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Naturally Happily Healthily Toxin free Diet and Care (e4dc)

Naturally Happily Healthily Toxin free Diet and Care (e4dc)

( e4dc with pictures,


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E4dc stands for Naturally, Happily, Healthily, Toxin Free Diet and Care, and shows a way of living completely healthily that not only prevents but also cures ailments, conditions and diseases generally thought to be incurable and even fatal. It also shows that living healthily does not have to mean you cannot indulge in tasty foods, luscious care products and heavenly fragrances anymore. On the contrary! Nature can be abundant, colorful and delicious, and so is this food and care system, which not only enhances your health and quality of life, but which also is in balance with the environment.

It is mostly based on independent high quality research by known and respected scholars and universities and confirmed by experience.

Four doctors who read this diet told me it was excellent, and three of them said I knew more about the subject than they did.

One of them explained to me that in all of Medical school, maybe three hours of lectures are on   nutrition.

Besides, the schooling of dietitians is largely sponsored by food manufacturers for whom commercial interests ou weigh scientific facts. So it is not that hard for anyone who honestly studies food and care to know more than either dietitians or doctors.

So what is unique about this system?

Normally findings from research get lost in translation from theory to practice. This does not always have to be intentional, since there is a lot of theory, and it is not always written down in the simplest of words. More than 10.000 pages of sources and facts can be found on the Scentses website on,

In fact, that is what I used to point people towards that when they came to me for advice, and of course they asked me if I could please write it down in a simple, clear manner so they could follow that in a day-to-day health and care system. That is what you find here, and if you want an in depth explanation of the science around it, the sources can be found on the scentses website on

The e4dc, which stands for Naturally, Happily, Healthily, Toxin Free Diet and Care is a tested method which has been approved by several doctors as a safe way to be optimally health, which is also good for the environment. Health and happiness for people, animals, plants and the planet as a whole!




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The e4dc relies heavily on the Scentses website (, where all the sources of the e4dv can be found and where refined sugar sensitivity is explained as a consequence of disturbance of the sugar metabolism because of additives, which also disappears when the additives are left out of the diet. (see












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The omega three breakfast:

If you are confused about what to believe and not to believe, this flowchart , see might be helpful.


If you want a quick fix, drink organic carrot juice so you feel better and have enough energy to make all the changes needed to get well.






























When people tell me a lump has been discovered during the physical check up and they have to come back for a biopsy, I give them the following advice: take proper aloe vera (the type that is jus made from the pulp and has no aloïne in it, it has all the essential amino acids, germanium, and many other vitamins, for instructions how to take aloe vera gel out of the leaf, see ), combine this with flaxseedoil for omega 3, but don’t eat the chafs of the linseed, drink Kefir (for vitamin K2)   , eat sunflower seeds for omega 6 and organic red palm oil for vitamin D and sesame seed for Calcium, or the omega 3-6-9 mix if you are lactose intolerant,   eat healthy oils with each meal, ( use organic coconut oil instead of butter, bake in organic, cold pressed olive oil and never in sunflower oil), don’t eat soy or wheat but eat spelt, buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa, oatmeal flower and I can go on, use tartaric acid instead of ordinary baking powder, don’t use dehydrated fats or margarine, use Himalayan salt instead of ordinary salt (ordinary salt is poisonous, avoid it as well as everything it is added to), eat nuts (walnuts, Brazil nuts , all organic and without added salt, no peanuts) stop using all artificial sugar and use organic honey instead, (provided their diet allows that of course) , eat as many organic leafy greens as you can, eat sea weed, eat organic, non deodorized glass packed coconut oil, bake in that or in organic, cold pressed olive oil and never in sun flower oil, omega 3 oil or stir frying oil, drink organic tea in a rotation schedule, use lavender instead of soap and shampoo and use a base oil with essential oils as care products and stop using all poisonous care products, replace all poisonous, environmentally unfriendly cleaning products with vinegar , soap nuts and lemon. And now I would also tell people to drink vegetable- and especially carrot juice. I will say why later.


Himalaya salt crystals








The experience is that people immediately feel better and that tumors either disappear or stabilize within one or two weeks and thus become benign before the biopsy can take place, so I honestly couldn’t say it heals cancer, and that’s not only because of the €30500, – fine on such claims in the Netherlands.

Overly sensitive reactions to food- and care products occur fairly often in our family, so my awareness for healthy food and care was raised from an early age.

Besides that, my father, who was a physician, had discovered a remedy for respiratory problems. He noticed that on a COPD Convention in 1983 that all that all the other physicians present had young patients with asthma, and he had none. (In those days COPD also included asthma). He made the connection that this was caused by his supplying extra iron to babies who had frequent bad colds. It was published by Modern Medicine, and his colleagues enthusiastically followed his advice, but the pharmaceutical industry did not do anything with is. This was my introduction to the reluctance of the pharmaceutical industry to apply such discoveries.

To me it made sense to search for herbal remedies when in 1997 he was diagnosed with cancer. In those days green tea was being examined because of its anti-carcinogenic properties, so that is what I advised him to try. It seemed to work, but the classical Western mistake is taking concentrations that are too high.


The same mistake is being made now with turmeric, and is made every time anti carcinogenic properties are found in herbs, causing the herb to be rejected, while in fact it’s only the dosage and the way of administering it that causes it not to work, not the herb itself.


It is important to rotate herbs so that you don’t take the same ones each day. If I had known then what I know now he might have healed.


After a fall from her wheel chair in the home, a 22mm large lump was discovered in my mother’s chest, 99% certainly malign her physician told us, and mainly because of her high age (88) and Alzheimer she was given up. She was very pale and most of the time her eyes were closed and she was unresponsive. My sister flew over from the States and did not dare postpone the flight for a week, that’s how little time she thought she had.


I asked my family and my mother’s physician for permission to try my diet on her, and they were OK with that. During the first meal Wednesday April 17th 2013 the color returned to her cheeks and her eyes opened again. The meal I gave her consisted of spelt bread and a whole pot of Chinese flower tea. After a week and a half of preparing all her meals and snacks the lump had flattened out and my mother had gained weight, so one of her caretakers told me (I have never felt the lump myself).



If she received a meal outside of the diet anyway she immediately turned pale again, and I could always tell if she had something to eat or drink she shouldn’t have.

After a couple of weeks she was alert again, talked, tried to walk, even wanted to try face book to get back in touch with her children and grandchildren,

I noticed how much carrot juice my mother liked to drink. When I looked up the effects of carrot juice on cancer I came across the following post:

“I have known three people who were cured of cancer, according to them by using the following methods: one by drinking enormous amounts of tea from wild thyme, the other by eating a Mediterranean diet (much fish, vegetables, fruit, olive oil and so on) and the last by drinking enormous amounts of self made carrot juice”

The e4dc combines all of these elements, plus that it is filled with other super foods to which anti carcinogenic properties are ascribed, and it uses well known methods from success full cancer curers from the past.

It is a safe method that makes every one feel better immediately and which is a product of thorough study, and for that reason I dare recommend it.


At the bottom of this document under sources you will find other influences, such as Ron Fonteine, Maria Treben, Mary Enig, Aman Prana, Johanna Budwig and Pat Thomas.


As consumers we usually don’t get to hear what science says, but what commerce wants us to believe.


I’d rather skip that layer and sometimes I combine facts into new conclusions, which they don’t seem to have come up with. Or I breathe new life into forgotten remedies by being able to explain them with the help of recent discoveries, as is the case with the Budwig porridge. Plant based oil, for example, is normally rejected as a source of omega 3 because supposedly the body would only be able to absorb 5% of the omega 3. But Johanna Budwig mixed omega 3 oil with yogurt. Because of the protein in yogurt omega 3 is absorbed in the body and you have a source of this essential food, which is much better for our health and the environment than fish oil, which is often polluted with mercury.




This is one of the many smart tricks of the e4dc, which explains its success with major and minor ailments and discomforts.


In the study of medicine nutrition is hardly covered and studies for dietitian are usually not independent. Research is often financed by big companies who are benefited by a certain outcome and if research is done independently usually commerce is in between researchers and consumers, which either out of incompetence or because of other reasons presents facts differently from what they are.

This makes reliable information hard to come by. I have tried to collect and combine whatever reliable information there is available into a workable whole, which has already proven its value and which keeps proving it over and over. It has been shown to and approved by a number of physicians.


With sadness about all those for whom this is too late I hope this version is clear enough to be applied. If there are still questions please don’t hesitate to contact me through or call me 0031(0)642201887. There is also a facebook group:


In Dutch its called g4dv, in English: naturally happily, healthily, toxin Free diet and care. (e4dc)

For the complete list of sources see


e4dc with pictures






Naturally Happily Healthily Toxin free Diet and Care (e4dc). 1

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Preface. 4

Index. 8

What is unique about the e4dc?. 10

The goal of the e4dc is optimum health: 11

The method of e4dc is based on these 12 principles: 13

A week of Naturally Happily Healthily Toxin Free diet and care looks like this: 37

Herb Rotation Schedule. 38

There are different options for a healthy breakfast: 41

3 omega 3-6-9 cakes. 41

Omega 3   sauce. 43

Omega 3 from plants needs proteins to be absorbed properly in the body, and those can be found in Aloë Vera. 43

Omega 3 Caramel sauce. 49

Omega 3 Chocolate sauce. 49

Omega 3 Cinnamon sauce. 49

Omega 3 Vanilla sauce. 49

Variations on the omega 36-9 cake. 49

omega 3 caramel, coconut, sunflower seeds topping. 50

Home made candy. 51

Organic Black berry, bilberry, pomegranate, cranberry pudding. 51

Here you see how you make water kefir 52

And here you can see what the proper way is to take the gel out of an Aloe Vera leaf. 52

Herb rotation Deodorant 58

Coconut oil deodorant 58

Moisterizer 59

Remedies. 59

Care. 60

Soap replacements. 60

Teeth restoring toothpaste. 61

Hair coloring. 62

How to apply the e4dc to children: 63

Comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts for the e4dc (naturally, happily, healthily, toxin-free diet and care). 63

Do. 63

Do’s as far as care products go. 64

Doś for physical care products. 64

Do’s for housekeeping: 65

Avoid these medicines. 67

Domestic care products which should be avoided. 67

More e4dc Recipes. 67

Dinner Recipe Ideas. 68

Nettle soup. 68

Pizza. 68

Bread. 69

Wim’s Spelt bread recipe. 69

Wim’s raisin bread: 69

e4dc desert, snacks and beverage tips: 70

Spelt pancakes: 70

Enszyo’s Pepper nuts: 70

Ginger cookies. 70

Enszyo’s Appelpie: 71

Anna’s Profiteroles: 71

e4dc Chocolate Fudge Cake. 72

Ice cream.. 73

Chocolate pudding. 74

Wim’s Maringues. 74

Fill the bowl with hot water and baking soda. 74

Wim’s Cranberry Bluff 75

(not weather sensitive) 75

Enszyo’s Pop corn. 75

Candy. 76

hazelnut balls: 76

Banana with mint: 76

Mints and licorice. 76

Make your own chocolate. 76

Some Experiences with the e4dc. 78

Doctors comments on the e4dc. 82

More Experiences with the e4dc. 83

e4dc against baldness. 94

More experiences with the e4dc: 97

Why is this not well known?. 97

How to know what to believe: 104

To believe or not to believe flowchart 104

Flow chart edible vs non edible. 106

Sources. 107

Contact: or 107











What is unique about the e4dc?

