not the only country in the world where government induced child abuse occurs?

The Netherlands are said to have the highest percentage of children in foster care of all the European countries but horror stories about children being abducted by the government and being mistreated and sexually abused in youth care facilities can be found in every corner of the earth. England seems to have the same problem the Netherlands. This is an interview with Belinda Mc Kenzie, November 10th 2014.

At this moment, there is a court case against a number of British Members of Parliament who committed sex crimes against children. It’s called the Westminster paedophile ring. So sedation and rape of children in youth care facilities happens in England also, as is also shown in the Westminster paedophile dossier. In Ireland a mass grave with eight hundred mutilated baby corpses was found near a home for unwedded pregnant girls. Sweden has forced adoptions as well, In the United States governmental child abduction seems to be done more covertly, but the numbers of disappeared children are shockingly high. Ted Grunderson, an FBI agent who started giving lectures about covert governmental child abuse mentions The Finders In this [1]video he says 80+ children disappear every hour in the USA 4 million practising Satanism in the USA 60,000 human sacrifices per year in the USA. In the united States they tried to do the same, but people are awake there. And the US have the terrible problem of private prisons, that profit from having prisoners and lobby for bad legislation so that the prisons stay filled. The Kids for cash documentary shows how this works. And the medical harassment was  proved in the Maryanne Godboldo case, where CPS officers tried to take her child away because she refused to medicate her child. This is referred to as the therapeutic state. The safety of vaccinations is far from guaranteed, its dangers are  admitted and the benefits are very disputed, also by health care professionals like Dr Suzanne Humphries (see  Still Californian representatives are  voting on a bill today to obligate all parents to vaccinate their children! (see They have this petition, and like this facebook page  Californians for Vaccine Choice So governmental kidnapping of children for profit is a problem in the United States as well. There are 419 private prisons: 7 percent of the prisons in the US is private. These prisons are seen as unsafe. They benefit from long prison sentences, and have lobbies which  push bills with legislation to ensure as many people go behind bars for as long as possible. With  2.3 million people behind bars, the US has the highest percentage of people in prisons in the world. The bills are written according to ALEC Here is what John Oliver says about  ALEC. Here is more information on corruption in the US, among others child trafficking in the US, where judges make money on the institutions where they put children Terrible treatment of children in institutions has always happened worldwide. fbid=770488096308616&set=a.271066022917495.73094.100000422987756&type=1 China takes children away at age three, and there are very gruesome forced abortions because of the one child only policy. Denmark and Norweigh also have accounts of this brutal youth care induced child abduction carried out by police officers. In Australia these abductions seem to be limited to aboriginals. In Russia door to door governmental abduction of children seems to be something that happened during fascism, but does not occur anymore. The Dutch crimes against families and children are a horror to them. So  child abuse and governmental abduction of children is not unique to the Netherlands.


EU Petitions Committee in Brussels on 11/11/2014 about Abolishing Forced Adoptions

The abuse of fundamental human rights leads to the following flaws in societies:

  1. Power without responsibility: for instance schools and youth care facilities, they get to do whatever they want but cannot held accountable.
  2. Responsibility without power: People are held responsible while having no power to do anything about it.
  3. Financial gain from failure and financial loss from success: people get rich when they break others down, and they get poor if they really help others. This is seen with lawyers, with youth care, with schools, even with swimming lessons and drivers licenses.
  4. Legal vacuums where the above is the case:There is absolutely no way to fight for ones rights in the above cases.
  5. Obligating of abuse: Children have mandatory schooling, but schooling works according to outdated methods. Schooling children according to the latest insights is illegal. Medicating children for diseases which don’t exist with medicine that has been proven to be poisonous can be ordered with court orders.
  6. Outlawing or sabotaging of honest means of survival:Thus people are not allowed to rent out their houses or their properties to honest people for a profit, and restaurants are not allowed have terraces outside. Stores have to buy ridiculously high rents which are impossible to afford, but house owners are nit allowed to ask rents that are
  7. High taxes without any choice what it is spent on
  8. Obligated high costs for health care with high risk,
  9. Manipulated elections
  10. Cartel forming
  11. Tiranny by not keeping the division and balance of powers
  12. Discrimination (like other rules for health care and schooling for different groups of the population)
  13. Biting the hand that feeds you and wanting food from the hand that hits you: While expressing disgust with the government many Dutch are not too proud to accept welfare from the same government they say they despise.
  14. Expecting answers from those that are considered incompetent: thus people will complain about the incompetence of the government but at the same time look to the government for solutions


How can this overt Governmental oppression of Dutch families and children be going on for so long

There are many reasons for this. Some have to do with history, others governmental pressure and politics, and yet others with a certain mentality which can be associated with the Dutch. Often one is caused by the other, and it is difficult to differentiate between causes, and he danger of over generalisation is always present, but I will give a shot at it any ways: History 1.A difference between the Netherlands and other countries , is that the Netherlands have never had a real revolution. Thus political awareness and caution for the potential abuse of power by governments is low, and systems to prevent this are either dysfunctional or absent.

  1. The fact that many Dutch are traders could be a reason why idealism is reluctantly tolerated, as long as it does not interfere with trade.
  2. The Dutch royal family is of German origin. They are the descendants of William of Orange, (Willem van Oranje) who freed the Dutch from the Spanish oppressors with the help of de Geuzen in 1530. In 1839 William the first reluctantly accepted to be king following Lodewijk Napoleon, Napoleon’s brother. Those claiming they are not because of the infertility of William the third, seem to forget that his wife Emma was a full cousin of William the third, and thus a van Oranje. William the first reluctantly agreed to take on this task, but the Oranjes were never very keen on governing the Netherlands and will probably not mind giving up their position. In fact. The conditions for abduction of the throne are laid out carefully, and involve their reclaiming the large crown territories, which are now public domain. I think it would be a missed chance if the royal family would lay down it’s powers, since the king is now the only one who is obligated by oath to safe guard the fundamental human rights of all the citizens of the Netherlands. He could use his power to demand children’s and family.

Governmental Pressure

  1. Intimidation of those who dare speak up about the human rights violations of families and children in the Netherlands has been going on for a long time in the Netherlands. From the very beginning parents were being intimidated and silenced by judges, warning them to shut up about what was happening to them and their children, with the threat of never seeing their children again. This intimidation and bullying of families by judges and youth care agencies goes on to this day. This physician who devotes his time to helping out families who have conflicts with youth care, says that in 1989 judges were threatening parents with not allowing to see their children at all anymore if they spread a pamphlet warning people about the practices of youth care agencies.

Today instead of being listened to, people get court orders to remove content that is critical of youth care from internet and warnings and fines for mentioning names of youth care workers who have misbehaved towards families. Normally when children disappear from youth care facilities, the police do nothing. But if they assume people who are critical of youth care are involved with helping a child flee, they are arrested and their houses are searched by the police. Phones are tapped, computers hacked. They are treated as if they are the ones molesting children. But why would any one who would want to do such an outrageous thing to a child do so in secret with risks of getting punished and on their own costs, while anyone wanting to do harm to children can do so completely undisturbed, and get paid for it as well? Robert M. states he took the job at the pre school for the soul purpose of molesting children, and schools, pre schools and Youth Care facilities are the perfect place for child molesting in the Netherlands, since children and parents are powerless to protect children, and visits from inspectors are announced well in advance, so the chances of getting caught are minimal. 5.Governmental spying on citizens is most prevalent in the Netherlands of all countries in the world. Police break into computers. The places where people discuss the problems with youth care and think about solutions are filled with government spies who are continually sabotaging any cooperation by being very critical of anyone who tries to bring changes, and very intolerant of any criticism on the government. This is called “ controlled opposition.”

  1. There are those with ulterior motives, who do not want positive change at all, but who just want to use the youth care crisis to bring down the Netherlands. This may be because they are working for a political party that is not ruling at the moment and they want to sabotage the current party. Or it may be because of some belief system. They will have excellent information when it comes to criticizing the system, but become extremely hostile to anyone coming up with solutions.

7.Every time embarrassing facts about the Dutch are revealed by thorough research, junk research is performed to confuse people.