  1. It is a tested, proven, based on independent scientific research, checked and approved by physicians, natural method that is effective against a wide variety of ailments , from minor       discomforts such as hair loss or skin problems to major,       even cases which have been given up by the medical profession. It also helps solve behavioral problems.
  2. With knowledge of today old remedies are revived, such as the absorbing of omega 3 from linseedoil if you combine it with the proteins, which explains the healing effect of the budwig porridge. The brain is your first digestive organ. Know what you eat, and eat to strengthen the good bacteria in your body, your whole body, as well as your immune system so it can deal with diseases itself.
  3. There is a unique recipe for omega 3-6-9 oil and tips to make sure you get the right proportions of omega 3 and 6.
  4. It is an eclectic method in which every known natural cancer remedy is represented. In this way each meal is packed with healthy fats, because it is well known that unlike ordinary cells, cancer cells are unable to convert fat to energy.
  5. No pharmaceutical medicine or supplements are used at all, nor is any commercial product used. Everything is made from the raw products.
  6. A herb rotation schedule of tea and herbs with a logical order where every day has a certain herb group ascribed to it, which prevents over dosage of incredibly beneficial herbs and the anti bacterial characteristics are optimally used so they work against the harmful, nut not against the beneficial bacteria.
  7. All human-, animal- and environmentally friendly super foods are represented in it.
  8. Foods are combined in such a way that they work optimally, so Calcium with K2, vitamin D, Zinc and Magnesium, Carbohydrates with protein and fiber, omega 3 with proteins.
  9. A schedule in attachment 28 of with all the foods, the sources where they can be found, and the signs of toxicity and lack of it, so that you learn to read your own body like a barometer for what you do and don’t need.
  10. Not just food, but also clothing, care, environment and social factors are examined and are made toxin-, and cruelty free and health enhancing.
  11. For every possible taste in food and care alternatives are offered, with exclusive high standing care products and tasty tea blends and recipe’s, with no prefab foods, and no polluted or polluting commercial products.
  12. All this is integrated into a very clear diet which can be applied immediately without any knowledge and without having to pay a dime for the knowledge and with no other intention than the best of health for every one!


The goal of the e4dc is optimum health:

  1. naturally: considering all aspects of health: physical and environmental. The way is: organic meals, and healthy oils with each meal, combined with the foods that are necessary for maximum absorbance.
  2. happily : enjoying food, because that is an important part of enjoying life. So for every food or care product that you enjoy, but which is not healthy, a healthier, and maybe even a more tasty alternative is given. Snacks with nuts, carrot- and vegetable juice. Recipes to prepare everything you enjoy to eat in such a way that it is optimally healthy so that you don’t have to miss out on anything.
  3. healthily: providing all the building blocks your body needs and supporting all the systems in your body that help it function optimally so they can make sure you become and/or stay healthy.
  4. toxin free taking care of the cause of the disease without harming the friendly bacteria, But also taking environmental issues into account, after all, whatever is in the environment, could end up in your blood. Method 1. A coordinated herb rotation system of both teas and herbs used in the food.2. Eliminating all toxins in food- and care products. 3. Living environmentally friendlily.

These measures strengthen the immune system and give your body the food it needs to function optimally. In this way the immune system can fight disease itself, After all, it is perfectly equipped to do so.


So whether you’re dealing with behavioral problems, skin problems, hair loss, candida or life threatening diseases, e4dc is a safe method, where the experience is that the results already show with the first meal, and in many cases, depending on how closely the instructions are followed, the results are noticeable immediately.


The good news:   one diet helps for each disease, because the immune system is what is doing the work to protect you, and all you are doing is not getting in its way and providing it with all it needs to function optimally.


Of course you need to take allergies and conditions into account that limit your diet and not eat those things that it excludes.


But for the most part we just need to keep out of our body’s way, because it is incredibly clever in protecting us. This film, in which you see how a white blood cell chases and devours a bacterium is an example of this.


And besides that, we don’t want to get in the friendly bacteria’s way, without which much food cannot be digested. They outnumber the human cells in 10 fold. All the bacteria in our body would fill a half a gallon jar, because they are much smaller than human cells.






The method of e4dc is based on these 12 principles:

1.Naturally (1):All foods are taken in their organic, non prefab, non gm, natural form

In nature, food tends to grow combined with the substances we need to optimally digest them. The less processed food is, the better. The reason for choosing organic is not only because the lack of pesticides, but also because it is more nutritious because it grows on cleaner, richer soil. There is no limit in fruits or vegetables, nuts and seeds. With grains wheat is avoided because of it’s lack of nutrients. Instead of wheat oatmeal, spelt and buckwheat are used, rich in proteins and magnesium. Also to be avoided are soy beans and non fermented soy products such as tofu, because much aluminum is used, which is believed to cause Alzheimer. Instead lentils, aduki beans, chick peas, red kidney beans , katyang beans are used, all rich in minerals, vitamins and protein. Organic honey is used instead of sugar, Organic honey is rich in vitamins and anti oxidants. Sugar is unnaturally concentrated and plunders the bodies reserves to be digested. Himalayan salt instead of normal salt, Himalayan salt has all 84 elements which are also in our blood, and also in the same percentages.   Tartaric acid instead of baking powder, because baking powder also has aluminum.


As far as genetically manipulated foods go, corn and soy are notorious. Soy because it’s genetically manipulated to be able to handle roundup, thus making it possible that it is very polluted. And Corn because it has been genetically manipulated to rip up insects stomachs. And it does the same thing with our cells, causing all sorts of diseases, varying from cancer to Alzheimer’s to leaky gut syndrome, but also behavioral problems.

(See attachment 31 for a schedule with all nutrients and their functions, attachment 32 for poisonous additives, attachment 37 for the superfoods, and attachment 55 for facts about genetically manipulated food)

The western tendency is whenever they find out that something is effective against cancer, they extract it, concentrate it, isolate it and turn it into supplements.


But in that way the working substance is not accompanied with the elements the body needs to digest it properly, which can make it carcinogenic instead of beneficial. Because if the food is not supplied with the elements needed to digest it, the body will get it from somewhere else, and use its own reserves, or even damage the body in order to be able to digest it any way.


In this way even beta-carotene becomes carcinogenic, while in carrot juice it is extremely healthy.


The same kind of mistake is made when people advise against all carbohydrates because refined sugar is not healthy. Carbohydrates are fine, and the energy suppliers of cells, so it’s not a good idea to avoid them altogether.


Other examples of foods that become toxic as supplements: vitamin E: should never be taken in solid form, but rather as sunflower seeds, or as wheatgerm oil as is used in the omega 3-6-9 oil. (see “naturally” 3)


Herbs also become carcinogenic when taken as supplements in pills. The concentration becomes so high the body cannot do anything with it and it becomes toxic.


Also taking the same herb every day is a bad idea, especially if it’s antibacterial. Bacteria are after all, a life form, just like we are. So what’s poisonous for them, with over use, becomes poisonous for us as well.


So never use supplements , but just look which foods have the substances your body needs. You can also tell from the physical signs which substances your body lacks. For an overview of which physical symptoms come with which toxicity signs or are a sign of lacking in some element, see , attachment 31.



Also try to eat foods within the same season they naturally grow. That is also better for the environment and for your health.



  1. Naturally (2) From as close by as possible, like from your own garden, or from nature if it’s not prohibited. That is better for the environment as well, which makes it healthy on a meta level.

See attachment 36 voor edible flowers and plants in nature.



Do make sure you know what you are doing, and that you don’t accidentally eat poisonous herbs. There are some instant killers out there. And also make sure it has not been sprayed with herbicides, and clean them very well,





Automatically this means eating in season as much as possible, and as little as possible from greeneries. They also are a strain on the environment. Also direct sun light is better than indirect.




3.Naturally (3) foods are combined with the foods needed for their optimal digestion.

Every food has one or more of the following functions:

  1. building, both the body and enzymes that enhance bodily functions (proteins, minerals)
  2. fuel (carbohydrates, fats) (Cancer cells are especially fond of refined carbohydrates and unable to transform fat into fuel, an ability which healthy cells do have. So if you want to outsmart cancer, use healthy fats with every meal and avoid refined sugar as much as possible)
  3. protection or resistance (protecting the body as well as the bacteria that are friendly for the body) (polyphones, vitamins, anti oxidants, anti bacterial herbs, anti bacterials. probiotics )
  4. cleansing (fiber, water)


The body needs enzymes to be digested, and if the building blocks for these enzymes aren’t supplied at the same time as the food, it will use the body’s reserves or even break down the body to digest the food, which can be harmful.

Because contrary to popular thought, the digestive system is not a conveyer belt that picks out which foods it can use and discards the unusable foods in the gut.


With the exception of fibers, everything we eat and even everything we put on our skin, gets into the bloodstream. It does not even have to pass the digestive system. Some of what you put in your mouth immediately gets in your bloodstream, which is why the effects of food can immediately be observed. It’s not until food gets in the liver that the distinction between useful and not useful is made. What is not useful is stored as fat, also the worst toxins!


What you breath in also gets in your bloodstream . So the brain is the first digestive organ: only put things in your mouth and on your skin that are good for you, and keep your environment clean!


Even though fibers never get in your bloodstream, they are very important for cleansing the blood.


Enzymes are proteins, and proteins are built up out of amino acids. 9 amino acids are essential, which means they need to be supplied to the body through food. Al 22 amino acids can be synthesized from these . Aloë Vera has all the essential amino acids. That is why this is such an important nutrient.


Nutrients in their natural form usually have the elements needed for their digestion incorporated, But some need other foods to be maximally used by the body.


Mixed meals: Thus carbohydrates should be consumed with fiber, fat and protein. In any case, never take them in without these, because they have the elements your body needs to be able to digest them optimally.


It is advised to balance omega 3 s with omega 6, otherwise it is not beneficial. Omega 3-6-9 oil bought in stores is usually mixed with herbs, which should not be taken daily, while omega 3-6-9 oil should, so you need to mix it yourself.

Omega 3-6-9 oil should be combined with protein. Normally only 5% of plant based omega 3 is absorbed in the body, which is why most professionals agree that fish oil is the best source for omega 3. But the problem with fish oil, apart from not being vegetarian, is that it is often contaminated with mercury.


The answer is mixing omega 3-6-9 oils with protein and which also explains why the budwig porridge was such a successful cancer remedy.


Omega 3 consists of the essential ALA ( Alpha Lipoic Acid) and the non essential DHA ( Docosahexaenoic Acid) and ELA (Eicosapentaenoic acid)


The body needs to convert ALA into ELA and DPA to be able to absorb it.


The body needs ALA to be able to make ELA and DPA by itself.


There are foods with ELA and DPA, such as fatty fish, leafy greens and algae. The problem is that fatty fish is often contaminated with mercury, and the amount of ELA and DPA in leafy green vegetables and algae is to small.


ALA is present in large amounts in flaxseed oil (55%),


Ordinarily speaking, it’s assumed that only 5% of plant based omega 3 can be converted into ELA and EPA.ALA is converted in DHA and ELA by enzymes, and enzymes are made by proteins. Yogurt or kefir is 25% protein, which is why mixing linseed oil with either yogurt or milk kefir ensures maximum absorption of the omega 3. However, other protein sources work just as well, as can be seen in the omega 3-6-9 mix.


Aloë Vera, which is taken 15 minutes before breakfast, has all the essential proteins as well, and so it is also helpful in converting the ALA in linseed oil in DHA and ELA.


This could explain a large part of the success of the e4dc, as well as that of Johanna Budwig’s success with the Budwig porridge as a cancer cure in the past.



The ratio in which omega 3 is taken in comparison with omega 6 is crucial. By taking in too little omega 6 compared to omega 3, the blood can become too thin. This can cause internal bleeding, because in case of injury the blood does not

coagulate enough.


Plant based omega 3 should be taken with protein to be absorbed maximally.

After it has been mixed it can be kept refrigerated for   one month. It may never be heated!


The distrust in plant based omega 3 is probably due to the following factors:

1) People tend to forget how short it can be kept: only one month in the fridge after the bottle has been opened.


2) Omega 3 should be taken with enough animal protein, like yoghurt. Johanna Budwig cured many people of cancer this way.

3) Omega 3 is highly reactive and should never be heated.


Too much omega 6 can cause inflammation, heart and artery diseases and strokes.



Correctly balanced with Omega 6, the benefits of Omega 3 are that it protects the skin from aging, keeps arteries and blood vessels flexible and elastic, promotes a healthy blood pressure, supports the natural immune system, enhances the digestion, protects healthy cells and tissues against aging, enhances normal menstruation, helps with menopausal symptoms such as irritability and hot flashes. Omega 3 fats are important for stopping inflammation, for the development of bone marrow and the nervous system and building up a strong immune system. They influence IQ and behavior. They are essential for protection against allergic reactions’. They are the most important fats which build up the brains and the retina. They keep joints limber.