  1. Laws to ensure public control of government policy are broken all the time, which makes it hard to check if elections are being done honestly.
  1. Complaints are primarily handled in internal complaint committees by people who are on the pay role of the ones against whom the complaint is directed. But even the highest independent complaint committee can do no more than advise the authority, even if the complaining party is proved to be correct on all points. The authority (school, institution) may completely ignore this advice, and fundamental rights offending officials can not be fired, whatever they do. Thus Holland is a parliamentary dictatorship. You can choose you dictators, or so it seems, but thanks to obligatory schooling and the youth care laws they want to implement in 2015, you cannot opt out of being under anyones dictatorship.
  1. The democratic rules through which the public can make sure that governments serve the public instead of themselves are systematically violated in the Netherlands, thus the ways to check if elections are done fairly are sabotaged and people trying to enforce them are treated badly. If they try anyway, corruption is revealed, as with the counting of the votes done by Geen Stijl
  1. There is a huge disconnect between research and policy and between management and practice. In fact, if research proves something to be beneficial, you can be pretty sure the opposite will be obligated very soon afterward.
  1. There is a huge disconnect between politicians, youth care officials and the public. While there are facebook pages and groups with thousands of members, united only by one thing, their utter contempt for this family destroying machine, youth care workers and politicians are patting each other on the back and giving each other compliments in public.
  1. There is also a disconnect between how foreign countries and international agencies view the Netherlands and the reality. How can the UN be bothered by a traditional celebration in the Netherlands, while children are really being dragged out of their houses and put in institutes where they are tortured.


14.The Dutch government has found a way of making money by fining people for trivialities, but leaving real crimes unsolved. Thus someone working on his car can expect a €1200,- fine if he spills anything on the street, but if two people on a motorcycle cause a mortal accident through ghost riding, no one is punished for lack of evidence who the driver was. However is someone is caught helping a runaway child, all those involved are threatened with nearly ten years imprisonment. As a comparison, the psychiatrist who did medical experiments and raped all girls in an institute for 15 years got six years imprisonment. Murderers have a 2% chance of getting caught in the Netherlands, but on the high ways maximum speeds change around every three hundred meters, unannounced, and 100% is caught. Policemen complain about the huge amount of fines they have to write. If people are late with paying a bill they get threatened with being kidnapped. Same goes for ridiculously high fines for parking tickets. Standing 5 minutes to long on the overpriced parking spaces gives a fine of €80.-, which rises to over €300,- if not paid soon enough The fining for parking tickets is left to certain commercial companies.

  1. Patronizing ways of the government. Schoolteachers are called masters, and the government wants to be like a daddy taking care of all the Dutch, coming into the room and telling people how to live. The worse things go, the closer they want to come, while they are the ones making the problems them selves and they really need to back off and start respecting people’s fundamental human rights.
  1. The Dutch media are completely government owned and government censored. Many of those who dare spread information which reveals the oppressive nature of the Dutch government or which reveals the corruption are either fired, persecuted, imprisoned, die suddenly and immediately proclaimed to have committed suicide.


The following mentality can be found in many Dutch people. If it is forced or by choice is not always easy to tell:

  1. “Doe maar gewoon, dan doe je al gek genoeg” and “ schoenmaker houd je bij je leest”, which can be translated as “Just act normal, that’s foolish enough” and “Let the cobbler stick to his last” means being involved in anything outside your direct field of expertise is found ridiculous, as is any passion about anything. “Als je kop boven het maaiveld uitsteekt wordt die eraf gehakt” is an expression which does not even exist in other cultures, as far as I am aware of at least. It means about the same, that one should not dare be exceptional in any way, or you will be punished. Politics is seen as a profession instead of something that is everyones business and responsibility. The system is never questioned by most Dutch, and whatever happens, the ones questioning the system continue to be seen as the weirdo’s. It is possible this is a consequence of the deeply Calvinistic, thus Pauline roots of Dutch society, which in spite of growing secularism still has a deep mark in Dutch society. This submission to any system seems to be a result of the Pauline idea that all authority should be obeyed (see chart) . It is amazing this still prevails in much of Dutch society, even after there have been so many examples of cruel rulers. Amazingly enough 70 years after Hitler, and after the Nuremberg Trials saying “Befehl ist Befehl” and “ich habe es nicht gewusst” are no excuse for torturing people many Dutch still have this conviction. Nuremberg Principle IV states: “The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.”

Nevertheless in the Netherlands blind submission to authority is expected, and also accepted as an excuse for terrible crimes against children and families. This is combined with the idea of predestination, which calls any attempt to organise and do something about injustice unspiritual. This is also a Calvinistic/ Paulinistic idea that has spread into New Age like theories keeping all who are bothered by the injustice which families suffer in a fatalistic stronghold making any action impossible. Thus political involvement if you’re not a paid politician or any action to improve society is seen as unspiritual and activism is seen as aggressive and useless. The Dutch only allow themselves to go wild on Queens day, with soccer matches and the gay parade when they live in the North and carnival when they live in the South, otherwise they are reserved and restricted and find any emotion about anything weird. Thus anyone doing anything exceptional in the Netherlands , especially if it’s a female, can expect to be mocked like happened with Micky Nijboer at Pauw and Witteman after she and a group of friends saved a group of drowning horses.The police were considering using helicopters, but she achieved it on horseback with a couple of friends. So helicopters are used for saving horses escape from certain death and from finding children who have escaped from certain death. A horses life is clearly worth more than a child’s in the Netherlands.

18.Politicians, or people who want to study law are looked down on. Studying law is seen as something you do if you have no talents. Same goes for teaching. That is a problem, because we need good politicians and teachers.

19.Generally speaking, every class looks down on every member from another class. Manual workers look down on intellectuals and vice versa. This goes very far and very deep. Thus a child from a manual labour family who goes ion to an intellectual field risks being thrown out of his or her family entirely, and vice versa.

20. Dutch people of today tend to be pragmatic in their finding of solutions for violations of fundamental human rights. Thus they think that Robert M. repeats are solved by shallow measures like firing male preschool teachers. As if female pre schoolteachers are not just as capable as of catering to paedophiles as males are, especially with the complete lack of control in (pre) schools , youth care institutions and juvenile prisons. In the same way the solution of the youth care problems, which are known and have been researches, are seen as changing the names a little, in an operation called “transitie jeugdzorg”,( Youth care Transition) instead of getting to the core of the problem, which is the complete absence of ways for children and families to safe guard their fundamental human rights and the many ways the government forces them to be in places where there fundamental human rights are not respected one bit.

21.Interest in or knowledge of their own background and history is not a given in the Netherlands. This way of thinking is strengthened by keeping any history where regular individuals have made a positive difference in the Netherlands hidden from the public, so that the Dutch believe any action to improve things for society is useless.

22.Ideas of overpopulation are strong in the Netherlands. The idea that there are too many people on earth and that people have to be extinguished in order for the planet to survive.

23.The idea that earth needs to be destroyed in order for a new and better earth to come is also a silent belief in many Dutch which makes the motivation to save the earth and save people seem ridiculous to them.

24. Whenever research proves something is bad, the Dutch government makes it obligatory. In this way obligatory schooling was introduced right after television, and after the Stanford prison experiment done by Zimbardo proved how very bad it was to have one group of people be totally without rights in total submission towards another, as is the case within the school environment, obligatory schooling was reinforced. When the results came out that home schooled children performed better emotionally and intellectually than there school going peers, obligatory schooling became even stricter. And so they go on ignoring research after research, hollowing out the population more and more. They don’t seem to understand that kindness begins with knowledge. If you treat a cactus as though it were a papyrus, you will kill it even if your intentions are very good. Knowledge is essential to kindness, and in no way juxtaposes it.

25.A popular belief in Holland is that things grow bigger if you give them attention. Thus they think problems will disappear by ignoring them, and they consider people who want to do something about problems as negative. Even talking about problems because you want to do something about them is seen as negative and counter productive. Thus those doing harm are seen as less of a problem than wanting to do something about harm.