Omega 3-6-9 oil consists of 85% linseed oil (omega 3),, 10% red palm oil (has vitamin D), and 5% wheat germ oil (vitamin E).


It’s not true that we get enough omega 6 anyways through ordinary food. If something is deep fried in omega 6 oil, the properties are lost.


Omega 3 provides healthy blood vessels. In this way, the cholesterol levels in the blood stay low, because cholesterol is made to repair damage to the blood vessels. If that damage does not occur, the body does not need to make cholesterol.


In people with schizofrenia, ADHD and Alzeheimer low levels of DHA and ELA are measured. If they get omega 3 for 6 months half of the individuals with schizofrenia do not need to take anti psychotic medicine anymore, and individuals with ADHD can be taken off ritalin. The symptoms of Alzheimer also diminish with a diet with omega 3.


So the balance between omega 3 and omega 6 is very important. Too much omega 6 increases the chance of heart- and artery diseases, too much omega 3 heightens the chance of internal bleeding and makes the blood too thin.


So if you feel chest pains heighten omega 3 levels and lower omega 6 levels.


The balance between omega 3 versus omega 6 should be about 1:1,5.


And a little in leafy green vegetables.


Sources for omega 3, but without th right balance with omega 6 , are flaxseed oil ( 55%), Sacha-Inchi-oil (48%), Chiaseed (18%), walnuts (10%),riceoil (1%). There is also a type of safflower with seeds which has 10% lipoic acid. The long chain acids which the body makes from lipoic acid are in meat, fish and fish oil. DHA and ELA can also be found in leafy green vegetables, edible algae en microalgae oil as well as krill oui, calamari oil and fish oil. Eggs are often enriched with omega 3 by feeding chickens with food that is rich in omega 3.


Sources for omega 6 together with the proper RDA are sunflower oil 2 teaspoons, evening primrose oil 2 tea spoons, corn oil 1 tablespoon, borage oil 2 table spoons, flaxseed oil 2 table spoons, olive oil 5 table spoons ((unrefined organic, cold pressed, source, Mary Enig Know Your Fats, p.115)


For me, however, sunflower oil is not a good choice since it causes ches pains, which is why I prefer sunflowerseeds.


On in attachment 29 you will find more details about the effect of all the omega 3 fats and also all the nutrition we need.


Omega 9, which also is present in olive oil and in nuts, is not essential, as the body is capable of making this itself.


The Omega 9 fats are somewhat more neutral. These single, unsaturated fats have a cholesterol lowering effect and lower the harmful LDL cholesterol. Besides that Omega 9 heightens the beneficial HDL cholesterol. Omega 9 can also have an anti inflammatory effect. They help break down saturated fats and keep the walls of the cell flexible.


Examples of food rich in Omega 9:


  • almonds
  • olives
  • olive oil
  • macademia nuts
  • avocado
  • cashewnuts
  • pistachios
  • walnuts
  • brazil nuts
  • cocoa butter
  • palm oil


(from )


Food rich in omega 3:

Flaxseed oil 55%

Walnut oil 10%




Food rich in omega 6:

Sunflower seeds

Milkthistle oil



Sesame seed


Calcium should be taken with vitamin D3 and vitamin   K2.Calcium is needed for optimum bone health. A good source for calcium is sesame seed. You need vitamin D3 to get calcium out of food. The best source for vitamin D3, colecalciferol is sunlight, 20 minutes a day with 40% skin exposure between 10 am and 2 pm., the time with the best uv rays for vitamin D.


But you need vitamin K2 to move calcium from the blood to the bones, Vitamin K2 is a made by bacteria when fermenting. Sources are kefir, natto, cottage cheese and Brie, and of these kefir is the best source, because the others can have unwanted fats and salts. Environmentally and health wise speaking water kefir is to be preferred over milk kefir.

You need magnesium to remove calcium from kidneys, muscles and heart to the bones. Magnesium can be found in raw cocoa,   Himalayan salt, lentils, nuts and in many other super foods. ( See attachment 31 and 37)


4.Happily (1): The e4dc can be modified to suit every taste, and this should also be done, Eating should be a pleasure, That’s why all foods are not only combined to be as healthy as possible, but also to be as tasty as possible. So teas are blended in such a way that they not only full of anti oxidants, vitamins and polyphenols, but that the taste is delicious.


And picking herbs freshly from nature (in as far as it is not prohibited) is a joyful, beautiful experience as well.


It can be modified to suit every taste, from spicy to sweet. That is a must. Eating without pleasure is useless, and a delicious meal is good for the body as well as for the senses.


  1. Happily (2) For happiness, more than the physical needs have to be met. The soul’s need for justice, the minds need for truth, the hearts need for friendship, companionship and love are just as important. So next to the health benefits, the ethical side of food and it’s impact on animal life, the environment and society as a whole are considered. See also


  1. Healthily (1) Not just for your body, but also for beneficial bacteria in your body, which outnumber your cells tenfold. With everything you eat and drink you take their optimum living conditions into account as well. Probiotics such as kefir, fermented vegetables, natto and cottage cheese are examples of foods that are good for these beneficial bacteria (all vitamin K2 sources as well) .




  1. Healthily (2) Feeding and strengthening all the healthy cells and good bacteria in your body, without feeding the bad bacteria and cancer cells, and using herbs in such a way that bad bacteria are stopped without harming beneficial bacteria. Cancer cells, for example, are unable to transfer oil into energy, so it is smart to use beneficial oils with every meal. All eating and care moments, including snacks, are used as an opportunity to supply your body and the beneficial bacteria in your body with an abundance of beneficial fats, vitamins and proteins for optimum resistance and health, helping your body process food properly. making your body strong and healthy. So every imaginable super food and care product will also be found in the e4dc, eaten and used in optimal combinations. Because cancer cells lack the ability to turn fats into energy, an ability which healthy cells do have, every meal has healthy fats in it.


8.Healthily (3) Besides being eaten in the right combinations, food needs to be fresh and well prepared. Healthy foods become unhealthy if they aren’t fresh and prepared in the proper way.


If food is prepared in a microwave, the nutritional value becomes depleted.


Never reheat food in plastic

Even if your food containers are labeled as one of the safe plastics, always transfer food to a glass or china dish before reheating in the microwave. All plastics contain possible harmful chemicals, and when heated, those chemicals can leech onto the food that is next to them. Take-out containers are one of the worst culprits when it comes to plastics that contain toxic elements, so never reheat food in those containers.



Certain oils, should never be heated or used for baking. Examples are sunflower oil, wheat germ oil, walnut oil and flaxseed oil. And oils that are allowed to be heated (such as organic, non processed coconut oil and organic cold pressed olive oil) are not supposed to be heated above 180 degrees Celsius. This is the smoking point, so it’s easy to tell.


The (transparent) gel inside the leaf is the only part of the Aloë Vera that should be used, not the outer green part of the leaf. That contains aloïne, which is extremely poisonous.


Eggs should not be eaten raw, because then they block the capacity to absorb vitamin D.


Leafy greens are healthy, but also full of nitrate, which transforms into nitrite when it is not fresh , reheated or overcooked. Nitrite destroys red blood cells and causes shortness of breath and ultimately, suffocation.


Potatoes are toxic when they become green.


The chaffs of flaxseeds make you sterile, so flaxseeds and flaxseed oil should be eaten without the shafts.


9.Healthily (4) Food should give more nutrients and energy than it uses to digest, Wheat for example, lacks nutrients. Spelt, oatmeal and buckwheat are much healthier choices.

Only eating raw food is a great way to lose weight, but it can also cause you to become too thin because it takes more energy to digest than it gives,


  1. Healthily (5) For optimum health, healthy habits are needed, such as cleanliness, plenty of sleep, exercise and sunlight, which means going outside between 10 am and 2 pm for at least 20 minutes a day, with 40 percent body exposure to get you daily doses of vitamin D.

Forget all the nonsense about skin cancer being caused by the sun. It’s caused by the toxins in the commercial sun products, If you use lavender instead of soap, you most likely won’t need sun protection. But if you want to use sun protection, organic sesame oil with some geranium should do the trick. Use organic cold pressed oil. Nieuwe Band works well, Fertilia doesn’t. It also doesn’t work if it’s from roasted sesame seeds.


If you get sun burnt anyway, sheabutter or woolwax supply immediate protection, and you don’t blister.


And also, cancer seldom comes out of the blue, Usually starts with small aches and pains, that become chronic, and then in those places cancers appear. So excellent care for even the smallest ailments with natural, remedies which have o side effects could end up preventing cancer. You could see cancer as a crust that has gone out of control. If the wounds are healed, there is no need for a crust.



Also environmentally healthy habits, such as not polluting are important. After all, what’s in the environment, everything you can touch and breath in could end up in your blood or someone else’s,





  1. Toxin Free (1)(a)_Not only what you eat, but also how you eat it determines if something is healthy or toxic, for you as well as for you’re the beneficial bacteria in your gut. A herb rotation system, is a system using each herb once a week, thus taking advantage of the fact that harmful bacteria only need one day to reproduce and develop strains of bacteria with a resistance to anti bacterial substances such as herbs, and have a lifespan of 5 days.


So with any antibacterial substance you use, only the bacteria which are resistant will breed, producing resistant strains that live for 5 days. If you introduce a new herb the next day you will keep ahead of the harmful bacteria, thus disabling them to crowd out the beneficial; bacteria and harm your body.


The cleansing tea afterwards is to wash away the harmful bacteria to prevent them from harming you after they have been killed.


Beneficial bacteria are slower to breed, and are therefore less confused by this system. You are using the fast adaptation and breeding habits of harmful bacteria against them, and using the slower breeding and adaptation strategies of the beneficial bacteria to their advantage.


The herb rotation system uses the growth of plants and the colors of the rainbow as to remember which herb was used and coordinates herbs used for tea, meals and care to optimize the effect against harmful bacteria


11.Toxin Free (1) b. The herb rotation system is not only for the tea, but also for the herbs used in the food.


  1. Toxin Free (1) c.drinking plenty of fluids to eliminate the dead fungus and bacteria from the body so they can’t make you sick after they have been killed.


  1. Toxin Free (2) Avoid foods that are also harmful to the body and the beneficial bacteria in the body in small amounts.


That is a another reason why eating organically is so important, because not only the pesticides used for non-organic vegetables and fruit, but also the soil in which non-organically grown vegetables and fruit is grown can harm your health. This also can’t be washed off. Non organically grown food also lacks nutrients.



Refined sugar and products with refined sugar


Artificial sugar (like aspartame) and all products containing artificial sugar.


If your health allows it, use organic honey instead


For a list of which additives to avoid, see, attachment 32 and Corinne Cougets booklet “What’s in your food,” Her consolation that there are only minimal amounts of additives in food is a false one, because in many cases the amount is not mentioned and there is no safe acceptable dosage, because it’s toxic at all dosages


Also avoid:


Hydrogenated fats


Cowsmilk (has many hormones and other pollutants)


Soy and soy products (they obstruct other foods from being digested properly, (see attachment 7, p. 53)


All non organic foods (because of pesticides and also because of the poor soil in which it grows, which lacks nutrients))

Never bake in sunflower oil, peanut oil, wheatgerm oil, flaxseed oil (becomes toxic)


Avoid ordinary baking powder (contains aluminum, which is believed to raise the risk of getting Alzheimer, because with Alzheimer higher levels of aluminum are found in the brain tissue)


Deep-frying oil


Multivitamines: they can contain solid vitamin E, which blocks other vitamin E’s to be absorbed in the body. It’s better to get all the nutrients you need from organic food (see attachment 8). That is the purest form, and there are also no adverse side effects.


unethically genetic manipulated food


Radiated food (contains free radicals and is carcinogenic),


Avoid prepackaged food, can contain MSG


Refined Carbohydrates: white flower, white rice, white , macaroni and all prefab products



Toxins that especially feed cancer cells.



Fish oil contains mercury. Plant based oils combined with protein for optimal digestion is the healthier choice to get your omega 3


Prepackaged food (burnt carbohydrates, genetically manipulated products, pesticides. Monsanto is the biggest supplier to manufacturers of ready made products like cookies)


Depending on the area you live, you might want to filter and cook your water, or just drink bottled water, when there is fluoride in your drinking water, which is very carcinogenic and bad for the brain.


Burnt carbohydrates are very carcinogenic, as in chips and french-fries
Prefab cookies are a way of getting Monsanto genetically manipulated and pesticide filled foods in your system. All big companies are supplied by Monsanto foods, so avoid them if you do not want to burden your system with those.


Also avoid commercial tea: the tea bags are filled with dioxin and the tea is filled with additives.


12.Toxin Free (2)b. Avoid toxins in packaging

Aluminum foil leaks aluminum in the food and this causes Alzheimer


Plastic foil leaks phthlates in the food which is very carcinogenic


If food is packaged, then it is best to do this in paper or glass. Certainly do not heat food in plastic. Tin cans are not the best idea either.

For packaging (bio futura for example, makes packages from palm leaf,, bio plastics, durable birch wood, bamboo and other sustainable materials. It looks nice too),



12 Toxin Free(2).c avoid toxins in personal care products


Ordinary tampons and sanitary napkins may be polluted with dioxin.


In the organic store you can find dioxin free tampons and sanitary napkins. But they are still burdensome for the environment.


The coral sea spunge is a brilliant solution! It has been used by women in living near the coast since antiquity.


It feels coarse when dry, but if you pour some water on it, it becomes very soft. And it can be made tiny, so it is easily applicable, even if it seems a little large. It can be used for eight hours at a time depending on the heaviness of the period. Then just rinse and reapply, and save in a cotton bag in between periods. Just think of all the pollution that prevents, and it is much healthier!


Here you find instructions for how to use the coral sea sponge as a tampon:


Cleaning it with soda and some cloves and then rinsing it very well and cleaning it in the washing machine with either soap nuts or soda and lemon between periods keeps it fresh.



Underneath an instruction how to use it as a tampon. I would never use dental floss though, a string is not even necessary, and often floss is mint flavoured, very uncomfortable.

The baby sponge is rough when it’s dry, but when you wet it (don’t use hot water, it can’t handle that) it becomes silky smooth, and you can make it very tiny, while it has a 10 cm diameter when dry. Wash your hands well, wring the sponge out, bring it in like a tampon You can leave it in place 8 hours and easily remove it with two fingers. The sponge is easy to grasp. Wash it at a sink with clean hands and put it back in it’s place.

Between periods   soak it in soda and cloves until it smells fresh again ( a couple of hours will do), then rinse really well and wash in the washing machine at low temperatures (30 or 40 degrees Celcius) with the rest of the wash in the bag you store it in. Mke sure you do not put it in the dryer.

A wonderful effect of using the baby sponge instead of tampons for women with children who have   urine loss is that two months of use of the baby sponge ( two periods) makes this ailment disappear for good!

It’s not certain what causes this effect. If it was just the toxin free ness of it, then dioxine free tampons should have the same effect, but they don’t, so maybe it’s because of the healing effects of the sponge.

It has been said it can be used as birth control as well.

Persona is good for that too

The pill causes hair loss, varicose veins, and many women feel horrible using that.

-Also avoid sodium lauryl sulphate (causes hair loss), parabens, PEG-40, aroma’s and other carcinogenic elements in soap and other care products (for all poisons in care products and their effect on your health, see attachment 10).

As a replacement for soap and shampoo, you can simply use lavender or chamomile flowers in a washcloth or sock which you tie on top and use as a sponge.



12.Toxin Free (2) d. avoid toxins in domestic cleaning products.


Instead of using toxic air fresheners, you can use essential oils or just some lavender or mint leaves.


You can clean everything with just environmentally friendly substances: so

da for the greasy area’s and vinegar for the calcified ones, For washing clothes use wash nuts, 3 half shells in a little bag at 30 degrees. Fun detail about wash nuts: you support Indian villages by using them, and at the same time they are much cheaper than ordinary detergents. I love the smell too, but that’s a matter of personal preference. It’s cheap, environmentally friendly hypoallergenic. There are only advantages.

At the Duboshop

the soapnuts come in charming environmentally friendly, fully compostable jute bags.

These cute 8×12 bags are very usable for the soap nuts. It is no problem at all that it has open spaces, the soap nuts don’t stain at all.

The 18x 14cm bags are excellent for the lemon peels in the white wash.

Besides that they are also excellent for sun glasses or for storing the coral sea spunge in.

For the whites you can use soda and lemon. Just put a spoonful of soda where you would usually put the detergent, and put half a lemon in a little bag in the washing machine. Clothes will come out white, soft and smelling fresh.

For cleaning the house use soda for greasy surfaces and vinegar for calcified ones. However mixing soda and vinegar is not a good idea, since the soda and vinegar react with each other, and leave it powerless to clean. However, soda and lemon is a perfect, since that way you can get rid of all filth, whether it’s alkaline or acidic.


Some soda and lemon peels in water are also excellent for washing the dishes. I always keep a glass jar with soda ( for example an old honey-or coffee jar) filled with soda at the sink and I always save my squeezed out lemons so I can easily get some when needed.



So the above cheap, environmentally friendly and healthy products replace all those environmentally unfriendly and unhealthy detergents which come in plastic bottles which pollute the seas, which use palm oil, for which the rainforests are being chopped down in an amazing speed. And which also makes some people believe that the human race has no business here on earth. But nothing could be less true. We are very needed, every one of us, old, young, weak, strong, and we

don’t need pollutants to survive!


12 Toxin Free (2) e Also use toxin free cooking utensils

For example: cast iron, glass and ceramic are better choices than aluminium, Teflon and even stainless steal, for which people also can be allergic.



  1. Toxin Free (2) f avoid toxins in clothing,such as plastics in shoes, which leak ftlates into the body, all plastics in clothes are dangerous, also prints on T-shirts.


  1. Toxin Free (2) g, Avoid toxins in dentistry (fluoride, and mercury in amalgam fillings). Porcelain is the safer and esthetically more pleasing alternative. Of course preventing cavities is best of all. You will find this diet will help.


  1. Toxin Free (2) h . avoid toxins in the environment


Watch out, Toxins can be everywhere, on playgrounds, impregnated wood for garden fences can contain chromium 6 and arsenic, ,green bricks even have the

toxic wolmanzout, also with chromium 6 and arsenic, which causes cancer and sterility, and is used in Dutch play grounds! Government subsidized!


  1. Toxin Free (2) i. Try where possible to make environmentally friendly choices. Eating organic, seasonal foods from nearby helps the environment by saving transportation and greenhouse costs.


Also pay attention to small things. The hard plastic of screwdriver, for example, breaks off, and gets in the sea, in the fish, and finally in us.


The following film shows how even in sea birds living 3000 miles away from all inhabited areas have plastic lighters and junk in their stomachs.


So try to choose for durable, environmentally friendly materials whereven possible, because the world is being destroyed if we don’t.

But also choosing solar and wind energy instead of coals nuclear for your home for example, and non toxic building materials, and the most environmentally means of transportation possible for you.


But make sure you are not tricked. Solutions can seem environmentally friendly, but not be so at all. For example, some company’s in Holland get green energy from Norway, but then export gray energy to Norway. So it is important to make sure the companies get their energy from the same country where it is sold.



And keep up with the news. Changes in circumstances mean facts change, and we need to adapt to them in order not to make health threatening mistakes any way.

And electronic cars may seem environmentally friendly but have so many toxic materials in them and cost so much energy to produce that they end up being just as environmentally unfriendly as gasoline powered cars.


I try to keep up with the latest developments and post them on the g4dv facebook group and on the website.




12.T oxin Free (3): Elimination of all toxins

In (a)the environment, (b)food and (c)care products

(s)pesticides, plastic

(b)additives, artificial sugars

(c) aroma, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, fragrances and other carcinogenic substances in care products,

See attachment 10


A week of Naturally Happily Healthily Toxin Free diet and care looks like this:

(Ingredients can usually be found in health food stores; otherwise it’s mentioned where they can be purchased)


-One table spoon of aloë vera juice of the purest kind before breakfast. It has germanium and all the essential amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, essential for making the enzymes necessary for digesting food properly.

This is Aloe Pura maximum strength. I normally use the ordinary aloe pura, bought at the organic drug store van Gelder in the Van Woustraat 237-239 .Voor all the beneficial ingredients of Aloë Vera. Among others all the essential amino acids which your body cannot make itself, see attachment 37


-Every morning two pots of tea, one anti bacterial, the other cleansing, with a theme for each day and the order, the same as the order of growth: seed, root, leaf, herb, flower, wood, fruit.


Herb Rotation Schedule

As a help you can color code the herbs. Linking the rainbow colors to the days you get: Sunday: seed: purple, Monday: root: blue, Tuesday: leaf: green, Wednesday: herb: yellow, Thursday: flower: orange , Friday: wood: red and Saturday: fruit: white.


For the anti bacterial you can use one, and for the cleansing tea you can use two pipe cleaners of the right color.


So Sunday, seed, purple: anti fungal is coriander, and cleansing is fennel and fenugreek,

Monday, root, blue, root anti fungal is curcuma and Korean ginseng, cleansing is lady’s mantel and viola tricolor, which can be purchased at Jacob Hooy, Kloveniersburgwal 10, Amsterdam.


Some Chinese stores like still sell Korean Ginseng, But it’s getting harder and harder to come by in it’s pure, un processed form.

Panax ginseng in small pieces can be ordered at

Don’t confuse it with Siberean Ginseng, it’s much more powerful.


Tuesday, leaf, green anti fungal is green tea and jasmine (make sure to take the leaves out after 10 minutes or so, or it will become to strong), and cleansing is nettle (also rich in vitamin D), birch and ginkgo biloba. Ginkgo Biloba provides good oxyb=gention of the brains, which is very beneficial for Alzheimer.


Wednesday, herb, yellow: anti fungal is golden rod, and cleansing is red clover, milk thistle, or spring speedwell, depending on the need of the moment.



Thursday, flower, orange: anti fungal is elderflower and ginger, cleansing is dandelion and lime tree blossom. Chinese flowertea is also an option for Thursdays.

Friday, wood, red, anti fungal is cinnamon and licorice, cleansing is peau d’arco and mistletoe bough



Saturday , fruit, white, anti fungal is cardamom, cleansing is rosehips




If you find this too complicated you can mix the two teas for each day so you only need one pot.

Most of the teas can be found at all organic stores, at the Peperbol (albert Cuypstraat) and Jacob Hooy (Klovernierssburgwal)) in Amsterdam, and online on


Pay attention from which price onwards shipping is free.


Tea from the leaves of sour sap are supposed to be a good cancer remedy as well, but this is something I have not yet researched.

It’s a nice start of the day to drink a cup of anti fungal tea before breakfast.


There are different options for a healthy breakfast:

Omega 3-6-9 muesli

  1. For breakfast there is muesli made of oatmeal, buckwheat, sesame seed, sunflower seeds for omega 6, blue Thompson raisins, apples,   linseed oil oil mixed with organic cold pressed wheatgerm and palm oil, milk kefir, cranberry juice, and Himalayan salt to mask the taste of the oil as well as for the health benefits.


The balance omega 3:omega 6 should be around 1:1,5

This is how you mix the omega 3 oil: Red palm oil is naturally solid, so heat that up au bain marie first, about three tablespoons in a bowl, put that in a strainer in hot water and let it become fluid, making sure the water never gets in contact with the oil. Then add the wheat germ oil and the linseed oil.

3 omega 3-6-9 cakes

Pre heat the oven at 150 degrees Celsius

Make the tea of the day and keep it warm on a tea light.


Grease 3 cake molds with coconut oil and sprinkle with sesame seeds.