26.The Netherlands seem open and democratic, but in reality the old boys system is very strong there. They have their own schools and their own rules, and should an outsider wander in he or she is cast out like a poisonous rag. Family members can become outsiders from one day to the next simply for choosing the wrong partner or not obeying the rules mentioned above or having a jealous sibling who tells lies about them. And people are very sensitive to those mingling with the forbidden groups, and who you associate with can cause people to reject you. This is also traceable to Pauline thinking, where who you are is determined also by who you associate with., or even greet. And associating with a person of whom it is decided that he or she is an out cast is punished by becoming an out cast yourself. This also has consequences for politics, where division and balance of legislative, judicial and executive powers is actually explained as these powers ignoring each other.

  1. Any one who does anything authoritative in the Netherlands has been to a fraternity or serority, where they have hazing and rules of their own. Like tiny sects. There is rivalry between these groups, within these groups, and who ever does not belong to them is considered and outsider.
  1. They call the Dutch tolerant, but indifferent is a more appropriate word for many Dutch . Indifference hidden by great concern for those far away which makes it all the more incredible how they can be so cruel to those nearby. Thus someone can throw his son on the street for a stupid reason such as flunking his or her studies, but then will turn around and give a huge donation for some disaster far away.
  1. Appearance is everything to the Dutch. Being sloppy is considered far more serious than being insincere or rude. Sincerity is actually seen as naïve and foolish.
  1. Official  Dutch informational sites  aren’t careful about sources. A rumour is easily noted as science and science is easily ridiculed. Thus the term “ orthorexia nervosa” was coined as a joke by Steven Bratman and was noted as an actual disorder in the Dutch authoritative site for nutrition, as can also be read here.
  1. Many Dutch tend to see people as outsiders very quickly, and there is a great deal of misanthropy. Philanthropy is considered foolish, and dangerous, as earth is considered to be better off with less humans.
  1. In the Netherlands, anti Semitism did not start with WWII and did not end after it. The whole Dutch government, including the crown escaped to England as soon as the war broke out, leaving the government to the Nazis. The very few Jews returning from Nazi concentration camps were forced to pay taxes for the years they were in Nazi concentration camps, and continued to be sabotaged every step of the way while trying to build a life in the Netherlands after the war. War heroes returning from the concentration camps because of protecting Jews found their houses had been robbed and they lost elections to people who did nothing to help them, and this very moment, the grandson of the person who was responsible for greatly facilitating and thus augmenting the number of Jews persecuted in Amsterdam is now the minister of internal affairs. However, this could also be because of fraudulent elections.
  1. Many Dutch are confused about money. In the groups opposing youth care are those who make money from books they wrote about their own experiences, and these are easily seen as taking advantage of the situation, since many have become very wary of people making money at children’s expense. Thus an enormous distrust has come for all those making money in any way, leaving those who consider themselves sincere, broke, and those with constructive solutions often find themselves without support or even sabotaged by a large group who wants to improve the situation for children and families in the Netherlands, because no difference is made between making money at the cost of children or using your life to improve the situation and receiving some compensation for your efforts on the way.

34.The attitudes towards change can be confusing in the Netherlands, which can make cooperation difficult. Thus people who want change can still have very different ideas about how to bring this about. Perhaps the  chart below could help prevent misunderstandings and help people work together better, if they are able to say beforehand where they would place themselves on the following chart symbolizing  different motivations and means for and goals of  change: [1] Thus you see it happening that people join in groups to discuss what changes need to be made. They think they are all on the same page, but from this chart it will become clear that people wanting change coming from opportunism and only looking for happiness for a few and who are willing to use violence  will have a very different attitude from those striving for happiness for all and wanting only peaceful means, the only acceptable means if you ask me.

Attitudes towards change

35. The majority of groups who want change are either -spammed with obscenities, which is understandable because of the atrocities people have to endure, but which does not help -or they are ridiculously subservient to the government, not allowing the least bit of criticism to government policy and immediately throwing people out -or they call for draconian measures and pretend that the whole system must be turned upside down while ignoring that it’s the government itself that is breaking the law and that only very small changes need to be made in order for justice to prevail -or while they make accurate analysis of what is wrong and conclude that the government is totally incompetent, they want to organize protests to demand from this very same government to do what they themselves conclude that the government has no skills for. -or they go off on theories of aliens and other esoteric matters which are so outrageous that intelligent discussion becomes impossible. -or they are totally cynical about any change ever being possible and ridicule anyone who wants to try -Any one standing up for fundamental human rights can expect great opposition. Thus when you try to organize sensible legal action and real solutions, it is hard to get anyone interested. It is not radical enough for those wanting violent action, it’s not subservient enough for those who want the government to come up with all the answers and believe that if you’re not a paid politician, you should not concern yourself with governmental matters. How long has this abuse of children and families been going on in the Netherlands? Oppression of children and families can be traced back to the earliest beginnings of society, where those within the generally accepted convictions where accepted, and those outside of it were banned, whether it was because of some physical deformation or because of behavior or because of religion or because of ideas. Large scale government facilitated child robberies and sexual abuse scandals in the Netherlands Horrible abuse of children has a long history in the Netherlands as well as taking children away from parents has a long history in The Netherlands The Church incented abuse was because of seeing having children out of wedlock was a sin, which is also where illegal adoptions began. If children were born out of wedlock they were taken away from the mothers and either killed or put up for adoption. Then we have the abuse of children by priests, as was researched by de commissie Deetman We have the systematic abuse of girls in youth care facilities as happened at Zetten between 1959 and 1974 Then we have Robert M., the boss of the Amsterdam day care center “‘t hofnarretje,” where he abused at least 69 babies and young children. The Zandvoort affaire with Dutroux which also has roots in the Netherlands Here are more examples of large scale sexual abuse of children in institutions in the Netherlands. Why are children and families being Oppressed on such a large scale? If you notice that it seems like having children is treated as the worst possible crime, and it seems as though human life itself is being attacked, much as you would do with pests, through poisoning all food, through attacking those hardest who help most, and by exterminating nests, that’s a correct observation. Brock Chisholm, the Director of the UN World Health Organisation from 1948-1953 said:  Brock Chisholm, Director UN WHO   This certainly would explain a lot, from the vaccinations that do more harm than good to child traficking. In the 2:23 minute of the film The real and Only truth Abouth this World We hear Barack Obama asking the question “ Which passages of scripture, should guide our public policy? Should we go with Leviticus, which suggests slavery is OK? That eating shell fish is an abominaytion? Or we could go with Deuteronomy which suggests stoning your child if he strays from the faith? Or should we just stick to the sermon on the mount, a passage which is so radical, that it’s doubtful our own defence department would survive its application.” It’s from Barack Obama’s speech on June 28th 2006 on religion and politics. Here you can hear the whole speech, with that particular passage on 27:40. He says what in his opinion can not be the base of American and world wide policies. But he does not say what is. Others do seem to have answers to these questions. John Taylor Gatto argues that you need to watch out when destructive theories get junk science backing. In Holland a toxic mixture of destructive spiritual ideas, a shallow nature combined with false misanthropic beliefs is imposed on the public. Here is a list of the ingredients of the toxic cocktail, which makes Holland a heaven for criminals and a hell for families and children: When the concerns of executives and world leaders are heard, then perhaps you can conclude it may have to do with a fear of overpopulation? And a method to rid the earth of the less wanted people, or people who are seen as threats to the status quo, the racially mixed people who are seen as such a threat by Darwin’s nephew Gaulton? Mix this in with beliefs in many religions that those outside of or fallen from their group are doomed, or scapegoat thinking, and there you have the toxic cocktail which can lead to these atrocities. It seems that the incentive for this terrible policy has four levels: 1 a misunderstanding about what the needs of the earth are, 2. Financial motives, 3. Misunderstandings about what is good for children, 4. denial of what is going on. Henry Lamb says there is nothing secret about the UN’s mission. They began meeting in 1992 and published their results in a book called; “Our Global neighbourhood” 1995. Here he speaks at the Granada forum, October 10th 1996. He is talking about agenda 21 and 750 They want to end private property! The most important strength and power is in the local government. Regionalism takes away the local control of the development of the property. The regionalist decides what happens instead of the local representatives. They want one centralized government. Local officials get a lot of money to hand over their authority. Agenda 21 is 351 pages long. The future plan for transportation is under seven fifty. Travel will be limited to mass rail travel.2016 all cars will have to be 35 miles to the gallon. Safety standards will be lowered. 222 additional deaths a year are predicted because cars will become less safe. Electruic docking stations, cars are getting smaller. Gas tax will be lowered. More people will be forced to live in sustainable communities. Seven fifty is part of a very big plan. Conceived in 1982, the agenda for 21st century. Clinton began to implement it. Completed in 2002. The idea is that the current lifestyle of middle class are not sustainable. A quote of Maurice Strong, founder of the UN environment plan says: “ Isn’t the only hope for the world for the whole middle class to collapse?” And so agenda 21 is filled with many more quotes along these lines, done by professors It’s to be implemented world wide to control all human beings. It is a total control system. This is being done by non elected bureaucrats. Visit the website for more information. So here you see the mixing of racial prejudice with religious prejudice with the excuse of environmental necessity. Because of course it’s not the elite that have to be moved to these suffocating cities, no, it’s the impoverished people. And in Europe they are impoverished by stealing the children, and in the US they are impoverished by taxes and job loss. Ironically, the pollution is caused by the very same companies that are now carrying out these plans to impoverish and decimate and  most of the world’s population. In the mean time they are actively sabotaging any renewable energy efforts. And this while the earth can easily support many, many more human beings, and the total amount of humans on earth today is not enough to fill the grand canyon half way. So if it seems like families and children are being treated like criminals, that’s because that’s exactly what having children is considered to be, a crime against humanity. And this is all based on a misunderstanding, because according to distinguished economists, there is no overpopulation, and the environmentally friendly solutions are being actively sabotaged by those who profit from trade in fossil fuels and other environmentally unfriendly methods. Of course there is nothing wrong with adopting a more environmentally friendly life style. But everything is wrong with this being imposed violently by the very same people who cause this pollution. And the fact that those causing the pollution themselves enrich themselves with the extermination of those that they shift the blame to for these problems is shocking. The poverty the slave classes are driven to is brought as if it is innovative and a privilege, while in fact citizens are stripped of all heir securities while being forced to pay exorbitant taxes.


How do these factors work together to form the astronomical abuse of children that has been going on for ages, and the ending of which is not in sight?

The above factors contribute to a system that leaves the door wide open for those who care very little for families and children, or if they do have a very strange way of showing it Here you hear Erik Gerritsen, the head of the youth care Amsterdam. He believes brothers and sisters of young criminals should be put under mandatory surveillance, and that if mothers who are addicted to drugs get pregnant their babies should immediately be placed outside of the home and he wants all mentally challenged people on mandatory birth control. And May 25th 2015 it was announced that he will now become Secretary General of the Ministry of Health in the Netherlands, as can be heard here . The Netherlands has a a record of promoting people with very dubious reputations to high positions. Think of Finkensieper, and the secretary general of the ministry of Justice in 2002.  For ten years he has been the one upon whose advice the head of state has appointed judges, and many complain about the large number of paedophiles among high officials. On April 20th of 1998, a documentary was aired by Netwerk, a respectable news channel about child prostitution  in which tapes are heard of a Dutchman with the same first name is ordering a children from a pimp. It was generally believed this was this Dutch secretary general of justice to be, and no convincing attempts were made to explain to the public what was going on. Instead journalists who said anything about it were fired,or died suddenly, programs discussing these subjects stopped or their entire staff was fired and replaced, and the programs were taken off the air. Luckily I found the three parts again. Here is part 1 Here is part 2 And here is part 3. He is now on trial on the accusation of molesting two Turkish boys. They wrongly asses the gravity of the situation as being that it is terrible for the democracy if high officials are not respected. But justice is not forced on people from above. It is an inner need which should be served by those who have authority. And if they fail to serve this inner need, there should be a possibility for the people to fire someone, just as any one should be able to be fired when he or she does not do his or her job correctly. But sadly such a possibility is absent in the Dutch legal system, and the Dutch government goes far in violating fundamental human rights. Whether the allegations made against him are true or not, the contempt with which the understandable discomfort of a nation with the choice of such a person to fulfil this very high position is equally disturbing. There is no empathy with the understandable concerns the general public has at the high number of deaths involving people who dare voice their doubts about his integrity, ranging from his chauffeur to politicians who are said to have his dossier. Investigations about him are leaked out or stopped mid way, as concerned police officers say. Journalists who dare criticize him are jailed and/or fired, and papers who say things about him he is not happy with face huge fines, and television programs which discuss his conduct disappear from the screen. And what is he doing now? You would expect some one who is accused of such monstrosities without his proving the opposite to lay low. But instead he is making speeches to propagate cooperation between the ministry of defence and private corporations for more internet control. So if he is indeed innocent of all the accusations, then he could not do a better job of appearing very guilty and facilitating governmental fraud cover ups even more effectively.

But then how can Unicef say that Dutch children are the happiest children in the world?

And how can the UN be so serious about a folk celebration for children when children are really being stolen from their parents? And how can everyone believe that the Netherlands is so ideal, when they know how much prostitution and drug abuse there is in that country? Dutch learn to be quiet about suffering, The government has ears and eyes everywhere, and any admission to weakness can mean children are taken away or other measures are taken to make life miserable. Keep that in mind when reading articles like this and this. Also, the criteria of the Unicef research are pretty trivial, or down right wrong. A higher vaccination percentage is not exactly something to be proud of.   I’m sure most children find being allowed to live with their parents more important than anything, but things like number of children robbed from families were not on the Unicef survey. Otherwise the outcome of the test would certainly be very different, since the Netherlands has the highest percentage in Europe of children placed outside of their home.

Turn around

John Taylor Gatto explains the true origin of our schooling and adoption system, and from the point of view of some in power who think there is a limited amount of space on earth and in heaven, it is understandable that they want to reserve these places for themselves and their off spring. That over the years they have arranged it so that the ones ensuring their lives of leisure have no way of finding them out and keep themselves and each other occupied by making each others lives impossible. Thus all research is used to pay half of the population to bully the other half to death. The judicial vacuums ensure criminals filling up the paid positions where they can execute their bestialities and be paid for it. Thus the children in Youth Care in the Netherlands are not treated as humans, but as property. They have fewer rights than criminals. It is all very logical from the perspective of those who view people as pests, and think that humankind must be destroyed in order for earth to survive. This may be their excuse for allowing perverted behaviour, and performing medical experiments on children in homes, like these, and finding it OK to lock up healthy children This horrible way of thinking may be what leads people  to think it’s OK to lock up these children so that they can pay their bills.

Many are worried that children in homes are used for these proposed medical experiments. But the idea that people are pests for the world is not scientifically proven or universally accepted. Julian Simon argues that people are potentially good for the world. It is certain companies themselves that are polluting the earth.

There is more than enough room on earth for all of us. And if we start living as we were supposed to, we are even good for the world. The documentary schooling the world shows how schooling has torn people away from their own cultures and natural habitats, and added to the distress the world is in today. Neil de Grasse Tyson says we are stardust. He says it from 21:25 in this interview with Stephen Colbert, So the same forces are working within our bodies that are working in the farthest ever expanding corner of the universe. So there are no excuses for scapegoating anyone.

We are more alike than different. We are the universe’s way of experiencing itself, so there is no excuse for seeing some as worthy, and some as worthless, or for seeing people as worthless as a whole, because we are no different from the universe.

The child with the potential to be the next Albert Einstein, Steven Hawkins, Leonardo Davinci, Florence Nightingale, Amelia Earhart may well be crying his- or herself to sleep every night in a Youth Care facility. May well be one of the suicides, drug addicts or prostitutes created by these homes. May well be one of the children being tortured and abused by the criminals getting free range there. What if the one with the genius who will have the answer for deflecting apophis, the huge asteroid expected too come near the earth April 13th 2029, and if it comes through a key hole will hit the earth seven years later is one of these ill treated children? The price payed for not letting children reach their full potential is unimaginably high.