Take a mixing bowl and put in

100 grams of raw, unsalted organic sesame seeds and

100 grams of organic coconut oil and

100 grams of organic red palm oil


Mix 100 grams of each of the following flours:

-buckwheat flour, quinoa flour, einkorn wheat flour,



a pinch of Himalaya salt.

Two bags of organic tartaric acid baking powder



100 grams of each of the following grains and fruits

Blue Thomson raisins, cranberries , oatmeal flakes


100 ml of each of the following juices

cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, bilberry juice, black berry juice.


Add 100 ml of warm tea so the oils melt.


Cut 10 small apples or 5 large ones


Mix with a blender


Put in the cake molds


Put in the oven for one hour.


Let it cool down for a bit.


Serve the slices with omega 3 saus in the taste caramel, chocolate, vanilla or cinnamon. Then you add unsalted, unroasted, pealed organic suflowerseeds for the omega 6.




This is how you make omega 3 sauce (see next page)


Omega 3 sauce

Omega 3 from plants needs proteins to be absorbed properly in the body, and those can be found in Aloë Vera.


Aloe Vera has all the essential amino acids and is an important part of the e4dc. But what is the proper way to get Aloe Vera gel out of the leaf? You can see that in the following pages, and also here


(If you would rather not take the trouble of getting it out of the leaf, or if you do not have an aloe vera plant ( yet) , you can also look for an organic, aloïne free aloe vera juice, like this one from PurAloé (see,197.html?LGWCODE=197;105739;2445&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=search&gclid=CjwKCAjw75HWBRAwEiwAdzefxCF3wkIbOLcdNBBusiwMYgbFv_eWBoxehxYSEL6_IPJUlCkJ1RJqlxoCOtAQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds )


In this case, do not mix it with the sauce, but drink it right before you eat the omega 3 sauce.







This is what our Aloe Vera plant looks like:




















See how the leaves grow in a spiral? This allows you to peal of the bottom leaf without damaging the plant.

















After removing the bottom leaf, cut of a slice from both ends, and the hang it upside down from the narrow part for 24 hours with a cup underneath to catch the aloïne. It is a black, poisonous liquid that us very bad for your health.






















After all the aloïne has leaked out, using a sharp knife ,cut off the bottom part and carefully cut off the sides.














This can be thrown on the compost heap.


Then slice off the top green layer.

















Put this green layer on another plate, This can be used later for skin care purposes, but not for eating, since the green is bitter too.


















In this way you free up the gel inside.



Proceed to cut the gel out above a clean plate.



















Take what you need, and cut the rest into portions that fit into an ice tray, so you can put these in the freezer, where it stays fresh endlessly and can easily be used when needed.



























































With a blender mix 250 ml flaxseedoil, 250 ml of wheatgermoil   a tea spoon of Aloe Vera and add Himalayan salt to taste.


The mixing gives the oil the color of butter, and the right amount of Himalayan salt gives the wheat germ and linseed oil a wonderful buttery taste )




You now have a lovely sauce which tastes wonderful on avocado. Add raw, unsalted, organic peeled sunflower seeds for omega 6 to balance the omega 3.



For breakfast, you can also add some puffed quinoa cakes or puffed spelt cakes( like puffed rice cakes, but then with quinoa or spelt) , crumble them in a bowl, add a teaspoon of the omega 3 oil mix, a teaspoon full of raw, organic sunflower seeds, some raw, organic sesame seeds for calcium, some raw organic mixed nuts or walnuts, some avocado and some other fruit of choice, like pomegranate, mix that in a bowl, drink with herb tea and kefir, and you have a delicious, nutritious meal.


Instead of the rice cakes , you can also make a   porridge of ¼ cup of each of these ingredients: spelt flakes, quinoa flakes, oatmeal flakes and buckwheat flakes, so you have 1 cup in total. Mix them with three cups of boiling water, add Himalayan salt to taste, bring to a boil on the stove, and then turn off the heat and let it swell for a couple of minutes, and then eat in the same way as the previous, only without the avocado. This is actually our winter version of the omega 3 breakfast.


Here are some other variations for the omega three sauce:

Omega 3 Caramel sauce

Mix 100 grams of honey with 200 ml omega 3 sauce.

Omega 3 Chocolate sauce

Mix 50 grams of honey and 1 gram raw cocoa with 100 ml omega 3 saus.

Omega 3 Cinnamon sauce

Mix 50 grams of honey and 1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon   with 100 ml omega 3 saus.

Omega 3 Vanilla sauce

Mix 50 grams of honey and 1/8 teaspoon of vanilla   with 100 ml omega 3 saus.




Variations on the omega 36-9 cake

1.Instead of flour the flattened grains can be used .

2,When the cake is ready. Let it cool off a little , take it out of the mold, cover in honey and sprinkle with sunflower seeds

  1. When the cake is ready, cover it with an omega 3-6-9 caramel, coconut, sunflowerseeds topping.

That can be made like this:



omega 3 caramel, coconut, sunflower seeds topping












Cut the oil off of coconut creme oil (that is the stark white part)











Then heat the rest au bain marie until it is completely melted:

















Then take off the heat source and mix with honey, and when it is cooled aff a little mix with omega 3 oil and powdered raw organic sunflower seeds.


Spread over the cake.


Instead of spreading it over the cake you can also add walnuts, raw cocoa and make chocolates out this in an omega 3 version, as described here:


Home made candy

You can also use the omega 3-6-9 caramel, coconut, sunflowerseeds topping. To make candy by rolling it into balls, perhaps around dates, or cashew nuts, or raisins, and then you can also roll it in sesame seed after.



What is also nice with that is


Organic Black berry, bilberry, pomegranate, cranberry pudding

For 1 liter of pudding, mix 250 ml of each of the following organic, unsweetened juices:Black berry, biberry, pomegraate, and cranberry in a saucepan.

Add the required amount of agar agar ( 2 bags of 4 grams)

Bring to a boil

Add honey to taste

Put in the mold and let it cool off enough to put in the fridge.

Serve the cake with the sauce, sunflower seeds, the pudding, a mint leaf, daisies or other edible flowers of the season.



Follow that up with a cup of water kefir for the vitamin K2, and follow that up with at least 20 minutes of sun exposure between 10 a.m.   and 2 p.m. so you have enough UVB   to make vitamin D.





Here you see how you make water kefir


And here you can see what the proper way is to take the gel out of an Aloe Vera leaf.





Lunch can be spelt bread , not wheat. Wheat is not nutritious, so it takes more energy to digest than it produces. See attachment 38 on http://www.Scentses,



on which raw coconut oil is used instead of butter,(no margarine please, see attachment 41), and


then , depending on your taste, you can put chocolate fudge made of raw cocoa mixed with acacia honey with omega 3 oil and again the Himalayan salt to mask the taste of the oil.




You can also choose other sandwich dressing, such as hazelnut paste with omega 3 oil and Himalayan salt and covered with buckwheat honey. Again coconut oil as butter.


Not all raw cocoa powder has the same quality. The raw cocoa powder from gekruid is very good. of Raw cacao is high copper en also in magnesium, which is important for among others teeth, muscles, balances high calcium intake, See attachments 31 and 37



Dinner is again a rotation of 7 herbs, some the same, some different from the teas, but with the same rule of thumb, seed, root, leaf, herb, flower, wood, fruit.


Every meal

has seaweed (hiziki or arame), soaked and cooked along with the beans for the last ten minutes,


Leafy greens, such as rucola, field salad, parsley. And you can make build them out to delightful salads with avocado, mushrooms, tomatoes and everything you like.


The non salad part of the meal has plenty of olive oil and himalayasalt.




To make it tasty you can bake some onions and garlic in organic cold pressed olive oil or organic coconutoil.


Seed: Sunday you may want to use coriander, and meals that go with this are for example: rice with brown lentils.


Root: Monday: curcuma, with aduki beans and again rice


Leaf: Tuesday lemongrass with green Kat yang beans and potatoes


Herb: Wednesday rosemary or thyme or oregano with   maybe red lentils and potatoes


Flower Thursday ginger with black lentils and pasta, spaghetti for example


Wood: Friday cayenne pepper with red kidney beans and amaranth or spelt bulgur.


Fruit: Saturday cardamom with chickpeas with potatoes, backed in coconut oil




Between meals plenty of both teas of the day, carrot or mixed vegetable juice and unsalted raw nuts and raisons, along with all fruits of the season, organically grown of course.




For your personal hygiene eliminate all poisons by washing with lavender or chamomile flowers, bound in for example a sock,


It can be used to replace soap as well as shampoo.


Some people get greasy hair at first. To solve that mix some soda with water and use that to wash your hair. Be careful not to get it in your eyes and rinse it out very well.


Herb rotation Deodorant


A different herb each day used as deodorant powder. The bacteria which cause body odor also remain resistant for five days to a herb that has been used, so in fact 5 would be enough to rotate between.   The same rotation schedule as has been used for the teas and for the herbs for the foods can thus also be used as deodorant.


As a deodorant you can use the following herbs, rotating each day again, using the same rule of thumb as the teas and the dinners:

Sunday coriander

Monday Laos.

Tuesday: Lemongrass

Wednesday Rosemary

Thursday Ginger

Friday Cloves.

Saturday Cardamom


This only works if you stick to the herb rotation in your diet as well, otherwise the bacteria are resistant to the herb and the odor comes through anyways.


Coconut oil deodorant

1 teaspoon of artaric acid baking powder 1/,4 cup organic coconut flour, ¼ cup cold pressed coconut oil, 7 drops of organic tea tree oil and 7 drops of organic chamomile essential oil.


I like to use this as a base, and then combine it with a different essential oil every day: lavender on Sunday, Vetiver on Monday, Lemongrass on Tuesday, Chamomile on Wednesday, Rose or Jasmine on Thursday, Sandalwood or Frankincense on Friday and Vanilla or Grapefruit on Saturday.


Just the essential oil without the coconut oil base is not enough to prevent body odor, and means you have to reapply all the time to stay fresh. With the coconut oil base you can stay odorless all day.


To keep it from getting to hard in wintertime, use some moisterizer. The recipe for that can be found below.



As a moisturizer you can use a mixture of essential oils of   about seven drops of chamomile, Neroli and jasmine in about 240 ml of base oils of calendula, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil (excellent to prevent menopausal or menstrual problems). Macademia oil.


As a sunscreen use sesame oil with a few drops of geranium oil



Moles and warts disappear in a week or so when you put some apple vinegar on them, for example every evening before going to sleep. It’s really amazing. You notice it works immediately. See:also



For an upset stomach some lemon juice is excellent. Lemon is a mild acid, which balances the acidity levels in the stomach, causing relief.


For sour throats Malva tea or propolis is good, the drops without alcohol, by bee health. The idea to use propolis came from the observation the bees never got infectious diseases, and the conclusion was reached that this might come from the wax they used to fill up creases in their hives: propolis.


Malva tea should be made with cold water, for example from tea that has been made earlier and cooled off.


For ear aches use some Swedish herbs on a cotton ball and put that in the aching ear. I wouldn’t advise taking Swedish herbs any other way than topically.


Tea tree prevents lice. Mix some drops with filtered, cooked water and spray it in the neck, behind the ears and in the neck of the coat. Washing your hair with lavender or chamomile flowers also prevents lice, because lice prefer the oil stripped damaged hair people get from ordinary shampoo.


Woolwax, and sheabutter are excellent lipbalms. Wool wax is excellentfor chapped lips. Fun detail about wool wax: in sunlight it becomes vitamin D, the vitamin needed for taking calcium out of substances.


As an insect repellant use patchouli in cooked and filtered water put in a glass dispenser. If you do not cook and filter the water used to make care products it becomes rancid quickly. Bottled water is not an option either.


As a remedy against black nails, after cleaning them thoroughly, drip some essential oil under each nail.


Against baldness, don’t only eat the omega three oil in your breakfast, but also rub some on your bald spots each day. Results can be seen within days.


The evening primrose oil which is used in the skin oil also works as a remedy against menstrual pain and discomforts associated with menopause. Just by using the oil on your skin!