Sugata Mitra’s studies on which he based his school in a cloud show that genius is abundant in children, also those who are considered under privileged because of their background. Notice also how surprised he is that children in poor area’s are just as gifted as rich children.. This should no be a surprise. People should realise we are all more alike than different when it comes to understanding and we thus all deserve the utmost respect, but that a the same time each of us is completely unique and has a completely unique truth to tell. The most amazing lesson often is that what we have to bring is often something we find so simple that we do not understand why we need to explain it to others. And at the same time others have truths to tell that would be unattainable for us if they would not take the trouble to teach us. Finding your talent, and being open to other’s unique messages is one of the very exciting ventures life can offer us. Children normally want to learn. Schools usually stand in the way of children’s natural learning needs. But if people let children be, and they facilitate learning instead of sabotaging it, miracles can happen.

An example of this is Amira Willighaven, who taught herself to sing, through watching you tube films! And she sings better than most who have finished extensive music studies. You can find her and some others of the very few children who do get the freedom to develop their talents as they choose here. Studies, like  this one , keep showing that  home schooled children are better off intellectually, socially and emotionally that their school going peers. Experts agree that home schooling is superior to mass schooling. There are many alternatives to the mass schooling that is destroying the world and cultures and people.


Who do we turn to?

It is very curious that the same Euro parliamentarians that heard Iljaś case would claim a few months later when hearing about the same kind of abuse in England that these situations are unique to England. Along with the strange conclusions UNICEF makes, it makes you wonder if they are pretending or if they really suffer from Amnesia. March 22nd 2014 Sabine Mc Neill brought  the disaster of the out of home placements in England to the attention of the  European Parliament. (see below) In England 11000 children are forcibly adopted each year. November 11th 2014 she was there again. As always she was told that the European Parliament could do nothing. (see Listen how the Dutch charade is repeated with talk about further investigations. Those have already taken place, but  though the evidence is overwhelming, the efforts are geared towards masking the results rather than solving the problem. The European Court of Human Rights is mentioned as a place where these issues can be presented And also the  Citizen’s Advice Bureau (zie is mentioneed as a place where parents can file complaints about social workers. (Interesting detail , at two hours on  a petition is presented about the European Schools, you know, the ones only children of high officials may attend. Appears they cannot even run the elite schools for their own children properly, so what hope is their they can do any good for the rest of us?) I Here is the petition by the way: Remarkable, that they do not seem to be aware that this happens in other countries as well. It is high time the communication between countries on these matters is improved. Other initiatives are: J.K Rowling’s Lumos It does not make sense to conclude that the Dutch government and the Dutch youth care facilities have proven to be incapable of humane action , and then to expect solutions from them. The Russians are appalled at Dutch policy towards families and children in the Netherlands, and made this documentary. In France people are  also shocked to hear how children are torn away from families in the Netherlands. It would be wonderful if families could find asylum from Youth Care in countries where families and children’s fundamental human rights are respected/ Thanks to article 51 of the European Charter the European Parliament has no power to do anything about human rights violations of member states, and judging from the writing some Euro parliamentarians seem to do as a hobby, they seem to have little interest in fundamental human rights for children and families. Unicef and the UDHR seem pretty clueless as to what is going on.   It’s hard to figure out how sincere this oblivion is and to which category they belong. Fion’s number, which was shown on the documentary about unwed women who’s children were taken away is 0031(0)8812549800 And the person who used to be the Dutch secretary general of justice and on whose advice the head of State has appointed the judges for ten years from 2002 until 2012 is now on trial for raping two Turkish boys, and had a relationship with a porn actor . His name is mentioned in one paedophilia related scandal after the other, so there it is understandable that many find it logical that not much cooperation is to be expected there where restoring fundamental human rights for children and families in the Netherlands is concerned. So probably the best thing is to turn to the ones already pitching in and doing marvellous work, such as the werkgroep Morkhoven. Who are already providing category A FAHV (First Aid for Human rights violations) Thanks to them criminals like Robert M and Dutroux have been caught. Perhaps it would be a good idea to call every institution for children’s rights,   such as Unicef, defence for childrenUNHR, and tell them what is going on and see what they can do. Perhaps the NCCPR They did the study proving that keeping children at home was better than foster care. Or DAU, Direct Action Unit in Canada. There is also a philanthropist England, who helps mothers flee to France. Defence for Children

  • 071 – 516 09 80 – Kinderrechtenhelpdesk
  • And the many groups mentioned earlier which voice their disapproval of the current policies are likely to have answers as well. See All these initiatives prove that justice and peace do not need to be forced on us from above as some people seem to believe and use as a justification for oppression. People do not need to be oppressed in order for there to be peace, but that peace and justice are inner needs, and the governments task is to serve those needs. Most of the time when people are very violent, a grave disturbance in the normal way to grow up can be detected, which is in a loving family of their own. Not even necessarily a traditional one, as long as they are nurtured and safe. Thus the serial killers in the United States and Great Britain all were adopted children or people who were deformed by secret government funded and organised spy programs. Normally people are peaceful and peace loving.

Full circle

It is not hard to see the parallels between the systematic way in which Jews in the Netherlands were persecuted in the Second World War, and the systematic way in which children in the Netherlands are now being robbed from their families . Or the parallels in which families are being targeted, and the way countries are set up and targeted when they have a chance of becoming a little more independent than the super powers would like them to be. Sixty years of succumbing to these youth care agencies has proved to bring disaster to all involved.

This has all been well researched, well documented, and is there for everyone to read and see. And still there are people who give this ridiculous advice, and dare scold those who openly oppose these terrible institutions. There are still those who dare say these institutions are good for some, while they are not good for anyone. For over sixty years family life has been attacked.

Freud started this with his morbid view on women and children, and even though his theories were proven to be based on false data, and they were proved to be untrue many times after, they still are used on a large scale to explain the human psyche. So I encourage everyone to really get to know your parents, your grand parents,  families, and to get to know about your ancestors. The common denominator in all these instances , whether it’s about Nazi’s persecuting Jews , the Netherlands singling out families and institutionalising children, or the United States targeting and demonising some country which just happens to have oil and wants to stop using Dollars, or if it is about bullying a child in school, or if it’s about speciism, or if it’s abou Catholics rejecting non- Catholics or Protestants rejecting non Protestants, whites rejecting blacks or vice versa, or any race, belief system , family or clan is scapegoating Scapegoating is deciding that someone or some group of people is not worthy of humane treatment. This used to happen to Catholic mothers  and their children born out of wedlock as can be seen here, a practice which can be seen as the roots of the forced adoption system in youth care today. You can even see the parallels between theories of hybridism between humans and non humans or human races which are considered less sophisticated and the ones being bullied at schools or singled out by youth care. Thus there is also with rhesus negative blood are less human. They are said to have reptilian traits, like aliens, which in fact comes from their alien nature. Among these are higher intelligence higher psychic abilities, so even positive traits are being used to define people as less human. Thus calling thin intellectual people nerds can easily be traced back to this theory. The ridiculousness of these theories can easily be detected. For instance when they say rhesus negatives are less fertile, while the Basques and Jews are believed to be mainly rhesus negative. Obviously they are just as fertile as anyone else.

Considering how much fraud there is in traditional medicine it would probably be wise to reassess the necessity of the injection rhesus negative pregnant women get when their partner is rhesus positive.

Red haired people are believed to come from Neanderthals. Also a completely ridiculous theory, but also an explanation of their being singled out and bullied at schools.

The fertility theory is also helpful in dismantling any nonsense about blacks being less human, since there are no problems with child bearing between whites and blacks, or between any human race for that matter.

Suggestions for Solutions

Often in youth care and in other area’s of Dutch society, the whole concept of the law being an instrument to make sure everyone’s human rights are respected is lost, and instead the law is used to make life impossible for everyone. Examples are the ridiculously high fines for parking and speeding, imprisoning people for not being able to pay them, while everything is done to make parking spaces scarce and the speed limit impossible to keep because it keeps changing every few hundred meters without saying so. Thus petty, forced violations are punished harshly, and serious violations to human rights are hardly punished at all, or even obligated! Thus reluctant apologies from the minister of justice were seen as appropriate compensation for proven sixty years of government obligated sexual abuse. However parents trying to protect their children from these very same institutions, are thrown in jails! Houses are searched even outside of the borders searching for these children who run away from institutions that have no right to exist in the first place because of the horrible way in which they treat children. How to restore justice in a country where human rights have been pushed entirely to the background is by making fundamental human rights dominant again. In the Netherlands Femke Halsema from the political party Groen Links in the Netherlands (Green Left) was very far in the process of doing something about the fundamental human rights blocking law, article 120 of the Dutch Constitution. Eight years of meetings have already given the majority of votes, and the only thing that is needed now is that the one who has initiated the bill answers the questions posed by the parties. Since Femke Halsema is no longer politically active, first Jolande Sap and now Liesbeth van Tongeren has taken over this process, and she has answered the questions on August 20th 2014, to  which the House of Representatives given its reaction on March 5th 2015. Look here for details, and for the campaign “Stop the Assessment Prohibition” see  : The Dutch mentality mentioned earlier clearly surfaces, especially in the arguments the VVD speaker Taverne gives for why judges should not have this authority in the debate of March 5th 2015. In it the contempt for the people, and a fairy tale like belief in the superiority of rulers can be found. A same arrogance which is found in the lectures of Hans Konstapel, a guru for bankers. People are considered as unable to see the big picture, and politicians are considered superior. Of course,  people are more alike than different, and that in spite of all the toxins through medication, vaccinations  and food, all the indoctrination and dumbing down by schools, people are still very capable of understanding when their fundamental human rights are being violated. And it is not politicians laying down the law which is the problem, it is certain companies breaking laws for profit, and judges following advice of youth care workers who have never seen the children they are talking about, and demanding measures to be taken which are proven to be bad for children. And the ultimate purpose of laws, politics and governments should always be that all people’s fundamental human rights are respected. No matter how well laws are formulated, it will always be up to individuals how they can keep them best, and judges will always be needed when laws are broken which cause people’s human rights to be violated. For example, itś an excellent law that people are not allowed to damage other people’s houses,  but what if a house is on fire? It would be ridiculous to arrest a fire man for putting out a fire, and accusing him of having broken a window while saving a child from the flames, but this is exactly what is happening now.

What we are also seeing now ,  is that the laws are human rights violations in themselves! An example is obligatory schooling, which often times stands in the way of the giving children the best chances in life.

Even though study after study proves this, children are still being taken away from their parents if parents try to protect them from bullying at schools.

The dangers of bullying at schools is also recognized widely, as is the outdatedness and harmfulness of the school system as is. The declaration of human rights is very clear in cases like this. In article 30 it states clearly that when none of the articles in it is allowed to be used to violate any of the other articles.

Obligatory schooling means a violation of so many articles of the declaration of human rights, it makes your head spin. Now, even if the intentions of lawmakers are what they should be, which is to safeguard every ones fundamental human rights to health, happiness, knowledge and justice.

it is nearly impossible to write laws so perfect that exceptions are never needed. It’s up to individuals how they can best secure these rights for themselves and those they love, and its up to judges to decide who is right when there is a conflict. Take for instance, the law that no one should damage any one else’s  property. This is a fine law, but what if there is a fire, and a firemen save the inhabitants and pt the fire out? No one in their right mind would sue them for damaging a carpet while putting out the fire, or for having to break the window in order te reach and save a child. So with every law, the possibility for exceptions is needed. Just like you cannot say roads don’t need traffic signs because there are maps. The law without the purpose of safeguarding fundamental human rights takes the whole purpose out of having a legal system, and it becomes an instrument of oppression instead of one for enduring fairness.

But what we are seeing now, is that laws don’t  have the intention, or even the obligation, to ensure every ones fundamental human rights.

Certain companies are providing the politicians to push legislation which best suit the enrichening of the company, at the cost of human rights, the environment and public health! The so called revolving door between politics and the health industry, the schools, the mental health care and banks  is well known. If as a politician, people make laws that are favorable for the company, they can count on  high paying jobs after their political office. This is something to keep in mind when you hear politicians defend ridiculous ideas.

Look at their past, look at side jobs or interests, relationships they have, and  look at where they go after their political office. They might be serving other interests, or motivated by other beliefs or theories than what is best for all.

Thus a strong lobby for fundamental human rights is needed.

Behind that there are people who seriously believe that not the careless way industries treat the world is the problem, but  who actually believe they are doing a good thing when they are violating fundamental human rights and exterminating people like pests.

This can be motivated by all sorts of misunderstandings, like about what faith is, or what families and children are. Let us call them category A. It helps to know how people are motivated to understand what you are dealing with when facts don’t seem to effect them and they seem to bulldozer on in a very destructive manner, The most effective method to try to help authorities change their destructive behavior towards families and children depends on their motivation. They  need to learn a scapegoat free way of thinking.

Here is a schedule with possible motivations and the best way to approach authorities with this behavior.

Motivation people may have for violating fundamental human rights of families and children Remedy
A.Spiritually lost : they may have a belief system that allows scapegoatism, like eugenics. Show a scapegoat free way of thinking, try to understand their confusion and help them understand why it does not make sense that any good can come from harming others.
B.Intellectually lost: they may believe the earth is over populated and that people can only be bad for the earth. Show an environmentally friendly way of living and help them understand why there is more than enough space on earth for even the biggest population explosions, because all people need is 400 square meters a person for all their needs to be met, and there is more than 20 times that amount of space per person on the land surface, and even then more than 2/3ds of the land surface is free for wildlife. People can actually be good for the earth.
C.Fear based Calm them down and make them understand there is more than enough room on earth for all to thrive, and calm them down that even though it becoming clear how terrible their behaviour was, you are not out fro revenge, you just want a good life and to be left alone.
D. Possessed by greed: Take away financial incentives for violating families and children’s fundamental human rights and have legislation forbidding child traficking
E.Paedophiles themselves Expose and have legislation which ensures fundamental human rights for families and children, and all who live.
F.Just a Job: Have legislation where jobs that require people to do harmful things to innocent people are illegal
G. Actually seriously convinced they are doing something good for families when they are violating children’s and parents fundamental human rights Confront with facts and figures. Throw in the A/ E arguments just in case someone is pretending to be G., but is actually one of the others.
Non authorities Ways to help
H. People who have no idea Awareness: Inform them
i. Victims: Parents whose children have been abducted by authorities, children who have been robbed of their loving family and their total support system by youth care and authorities, people who’s child was bullied to death at school and who have to deal with schools insensitive reactions, and with the fact their children’s brains and intestines were thrown out with the hospital rubbish and they can do nothing about it, because that;s legal in the Nether;lands, .Liberation and Protection  for those whose fundamental human rights are being violated. A number which can be reached 24/7 should be available and give help on the spot. People should be ready 24/7 who are able to help everyone who’s fundamental human rights are being violated. This can vary from victims of governmental child abduction to people being bullied at work. But it can also be about ensuring elections being done fairly. The Geen Stijl action of counting votes proved that elections are unfair in the Netherlands, since he knew for sure a party should have two votes , but the outcome was zero, Evidence that the elections were not held fairly.
Authorities and non authorities How to cooperate for making  fundamental human rights
J. Those who are aware of the fundamental human rights violations. Evaluate if your motivations, methods, means and goals are aligned so you can collaborate constructively, peacefully and legally to help bring about the change necessary  to install and safeguard fundamental human rights in society. Below there is a schedule which you can use to see if you are on the same page with how you want to achieve fundamental human rights protection. It goes without saying that people should be ready to achieve their goals legally and peacefully, and should be striving for happiness for all, not just a few, otherwise they are still in the phase of having to heal and not ready for action.

So depending on what category you are dealing with, you need to determine which strategy to use. Since violation of the fundamental human rights stems from misunderstanding on the level of the policy makers resulting on misguidance and abuse of the policy executers and oppression of the people, the struggle to ensure human rights needs to take place on seven  levels:

G.Awareness for those who do not know what is going on in the Dutch policy towards children and families. C. Information for those who are indoctrinated to believe that the barbaric methods which children are subjected to are in any way good for anyone. Social workers, teachers and most government officials are in this category. They need get the correct information about children’s need for parents so they can let go of their false ideas.