Soap replacements

As a replacement for hand soap, use some drops of lavender in cooked and filtered and cooled off water in a soap dispenser.


Any eau de toilette can be made in the same way.


As a replacement for a bar of soap, use Himalayan Crystal with some drops of lavender or another essential oil with a smell you like. The salt works as a disinfectant, and the oil makes it smell wonderful.


You can also make your own toothpaste to avoid toxins in commercial toothpaste.

Teeth restoring toothpaste

Use 1 tablespoon of each of these herbs:

Chamomile flowers (fluoride)

Caraway seed (fluoride)

Dandelion (Calcium, phosphorous, vitamin D, vitamin E., Potassium, Magnesium, silicium, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper and a relatively high amount of Choline (part of vitamin B)


Nettle (iron, vitamin D)

Oregano (against sores in the mouth)

Sage (white teeth)



Himalayan salt: it contains the 84 elements that are also found in the body, also in the same ratio.

Tartaric acid (not normal baking powder, that has too much aluminum, tartaric acid occurs naturally in fruits such as grapes)

Grind this to a powder, then mix into a paste with two tablespoons of coconut oil, and you have a wonderful toothpaste.


Together with using toothpicks before brushing preferably with a sonic toothbrush, and using a water pick after with just the water and not the mouth wash they try to ell along with at least twice daily mornings and evenings, along with rinsing your mouth with water every should be enough to keep maximum oral hygiene non toxically.

It can also serve to restore cavities. In that case put some teeth restoring toothpaste in the cavity after you are done with brushing your teeth.. The tooth can rebuild itself.






In spite of what some dentists say, brushing your teeth after eating is better than before. It’s not the enamel that gets brushed off, but the layer of calcium covering the enamel, and there is nothing wrong with that being replaced regularly, otherwise teeth become very yellow. Also using a toothpick to take away food between teeth is as important as brushing. For more information on teeth, see



For teething children, chewing on a toothbrush can bring relief. And start brushing even before the first tooth comes through.


Hair coloring

For blond hair coloring you can use acacia obovata or neutral henna. The normal advice is to mix it with enough freshly squeezed lemon juice to form a yogurt like paste, let it stand for at least 12 hours, then put on hair that has been cleaned with soda to make sure it’s not greasy at all, cover it with a clothe at leave it in through the night. Rinse the next morning, repeat weekly.


However I have found that t also work if you just mix it to a yogurty paste in water, slap it on dry hair and immediately rinse it in the shower. I see no difference in color effect, and this way it’s a lot less work.


It’s also smart rinse the jar in which you mixed the henna in the shower about half way through the week, for an extra touch up.



Another natural coloring is Henné de Shiraz by Beliflor (see

This range has all colors, from blond to black. Just follow the instructions on the package. Test on a single strand before using though, since the color can turn out quite different, like red instead of blond.




How to apply the e4dc to children:


For children it is important that food looks nice, and so buying nice ecologically friendly packages is a good tip. That can be done here:


Organic stores, bakeries and nut bars can sell nicer packages than can be bought in supermarkets. These can be made attractive with fun colored pipe cleaners.



As a drink you can make cocoa with raw cocoa, goat’s milk, elderflower honey , a little Himalayan salt.


Plaze 33 has nice packages for cosmetic products:


Comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts for the e4dc (naturally, happily, healthily, toxin-free diet and care)


(As far as food products go)


Organic vegetables, vegetable juice,carrot juice, water

Goats cheese, Brie, Mozarella, all cheese provided it has no poisonous additives (Be especially aware of sodium nitrate, E251)


Yogurt with no additives


Organic fruit


Goats (skimmed) milk

Organic tea, without additives

Raw nuts

Organic unsulphered raisins without additives

Chips, with only potatoes, oil and salt as additives, (not too much, burnt carbohydrates are very carcinogenic)

Pap corn, from organic, non genetically manipulated corn (see, attachment 55)

Organic rice cakes

Organic spelt-, buckwheat-, barley-, actually all grain flowers except for wheat flower.


For baking: cold pressed organic olive oil or non deodorized organic coconut oil, only never above 180 degrees Celcius, so never let it smoke, otherwise it becomes toxic.


Other oils cold pressed and organic, non heated


Raw, organic honey (such as acacia-, sunflower-, clover- or tilia honey)


Himalaya salt

Tartaric acid

Cayenne pepper (destroys cancer cells in the bloodstream and prevents spreading)


Aloë Vera made from the pulp, without aloïne


Do’s as far as care products go

Doś for physical care products

Organic essential oils, herbs, cold pressed organic oils such as sweet almond oil, Avocado oil, sesameseed oil, calendula oil, evening primrose oil etc.


Lavender- or chamomile flowers, instead of soap


wool wax for chapped lips and wounds


Geranium with sesame oil as sun screen, and aloe vera or wool wax if you get sun burnt anyways

Recipe’s for care products


Jasmine, Neroli and Roman Chamomile with base oils Avocado, Grape seed, Sweet almond oil, Macademia and evening primrose oil are a lovely oil for grown ups. Evening rim rose is also an excellent remedy for menstruation pains and menopause symptoms.


Any essential oil mixed with filtered, cooked and cooled down water is an excellent eau de cologne.


Against lice use teatree oil: A few drops in a dispenser with filtered ,cooked, and cooled down water


As an insecticide a few drops of patchouli, with water in a dispenser is fine.


Vinegar or calendula oil are excellent for nettle irritations.


Toxin free Toothpaste:


Use 1 tablespoon of each of these herbs:

Chamomile flowers (fluoride)

Caraway seed (fluoride)

Dandelion (Calcium, phosphorous, vitamin D, vitamin E., Potassium, Magnesium, silicium, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper and a relively high amount of Choline (part of vitamin B)


Nettle (iron, vitamin D)

Oregano (against sores in the mouth)

Sage (white teeth)



Himalayan salt: it contains the 84 elements that are also found in the body, also in the same ratio.

Tartaric acid (not normal baking powder, that has too much aluminum, tartaric acid occurs naturally in fruits such as grapes)

Grind this to a powder, then mix into a paste with two tablespoons of coconut oil, and you have a wonderful toothpaste.


Do’s for housekeeping:

For calcium stains on surfaces use vinegar and for grease use soda chrystals dissolved in water. For a perfect all purpose cleaner, mix soda and lemon peels.


Soda dissolved in water mixed with lemon peels is excellent for washing dishes by hand.

In the dishwasher, instead of using chemicals, save the peels of lemons you use for consumption, and put those in your dishwasher. You’ll be amazed at the shine of your dishes and glass wear


For colored laundry use soap nuts, 3 half peals are enough for one load.


For the white laundry use soda in the soap dispenser of the washing machine, and use a lemon peel in a bag in the washing machine itself.


As air fresheners, mint or lavender leaves, or the essential oils of mint and lavender, or any you choose.


For cleaning the toilet, put boiling hot vinegar in the pot and let it stand for two or three hours. Be careful not to breath it in and not to get it in your eyes, and if you have a sceptic tank, before flushing, add soda until it stops reacting, so yo don’t change the pH in your tank, since that harms the bacteria who keep it clean.


Put a drop of lavender , chamomile or any essential oil you like and that is good for you on the inside of the toilet paper role or the role of kitchen paper before you hang it up for use. It gives all the sheets a lovely smell without the chemicals.


When you are out doors, skunkweed is an excellent replacement for kitchen towel as well as toilet paper!





(In as far as food is concerned)



All supplements, especially vitamin A en solid vitamin E

Raw eggs

Refined sugar, glucose syrup


Dehydrated fats

Soy or soy holding products


Flaxseed chaffs

Food heated in plastic

Food prepared in the microwave


Fish oil


Avoid these medicines


No statins (except for hereditary conditions where the body makes too much cholesterol), no phenyl fenidate,


Personal care products which should be avoided


Soap, regular sun screen oil, glycerin, soy oil, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, aluminum,


Domestic care products which should be avoided


Air fresheners

Ordinary laundry soaps and detergent (come in plastic bottles which pollute the sea, and contain palm oil which causes large scale deforestation)

Chemicals like chlorine which causes respiratory problems,

All chemicals.


More e4dc Recipes

In the chapter “A week of e4dc”, there are already recipes for breakfast, lunches and dinners.


Here are some more recipe’s.

Everything can be made fit for e4dc by replacing the following ingredients:


Ordinary baking powder with tartaric acid (in combination with carbonated water for leavening)


Wheat with spelt (or buckwheat or oatmeal or barley)


Instead of baking in sunflower oil use cold pressed organic olive oil or coconut oil


Sugar with organic sunflower-, buckwheat-, clover-, or tilia honey.


Salt with Himalaya salt

Bovine milk with goatsmilk

Dinner Recipe Ideas

Next to the fixed parts of every meal mentioned in a week e4dc,   such as sea weed, olive oil, Himalaya salt, the herb of the day, here are some dinner ideas:

Vegetables: broccoli, cucumber, cauliflower etc. But you can also consider self picked dandelions and daisies.


Tortelia’s with guacamole: (avocado, yogurt, lemon and Himalaya salt) or hot saus made with sambal without additives. The pancakes should be made with organic, non genetically manipulated corn flower.


You can make wonderful croquets or bitterball substitutes by putting leftovers from the day before in the blender, adding spelt flower until you can roll balls from them, baking it in olive oil. Serve with musterd without additives,


Pasta Pesto with selfmade pesto saus and spelt pasta.


Nettle soup


for 4 people.

Pick nettles yourself (do wear protective gloves).   Especially the young shoots are good. (Nettle is rich in iron and vitamin D, good for blood and bone health) Clean well with kitchen gloves on, bake three onions in olive oil, add Himalaya salt, add water when they are well baked, and then the nettle, Make tasty with red palm oil, Himalaya salt and the herb of the day. Sunday: seed: purple, koriander, fenugreek, fennel, Monday: root: blue, curcuma, laos, angelica root, Tuesday: leaf: green, paesely, basil, Wednesday: herb: yellow, rosemary, thyme, Thursday: flower: orange , ginger, dadelion, Friday: wood: red: cinnamon, and Saturday: fruit: white. cardamom


For lunch spelt bread, avocado, Himalaya salt and the herb of the day.



Pre heat the oven at 150 degrees Celcius. Grease the bake plate with olive oil and cover with some flower (spelt, quinoa, Elkhorn)


For the bottom

Use 4 parts flower (spelt, quinoa), 1 part luke warm water, yeast, himalaya salt, a quarter part of olive oil,

Mix, kneed and let it rise for half an hour. Put on the baking plate and spread out with a glass,


For the topping:

Fry two onions and two garlic cloves in organic olive oil, bake until soft, then put in 5 chopped tomatoes


Put this on the pizza bottom , cover with grated cheese, mozzarella, olives aprika, and whatever you like.






Wim’s Spelt bread recipe

For two loaves of bread:

Ingredients: Himalaya Salt, spelt flower, carbonated water, tartaric acid, sesame seed oil


Mix 1 cup of carbonated water, Himalayan salt, 3 table spoons of organic acacia honey, 2 table spoons of sesame seed oil,mix that in a bowl until you are sure the Himalaya salt has been properly distributed.


Then add 2 cups of spelt flower and one cup of oatmeal and a table spoon of tartaric acid. Mix that into a dough as quickly as possible.


Add extra spelt flower until it does not stick anymore,


Then kneed as long as possible, until everything has mixed properly. Will usually mean 20 or 30 minutes (otherwise you risked torn crusts and a less good consistence)


Divide the bread in two parts, and kneed two ovals. Put baking paper in the oven. Make a pattern of diamonds on the crusts, to make it leaven more easily.


Put the bread in the oven, and put the oven on when the bread is already in it, so it has time to leaven.


Depending on how fast your oven heats up, first put it on 250 degrees Celcius, then 10 minutes on 150 degrees Celcius and bake it 35 minutes.