A. Convincing the level of those controlling these processes that there is no such thing as a human being that does not matter. That each person has a right to fairness, truth, love and health, and that there is enough room for each of us on earth and in heaven. Which means that there is no excuse for the genocidal processes and moneymaking on the way, and that they do not need to exterminate people in order to save the earth. And that destroying the earth is not the way to a new earth. Because these are the sick ideas from which these people operate.

Heads of certain major companies, rulers will generally be in categories A and B.  So there is enough room for all of us and more. There is not enough room for the pollution certain big companies cause. Their excuse for doing so is not valid. There are other ways of surviving. All the government needs to do is to stop sabotaging people to find their own way to live decent lives, and to allow for people to pitch in to help secure every person’s fundamental human rights. Awareness of these five levels of needs is crucial for solutions to be found.

Those in category B need to be convinced that the earth is not overpopulated at all, and that all that is needed is that people should be allowed to live as they want, close to nature. They should be shown the work of Julian Simon, and the e4dc, to be convinced that there is a way for people to live without destroying the earth. It is useless approaching someone in level A as if they were in level G. They already know how terrible the methods being used are for people. That’s the whole idea of using them and that’s why they don’t subject their own children to them. Telling them how terrible the methods are will only make them happy, and research is used to see how genocidal practices can be brought more subtly.

Often times the people in category A or B may pretend they are in category G.  so when confronted with a seemingly ^G category person, it never hurts to throw in some category B arguments, convincing them over population is not the problem, and A arguments, about the backwardness of scapegoating.

In order for the world to become a safe and pleasant place scapegoating needs to be abolished on every level, since people are always coming up with excuses why certain people or beings are not entitled to be treated decently.

There is never a spiritual or intellectual excuse for scapegoating. It always stems from misunderstanding.

Governments are for ensuring fundamental human rights. However, when government officials turn against peaceful, innocent people, they are not doing their job, and should be able to be fired like anyone else who is not doing their job well. The same goes for groups sabotaging honest governments. If a chosen government is willing to listen, be grateful and say what you have to say peacefully.  Anyone who knows there history knows that the democratic process and negotiation is the way to attain and keep peace.

The Universal declaration of human rights has no option for putting governments out of office, which makes sense, since if a government has been democratically elected, the way to put it out of office is by not re-electing it.

Predecessors of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, such as the Act of Abjuration of 1581 as well as the Declaration of Independence of 1776   do have a clause saying that rulers who violate people’s freedoms and rights lose their right to rule a nation. In the Act of Abjuration this was geared towards one certain ruler, Filips the II, but in the Declaration of Independence it was general clause directed to all leaders. There it says: “ We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” During World War II, the Allies adopted the Four Freedomsfreedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from fear, and freedom from want—as their basic war aims. The United Nations Charter “reaffirmed faith in fundamental human rights, and dignity and worth of the human person” and committed all member states to promote “universal respect for, and observance of, human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion”.[3] When the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany became apparent after the war, the consensus within the world community was that the United Nations Charter did not sufficiently define the rights to which it referred.[4][5] A universal declaration that specified the rights of individuals was necessary to give effect to the Charter’s provisions on human rights.[6] According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the document that was signed on December 10th 1948 by the heads of 48 countries, governments exist to serve people’s innate needs for health, happiness, truth and justice. It should provide the services when wanted, in service of the people. Never dominating. The way the Dutch government is functioning now is not even up to standards with the Magna Charta of 1215, which states that legal officials should know the law and sincerely strive to follow the law. The Nuremberg priciples are also not being followed. They state

Principle I

“Any person who commits an act which constitutes a crime under international law is responsible therefore and liable to punishment.”

Principle II

“The fact that internal law does not impose a penalty for an act which constitutes a crime under international law does not relieve the person who committed the act from responsibility under international law.”

Principle III

“The fact that a person who committed an act which constitutes a crime under international law acted as Head of State or responsible government official does not relieve him from responsibility under international law.”

Principle IV

Main article: Superior Orders

“The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him”. This principle could be paraphrased as follows: “It is not an acceptable excuse to say ‘I was just following my superior’s orders'”. Previous to the time of the Nuremberg Trials, this excuse was known in common parlance as “Superior Orders“. After the prominent, high profile event of the Nuremberg Trials, that excuse is now referred to by many as the “Nuremberg Defense“. In recent times, a third term, “lawful orders” has become common parlance for some people. All three terms are in use today, and they all have slightly different nuances of meaning, depending on the context in which they are used. Nuremberg Principle IV is legally supported by the jurisprudence found in certain articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which deal indirectly with conscientious objection. It is also supported by the principles found in paragraph 171 of the Handbook on Procedures and Criteria for Determining Refugee Status which was issued by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Those principles deal with the conditions under which conscientious objectors can apply for refugee status in another country if they face persecution in their own country for refusing to participate in an illegal war.

Principle V

“Any person charged with a crime under international law has the right to a fair trial on the facts and law.”

Principle VI

“The crimes hereinafter set out are punishable as crimes under international law:

(a) Crimes against peace:
(i) Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances;
(ii) Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the acts mentioned under (i).
(b) War crimes:
Violations of the laws or customs of war which include, but are not limited to, murder, ill-treatment or deportation to slave labor or for any other purpose of civilian population of or in occupied territory; murder or ill-treatment of prisoners of war or persons on the Seas, killing of hostages, plunder of public or private property, wanton destruction of cities, towns, or villages, or devastation not justified by military necessity.
(c) Crimes against humanity:
Murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation and other inhumane acts done against any civilian population, or persecutions on political, racial, or religious grounds, when such acts are done or such persecutions are carried on in execution of or in connection with any crime against peace or any war crime.”

Principle VII

“Complicity in the commission of a crime against peace, a war crime, or a crime against humanity as set forth in Principle VI is a crime under international law.”

How can this work now?

1. Identify what it is that is stopping human rights from being safeguarded in your country, and look at what is being done about it.

2. Create, connect with and support people, companies, charities,  movements, parties and bills  that are about solving environmental problems.

3.Create, connect with and support communities for safeguarding fundamental human rights in a peaceful, civilized manner.

4. Create, connect with and support people, companies, charities and communitees  for human-, animal-, and environmental rights locally, nationally and world wide.

5. Obligating fundamental human rights violating countries to make the necessary political reforms to ensure fundamental human rights for families and children.

6.Starting and. or supporting democratic political parties with fundamental human rights high on the agenda

7. Public check if elections are being held fairly

8.Setting up a first aid for maintaining human-(animal and environmental) rights (FAH) with a number that can be reached 24/7

9. Have all government officials promise to safe guard all fundamental human rights of citizens as a part of their installation oath.

10. Make sure no one benefits from hurting other people, and make sure that funds for children’s development are given to those who care most for the children, the parents when the children are minors, and the children themselves when they are of age. And give the choice what to spend it on, education or care, so there is no advantage in faking ailments or diseases.

11.The right to check public officials and report them if they are violating fundamental human rights  should be given to each person from birth.

12.Everyone should have the right to check if laws and regulations and the way they are enforced is in accordance with the fundamental human rights, and all laws and regulations that violate fundamental human rights should be abolished immediately.

13. All government, whether national or international, should be public at all times.

14. Family law should be evidence based

15 Forced adoptions should be stopped immediately, and

16. All forcefully adopted children should be allowed to return to their natural parents. On the face book page OOR4U  all human rights initiatives are mentioned.

The attitudes towards change schedule is to help figure out who you can work with for positive change, and who needs to heal first, what misunderstandings can arise and how to prevent them so fruitful cooperation is possible:

So work with the  political parties that also have fundamental human rights high on the agenda, like the Green Left with the Bill to change article 120 of the Constitution.

It goes without saying that you should try to work with aware people, and actively  strive and work  for happiness for all, using legal and peaceful means. Unlike the Dutch say, the goal does not sanctify the means, on the contrary. With the wrong means, the goal is destroyed, and with right means and goals, the goal is reached even when you are still on the way.

And beware of misunderstandings about attitude. Someone who wants to heal the wrongs in society without ending any traditions may easily mistaken for someone  doesn’t want any change since the system works for them, just because they don’t reject tradition but are willing to build upon old values. And those wanting to heal world with positive peaceful action are very far from those who think everything must break down before anything new can be begun.

The possibility should also not be ruled out that the choosing high government officials of very dubious reputation to say the least was a deliberate one, so that people would gladly give up national governments and  succumb to non democratic rule. So the reaction to these atrocities should be solid democratic organisation and support of all political initiatives that are for safeguarding everyone’s fundamental human rights , so that the corrupt rule slides off like an old skin while a fresh, honest government that truly serves the needs of people, animals and earth can take over.

It is also quite bewildering when people say that the government consists solely of incompetent rulers, but to then learn they are members of political parties themselves, and they want huge protests to demand change from the very same politicians who drove the Netherlands to ruins by not obeying the law! That makes no sense at all.

Civil disobedience is not only allowed, it is obligated when a government turns against its own innocent, peaceful  citizens. In the United States putting the government out of office is even required in such cases. Following the law then means being civilly disobedient, since the government has strayed so far from it.

The best motivation is also the altruistic one.  Also watch out for hidden agenda’s or ulterior motives. They are usually easily spotted when people are most fanatical about criticizing those trying to make positive changes while making propaganda for those who care nothing about human rights.





In the course of writing this essay , I have had to stop several times to process the shock of how far and deep the human rights violations of children and families go, and how spread out over the world it is.

Each time it’s like pulling what you think is a single hair out of a sink, and more and more coming up, until you can fill a sewer with the filth you find.

From headmasters singling out and bullying children, to corrupted child protection services who have deals with child traffickers, to pedophile rings involving government officials, to judges profiting from the prisons and institutions they send juveniles  to murders of even senators who expose this, to institutions that do not even know how to take care of children who really need help, and chain them to walls year after year, to bullied to death children being buried without their brains and intestines as a routine procedure and schools not even apologizing, the list goes on, and there are no light spots. Just when you think there is one because the Secretary General says that home schooling is allowed and is supposed to be paid by the schools, you hear another story of a mother  who is not allowed to home-school her child, even though she is a teacher herself, confirming the gap between theory and practice in those rare cases where the law is reasonable.

I hope this essay makes absolutely clear that Dutch children are not the happiest in the world. Dutch families and children are being seriously oppressed. Dutch youth care has The Netherlands in a tyrannical grip, and keeps children hostage, usually with court orders from judges who sometimes profit from the institutions where the children are put at shockingly high rates. But even when court orders demand children to be placed back in the home, youth care is known to simply ignore those orders, and no one can do anything about it. Those who try are harassed by the police, and sometimes jailed. Human rights are not only ignored in the Netherlands, judges are actually forbidden to make sure they are being followed!

How sad, that civilized and technologically advanced as we are, most countries in the world are not even meeting the standards of the very first known document that was written to make societies fair, the English Magna Carta of 1215. It had statements like: “ No free citizens may  be arrested or incarcerated unless they have been convicted according to the laws of the country” and “ only those who know the laws of the country and who genuinely try to live by them shall be judges and legal advisors” .

Now,  800 years later, in 2015 in the Netherlands, any child can be placed outside of the home at any time, parents can be jailed under false convictions without being tried by a criminal court , and it is possible for those practising law to not know the first thing about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Many other countries that dare call themselves civilized have the same problem.

From the beginning of time bits of freedom were traded in for safety. Deals were made between people and later between countries where they made sure each other’s needs were fulfilled. Unfortunately, scapegoatism has never been completely banned from the world, and there were always groups of people who were considered the exception to the rule, and who did not need to be treated decently. Now we see this outcasting is going on towards families. Life itself is being attacked by people mislead into believing that the world is over populated.

They bring misinformation  into study books for those who work with children, and teachers bring this misinformation into classrooms. This seems to be done because of a misguided belief that the world is overpopulated. But it isn’t. It is merely being exploited by the same one’s who blame overpopulation.

While certain big companies have forced people off the land and forced  obligatory schooling on them to make them fit for working in factories and governments, but which estranged them from the land and their culture, they are now blaming the consequences of this disrespectful tearing away people from their cultural and environmental roots on over population. And as they enriched themselves with their labour, they now enrich themselves with their destruction. And the very same people who exploit the world and blame over population , are now enriching themselves with depopulating the world along very sneaky roots, like poisoning food, calling poisons medicine, poisoning playgrounds and robbing children from families. People were forcibly taken from the land to work for the same companies that have destroyed the world now blame the destruction they caused on over population. But the answer is just setting people free to come up with their own solutions again, and not stopping progress of the whole  for the sake of profit of a few at the cost of the world as a whole. July 26th 1581 the act of abjuration was signed in The Hague. It states that a ruler should protect it’s people against repression and violence like a herdsman protects his sheep, and that if a ruler no longer acts like a protector but like a tyrant the people are free to choose a new ruler This right , which is also stated in the declaration of independence of 1776, and which was an example for the Declaration of the Rights of man and of the Citizen, from the French Revolution in 1789, is not repeated in the Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, but should have been.

The ways in which fundamental human rights are violated are horrifying, diverse and worldwide, but the advice given how to counter it is the same everywhere: strong public action to defend fundamental human rights. If  institutions can reek havoc, and there is no way to hold them accountable, it is high time for a change in the system.

The institutions speak as if they are victims, and so they are. Victims of their own selfishness, their own greed, their own misguidedness, which gets free reign because we think politics should be left to others.

Politics are to a country what the CPU is to a computer or the machine room to a factory. One transistor or wire in the wrong place ruins everything.  The House of representatives, the Senate, that is where the policies are decided and the laws and regulations are made  are made that influence everyone. The Netherlands have reached a pivotal moment right now. At the moment the Green Left is the party defending fundamental human rights in the House of Representatives and the Senate.  May 26th 2015 the elections for the Senate are taking place, a very important democratic power in the Netherlands, that has a stopped measures the House of Representatives wanted to take that go against fundamental human rights. Tomorrow, May 27th 2015, The Convention for Children’s Rights in Geneva treats the complaint about Children’s Rights violations in The Netherlands. And at this moment the amendment of article 120 of the Dutch constitution, the law that forbids judges to check if laws and regulations are in accord with the Constitution, is being treated in the House of Representatives. More about that here,

We should all be watching these processes like hawks, because if the amendment of article 120 of the Dutch constitution takes place, that would mean the atrocities happening in youth care in The Netherlands  could end overnight. The complaints with which the joined children’s rights groups  are going to Geneva are listed here. Hopefully good will come out if it, and it is not just for getting more   money to go to youth care again,, since the perverted incentives to abduct children for the money is one of the the main problems in youth care.

See if the laws in your country are better , and if they can give asylum to these children and their families while the countries that abuse children’s and family’s fundamental human rights work to get their act together. Because children and families  will need safe places.. Every second in horrible youth care is one too many and can damage children for a life time, so there is no time to waste in freeing them as quickly as possible.

So for constructive cooperation for securing fundamental human rights for families and children, see where you place yourself and your country on the subject of fundamental human rights. If you find there is oppression and agree this should stop, please take action. Connect with others who try to do the same, don’t be fooled and support politicians who are fighting for fundamental human rights in your country, and if there are none, do what is legally possible and within your possibilities to assure that elections are held honestly and fairly and votes are counted correctly and, if you are able,  start political parties to secure fundamental human rights  your self! Like the face book page for the amendment of article 120 here, sign the petitions against governmental; child abduction , and support the parents, children and groups pleading to governments to stop robbing children and make the world humane!


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8 thoughts on “No More Turning Away

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    • Thank you for your reaction. I looked at your excellent site at

      Where can these new laws be found, and what action is being taken to prevent them?

      An important reason for me to write these articles is so that people realize that The Netherlands are not the shining example to the world they like to pretend to be when it comes to how children and families who have done nothing wrong are being treated there.

      The fact that there is no constitutional court in The Netherlands is also a reason why the oppression of families and children there can go on unchecked.

      Luckily there is a constitutional court in France and my experience is that people are much more aware of their rights, and thus action starts at the first signs of oppression.

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