Wim’s raisin bread:


pre heat the oven on 250 degrees Celcius, grease the bread pan with organic coconut oil and sprinkle it with spelt flower, 2 cups of unsulphered blue raisins in a bowl with a teaspoon of salt and one cup of carbonated water. Let it stand half an hour and add half a cup of sesame seed oil (Nieuwe band, organic). 4 cups of spelt flower. Mmix and kneed. Put the oven back on 150 degrees Celcius. Kneed into buns. Put in the oven for 35 minutes on 175 degrees Celcius. If you make one big raisin bread leave it in the oven for 40 minutes.

e4dc desert, snacks and beverage tips:


Here also everything can be made by substituting the ingredients for ingredients that are allowed: wheat for spelt, or oats, perfect for spicy nuts and cookies


Pancakes, Peppernuts, Cookies, cakes, profiteroles, ice cream, chocolate pudding, Wim’s Meringues and Wim’s Cranberry bluff


Everything can be copied by replacing the ingredients that aren’t beneficial for ingredients that are, like wheat for spelt (for bread) or spelt flower (for cakes)

or oatmeal flower (nice for peppernuts) or buck wheat, (there are very many variations. Here are some tips


Spelt pancakes:  

200 grams of spelt flower, 50 grams of quinoa, some Himalaya salt, some tartaric acid, two eggs, add water until you reach the correct consistency (about 400 ml) , bake in cold pressed olive oil,


Enszyo’s Pepper nuts:


Preheat the oven at 150 degrees Celcius,. Greese the baking pan with organic coconut oil (put what’s left over from it in the mixing bowl) and sprinkle it with spelt flower or other flower (not wheat flower). In a mixing bowl put 250 grams of oatmealflower (gives that lovely sticky peppernut texture), a table spoon of cinnamon, the leftover coconut oil used for greesing the baking pan, a table spoon of tartaric acid, a little Himalayan salt, raw organic tilia honey. Some carbonized water (for rising), ake small balls, leave in the over for 15 minutes, done!

Ginger cookies


can be made the same way as Pepper nuts (see above), only with spelt flower and a table spoon of ginger instead of cinnamon.


Enszyo’s Appelpie:


preheat the oven at 150 degrees Celcius, grease the cake pan with organic coconut oil and sprinkle it with spelt flower. Fill a mixing bowl with 250

Grams organic spelt flower, a little Himalaya salt, a table spoon of cinnamon, a little oatmeal flower, a table spoon of   tartaric acid. In a second mixing bowl: juice of 1 lemon, some carbonated water, 250 grams of blue raisins (you can also put in more), Peal one kilo of apples and rid them of the core, mix with the raisins, carbonated water Mix this with the flower mixture of the first bowl, and add 200 grams of coconut cream. Mix well , and put in the cake pan, bake for 40 minutes, and the apple pie is ready to eat!


Variation: Add a topping of Honey (200 rams), cinnamon, (I tablespoon) and Himalaya salt to taste. Mix with a stick mixer and pour evenly over the pie.

Anna’s Profiteroles:


  • 350 ml water
  • 250 grans coconut oil
  • 475 grams egg ( 1 egg is about 40 grams)


Other nnecessities

  • Pastry bag
  • Fresh whipped cream or custard
  • Mixer




Preheat the oven on 150 degrees Celcius (electric oven)


Grease the sheet pan with coconut oil and sprinkle it with some flower.


Put the 350 ml water and the 250 grams coconut oil in a pan and put the pan on the stove. Let it cook softly until the coconut oil has melted.


Then add the 275 grams of spelt flower. Let this cook, but make sure it does not over cook. It should not become brown. So you must pay constant attention.



As soon as the mass is done take the pan from the stove and gradually add the 475 grams of egg.


The mix for the profitiroles is now ready.


Put the mixture in the pastry bag and make little tufts the size of a Euro, or if you like you can make them twice as big if you prefer larger ones. Make sure the tufts are not put to close together.


Bake the profiteroles in 12 to 15 minutes.


Once they have cooled off they can be filled with fresh whipped cram, or whipped cram mixed with vanilla pudding, which can be made by mixing water with agar agar, spelt flower and vanilla.


This is the recipe for a custard filling:

1 stick of agar agar

60 ml water

2 full table spoons of goatsmilk

1 piece of vanilla

honey as much as is required for taste



Cook the agar agar with the water, Himalaya salt, honey, vanilla , flower (vuckwheat, oatmeal or spelt), seave it, add goatsmilk.


Put a small spout on the pastry bag, fill the pastry bag with the custard, and inject it into the profiterols.


You can also fill it with cheese or cheese saus.

Same as above, only add cheese instead of vanilla and honey.


e4dc Chocolate Fudge Cake




For the cake:

two courgettes

25 grams raw cocoa powder

200 gram spelt flour

200 grams honey)

2 bags of tartaric acid baking powder

1/2 tsp. Himalayan salt

200 grams coconut oil and cream

5 grams organic vanilla powder

30 ml apple cider vinegar


For the glaze:

50 grams raw cocoa and vanilla

1/3 cup honey





To make the cake:

– Pre-heat the oven to 150 degrees Celsius.

– grease a pan with coconut oil and dust with cocoa

– In a small bowl, whisk together the cocoa powder, honey & courgette, making sure that there are no lumps left and set aside.

– In a large pan, whisk together the flour,   baking soda & salt.

– Make a well in the centre of these dry ingredients and add the cocoa-courgette mixture, oil & vanilla powder. Whisk until smooth. Add the vinegar & whisk.

– Transfer the batter to prepared cake pan & bake for about 30 to 40 minutes or until a skewer inserted in the centre of the cake comes out clean.

– cool for 20 minutes.

– Run a knife around the sides of the pan before loosening the sides of the pan.



To make the chocolate glaze:

– ?ix honey; raw cocoa; vanilla and salt

– Once this mixture takes on a spreadable consistency, pour it over the centre of the cooled cake.

-Use an offset spatula to spread the glaze evenly over the top and sides of the cake.


Variation: for a dryer version, add 100 grams of quinoa flour to the dry parts.


Ice cream


from goats milk or milk from raw cashew nuts, organic raw honey, organic raw cocoa and a little Himalaya salt.

If you put this in the ice cream maker it’s a delicious chocolate ice-cream. Serve with a mint leaf.

For the benefits of goats milk over cows milk, see

Chocolate pudding

Two table spoos of raw chocolate

1 stick of agar agar

60 ml water

2 full table spoons of goatsmilk

1 piece of vanilla

honey as much as is required for the right taste

Wim’s Maringues

Can only be prepared in dry weather.


10 eggs

raw organic acacia honey

Himalaya salt





Mixing bowl

Paper to dry off the mixer and mixing bowl and baking paper

Baking powder




Pre heat the oven on 100 degrees Celcius


It is important to work clean and absolutely grease free, so this is how to clean the mixer and the bowl in which you want to prepare the meringues:

Fill the bowl with hot water and baking soda.

Use the mixer to stir it

Use paper to dry the mixer and put the mixer away with the mixing rods upward so nothing can touch them

Dry the bowl with paper as well

Split the eggs carefully so the fingers never touch the egg whites

Beat the eggs with the mixer until they change into foam

They are ready when you can hold the bowl upside down without anything falling out.

Add raw organic acacia honey

You now have a base for meringues and Blackberry Bluff (or in our case, Cranberry Bluff)

For Wim’s Maringues:

Put small tufts on a clean sheet of baking powder in the preheated oven (100 degrees Celsius)

Wim’s Cranberry Bluff

(not weather sensitive)


Same preparation an Maringues, but without heating.



In a glass with a little unsweetened organic cranberry juice.


Poor the sweetened and beaten egg whites over this.



Nuts and raisins: Unsulphered organic raisins with raw nuts


Enszyo’s Pop corn



Organic, not genetically manipulated corn

Himalaya salt

Raw, organic Coconut oil




Grote pan (preferably cast iron)with a lid (preferably glass)

Oven mitts

Big bowl to put the popcorn in



Put the oil and Himalaya salt in the pan and melt until there is an approximately 2 mm high layer covering the bottom of the pan (enough so the corn can be half submerged in oil).


Put 3 to 5 pieces of corn in the pan, When they pop put the rest in until the bottom of the pan is covered with one layer of corn.

Shake while popping so the popped corn does not get burnt.


Turn the heat down before the corn burns, and immediately put in a bowl when the corn is popped.



hazelnut balls:

Spread coconut flakes on a plate. Melt organic coconut oil aubain marie, add organic hazelnut paste and raw acacia honey, oatmeal, some Himalaya salt, take out of the pan with a spoon and put on the coconut flakes, role into balls, let it cool down and enjoy!


Banana with mint:

Slice banana, sprinkle with lemon, serve with mint leaves, enjoy!


Mints and licorice

Fennel seed or licorice root with raisins   tastes just like licorice , or raisins with peppermint leaf taste like chewy mints, without the additives.


Make your own chocolate

Take a packet of organic coconut cream and remove the coconut oil , which is completely white, as opposed to the crème, which is off white. A pack contains 200 grams of coconut cream.

















Heat up the off white coconut cream bain marie (otherwise it will burn.)



















When it is melted completely, take it off of the heat source and mix it with a tea spoon   of raw cocoa, some Himalayan salt and 100 grams of high crystallized honey, such as clover honey.






Mold it into any shape you like and let it cool off. It will be hard just like real chocolate.


You can also roll in half a date, cashew nuts, almonds or chest nuts.




Using two teaspoons you can also make your own Easter eggs this way.












Or you can choose to add 100 grams of ground hazelnuts or walnuts.








Cranberry soda: mix unsweetened cranberry juice with carbonated water and raw acacia honey.


Minty lemon soda: Carbonated water with lemon and mint leaves.


Enszyo’s Hot cocoa with raw cocoa powder, a little Himalaya salt, acacia honey and goats milk. Oat- or cashew nut milk works also. Add a little vanilla for extra taste.


A good tip for alcohol free wine is Carl Jung wine.





Find a reliable news source to keep up with the latest news, not just on food, but also on environmental issues and the latest discoveries. Sometimes toxic materials are mixed in with certain building materials (green bricks for example contain chromium 6, as do impregnated wood used for garden gates and children’s playgrounds in the Netherlands).


Ron Fonteine.

On environmental issues Het Echte Nieuws is helpful

I put everything I find on


Some Experiences with the e4dc


My mother was 88 when she fell from her wheelchair and a large lump was found in her chest. 99,9% certainly maliscious, was her doctor’s opinion. She was only sitting quietly with her eyes closed looking very pail and hardly reacting to anything My sister had already flown out from America and did not dare postpone her trip for a week, that’s how little time she thought she had.


She also had Alzheimer, so it was quickly agreed upon that the most important thing was to keep her as comfortable as possible for whatever time she had left, and she would not be submitted to any aggressive cancer therapies. The family and her doctor allowed me to try my diet on her.

I asked my family and the doctor for permission to try my diet on her, and they allowed me too.


During the first meal (spelt bread with coconut oil and banana and a Chinese flower tea) her eyes opened and the color came back to her cheeks. As I predicted, the lump had flattened out after a week and a half of this diet. After two weeks she ate again by herself, something she hadn’t been able to do for a while.Since then she wanted to walk again, and we just opened a face book account for her so she can keep in touch with her children and grandchildren. At 89 she is alive and well, while in april 2013 it was not likely for her to survive another week.


Even the strongest among us can be vulnerable sometimes, and every one who is vulnerable deserves the very best care. It is horrible to take advantage of vulnerability to make a profit.



This is healthy for society as a whole, and will stimulate young people to do their best more, because old age will not be something to fear, but something to look forward to, because you will be pampered and respected, instead of neglected and rejected.


So it’s either this: multibillion dollar industry, with carcinogenic methods which destroy the body, pollute the earth and methods 85% of doctors themselves don’t choose for if they ever get cancer themselves,





Underneath you see a picture of what happens to your skin if the carcinogenic chemotherapy cocktail gets on it. (The picture comes from Dennis Vajrayana from “Cance is Curable”) If this is what it does n the outside of your body , it is not surprising it makes us so very ill when it is injected in our veins!




Or this, supporting the body’s own ability to fight disease, with no one making insane profits because of some one else’s illness.










Mam april 10th 2013


Mam april 18th 2013, first e4dc meal Wednesday evening april 17th 2013



Mam July 7th 2013


Doctors comments on the e4dc

The doctors I talked to about the diet both showed respect for my knowledge about food (see following e-mails)


1 februari 2010:
(Kinderarts Slotervaartziekenhuis)

ik ben onder de indruk van je kennis, op sommige

vlakken echt meer dan ik in huis heb..laten wij vanmiddag een zinnig

plan maken<



(Pediatrician of the Slotervaart hospital)

I am impressed with your knowledge, in some area more than I have..Let us make a sensible plan this aftenoon.



Beste Anna,

Ben verheugd dat het probleem is opgelost.
Vind het geweldig hoe jij je moeder verzorgd en heb daar veel respect voor.

In ons gesprek is dat onvoldoende naar voren gekomen,

met vriendelijke groet,

Dr from my mother´s home



Dear Anna,

I am happy the problem has been solved.
I think the care you take for your mother is wonderful and I have much respect for that.




For questions, mail me at or call me at 0033687813758


More Experiences with the e4dc


Mam May 2016

In March of 2014 we moved to abroad. We wanted to take my mother with us and have her live with us in France, but one of my brothers did not approve, and another brother of mine found a place for her near his house where he could visit her every day. Unfortunately my efforts to have her diet kept in the new home did not succeed, and on May 19th 2016 we received the dreaded news, that my mother’s health was not well. We heard she was in discomfort, not eating and unresponsive.

It was accompanied with this picture, of her holding the card that accompanied the flowers I had sent for her 92nd birthday




I found out that she had been put back on diuretics (blood pressure lowering medicine) , and advised to quit them, and one of the nurses was kind enough to buy her carrot juice on my request. May 25th   the doctor was planning to give her a heavy pain killer called fentanyl , and wanted to start that a day before stopping the diuretics. I was able to convince her to at least wait one day to see what the effect of stopping the diuretics was. The doctor said I knew more about diets and their effect on health than she did, but that she had more experience with Alzheimer, and that my mother showed all the symptoms of end stage Alzheimer.


That evening we received this picture


















I was encouraged by the color on her cheeks and could tell she had received carrot juice.


As in 2013, my sister flew in from the US, and I received these pictures of her and our mother on Friday May 27th





My sister said my our mother was in pain and she did not think our mother recognized her.


I was in shock to see her in this state and searched for a painkiller without the horrible side effects attributed to fentanyl, and came across CBD oil. and found a friend who was willing to bring that to her.


Tuesday May 31 we received these pictures




My brother said she did not recognize him and was plucking her clothes and skin. He was convinced that this was because of her Alzheimer, that her brain was so damaged that she was uncomfortable all the time. I asked him not to rule out other possibilities. Was she plucking at her clothes? Maybe her clothes were uncomfortable. Was she plucking at her skin? Maybe they used the wrong soap.


I was encouraged because she looked much better. She still looked uncomfortable though.




Wednesday morning June 1st I found out that our mother was getting laxatives, and I asked if that could be stopped, since maybe that was what was making her uncomfortable. Laxatives are not innocent (see ) Maybe the laxatives were making her uncomfortable.


I put all this in a letter and forwarded it to the doctor.



That afternoon my amazing friend who is a professional dancer brought the CBD oil , read her a poem I wrote for her , and she said she noticed our mother was listening. She said “wat mooi”when she saw picture of my son and me, and her eyes lit up when she saw the pictures of herself as a little girl that accompanied the poem. She said our mother wanted to see the pictures again and again and would not take her eyes off of them, and that she held her hand the whole time. She sent this picture.






Here you thus see the effect of stopping diuretics and of respect and warmth that my beautiful dancer friend gave her.



Thursday June 2nd the carrot juice the wonderful nurse had bought with her own money was finished, and another wonderful friend of mine , who among her many talents, is a professional masseuse, was prepared to bring her some.


She went Friday June 3rd, and also said she had wonderful contact with my mother, stayed for hours, laughed together, cried together, and sensed that my mother had a pain in her neck, and massaged her at the place where her hands were being led!


So that was it! My mother’s neck was hurting, an old injury from being thrown off a horse at 15! My friend , who is a professional masseuse had solved the mystery of my motherś pain! Notice the glow and relief on my mother’s face, and the fact that she is sitting up straight again!





The next day, Saturday June 4th, my brother sent this picture.. Sitting straight up again, and smiling! They had now also stopped the laxatives!.



As my mother taught me,as I mentioned in the piece I wrote for he on the mistake was in the beginning. Not dementia, but a very old neck pain form a horse injury at the age of 15 ws causing her pain.

A 17 day struggle has come to a victorious result.


Even with all this knowledge, you have to be hyper alert, and like a detective to find out what the problem is and what is the best remedy. And you have to be careful not to jump to conclusions.


My mother had almost been put on heavy sedatives that would have put her in such a sleep she would not have eaten any more, and which had horrible side effects aside from the horrible direct effects, and all she needed was to stop with unnecessary medication, some healthy food, some empathy and a massage.


The empathetic people in the world are truly miracle workers. Care taking is often not taken seriously, and caring for family is not seen as work, but it is. It is detectives work, a day and night effort. Not from 9 to five, but 24/7.


People are people, not numbers, and they deserve to be treated with dignity, no matter what their age or background. Everyone deserves the very best we can give.






Now the plan is to teach my friends the e4dc, so they can help my mother and benefit from it themselves.


I received the OK from the doctor to arrange for my mother to get the e4dc. She is the fourth doctor in a row to tell me I know more about diet and health than she does.


Take care of those you love, honor your parents, which means take care of them when they can no longer take care of themselves, and cherish those who help you, if only so that they thrive and can keep helping people., and do so yourself as well. It is tremendously fulfilling and it is what we are here to do, take care of all that lives. Do it, do for others what you would wish they would for you and for your self what you would wish others would do for themselves. Share your talents and value other people’s talents and positive efforts so we all can thrive!


And by the way, the CBD oil I found where you get 30 mlfor €49,90 , here in France it is sold as Huile de Chanvre, for only about €10,- for 250ml. My husband used it on some rough spots he had on his elbow his whole life, and for the first time they did not bleed when he pulled some skin off.


Unfortunately, June 18th 2017, I was unable to dissuade the doctors from giving my mother fatal dosisses of morphine., and she died the next morning, June 19, 2017.


This is common practice in the Netherlands, eventhough there are family members who do not agree, and even though it is known to be a faulty method for committing euthanasia.


Here is the last picture of my mother, taken on her 93rd birthday, May 6th 2017


See how cheerful she looks? This picture was taken by a volunteer who came every week, to read literature to her, since my mother had always been an avid reader. And she read a lifebook I had made for my mother, with her life story, and pictures of her as a child, of her wedding, of her children , grandchildren and great grand children. She loved being read to, and responded with smiles to the book. Everyone was sure she recognized us all.


I would have loved for someone to help her look at her facebook page, and all the pictures of her children, grand children and great grandchildren I posted there, but that was hard to achieve, and this was the next best thing.


Let us hope one day it will be normal to help the elderly keep in touch with their loved ones, and that keeping the e4dc will become standard practice in homes and hospitals everywhere.




e4dc against baldness


My husband also developed a bald spot in the beginning of 2015, which disappeared completely by applying linseed oil mixed with aloe vera to his scalp and following the e4dc diet,   and he now has a full head of hair again.


This picture is from June 29 2014. Still a full head of hair.




This one is from March 2015




Then I gave him an oil to put on it which was a mixture of aloe vera gel and linseedoil, and he started to participate in our omega 3-6-9 breakfasts.


June 25 2015

August 4th 2015


It first grew back completely white as you can see here on this picture taken on June 25 th and   August 4th 2015.


And by Christmas 2015 the color evened out. He now has a full head of hair again.









More experiences with the e4dc:


Pain relief: in the mean time a doctor has been using the e4dc, and reports the effects of pain relief, skin clearing up, and general increased well being.


Improved vision: A friend of mine was diagnosed with macular degeneration and cataract. Her vision was 45%. She started n the e4dc, and when she went for a checkup three months later her vision had improved, and was now


Improved skin: This same friend has used the e4dc skin oil for years now. One time, she ran out and returned to her old product, and immediately became ill, and had puffed up eyes and a stuffed nose. Her body was not used to the toxins in regular sc=kin products anymore, and she was ver hppy when I mixed her some new oil.


Animal care: Our cat had a wound on his tail, it seemed he had been bitten by a wild animal. Nothing worked to make the swelling go. Then we applied apple cider vinager to the wound and it healed in a few days.


At one point our cat was coughing up blood. We put a little Swedish herbs in his water, and he healed immediately



Why is this not well known?


There are several reasons for the lack of enthusiasm for free remedies for serious diseases. None of these reasons is justified. They are:

1 A persistent belief that the earth is too small for the number of people that live on it

2 A belief that being harmful to nature is an inseparable part of human nature.

3 Sabotage by the pharmaceutical industry because of the loss of revenue when people are healthy. See also the documentaryCancer, The Forbidden Cures by Massimo Mazzucco [1]on

4 Eugenics beliefs, where it is believed that classes and races should not mix because then humanity as a whole will spiral down. See also

  1. The idea that making sure you eat correctly is somehow neurotic or unspiritual;

Counter-arguments are:

1 The earth is not too small for all of humanity. All mankind would not even fill half of the Grand Canyon. So there can easily more people, and all the population reduction measures are not necessary People need 400 square meters a person to exist. Even with a population explosion to 9 billion, and people would only populate one third of the land surface, there is more than 12 times that amount of area surface per person.

2.People are not necessarily harmful to nature. Tree experts speak of “dead forests” if there was no human input in its creation was because people exchanging seeds of flowers, plants and trees with one another cause a greater biodiversity than could be achieved without human input. What is damaging is the way of life that is forced upon us by large companies with political influence and the attack that commits to nature. The e4dc also shows a way of living that is completely unharmful for nature, and even enhances it.

3.The obscene fact that there is a billion dollar industry that profits from making and keeping people ill. The political power that these pharmacists have allow them to poison people from before their birth, and then those who refuse to poison their children are fined and their children are taken from them.

4.Gaulton was a cousin of Darwin’s who thought up a class system based upon the doctrine of the Anglican Church. John Taylor Gatto convincingly argues that schools manipulate the population to ensure races and classes do not mix. This practice is both unethical and scientifically untenable, since all human DNA is consistent, and inbreeding is a danger, not miscegenation.


  1. There is nothing unspiritual or neurotic about taking good care of your self. It is very unwise not to.

So there is no reason to reject a healthy life style.





There are also other counter forces:

1.Misunderstood spirituality which is seen as being able to eat everything without becoming ill.


Argument against that:

  1. This is a Pauline misconception. All other faiths have strict food advice, specifically to avoid toxicity.


Counter force 2:

2.Misconception of human life, as if we would only be worth something if we are financially productive.

Argument against that:

  1. Gandhi said: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”


This was said in an era when anything but the utmost respect for the elderly was unthinkable. Honor your parents was a universal principle before the sixties, and meant nothing more than taking good care of them once they had become old and dependent.


Old people were the elders to whom every one listened.


I think today Gandhi would say that a people which does not take the best possible care of it’s elderly and children is doomed to extinction.


My question is if such a society deserves to survive!


Counterforce 3


3.Misunderstandings about over population. There is an elite, which wants to bring down the worlds population to 250 million, and there are theories that all the earth’s problems are due to over population, and the earth cannot sustain the 11 billion people predicted for 2100.


So as they think that only a handful of people can survive on earth, they take their precautions to make sure it’s them, and they need keep us under control. The strong slaves are allowed to survive, the weak, old ones, and the ones who refuse to be enslaved are useless an therefore to be isolated and exterminated:


They poison us like bugs, have psychologically depressing methods of

schooling our children (their own schools don’t have to abide by the ridiculous rules our schools have), and make sure we die as quickly after we reach retirement age and become economically unproductive in their eyes as they possibly can. Their excuse for doing this is the pollution they actually cause themselves by using unnecessary, antiquated and harmful methods for food and energy supply and stopping environmentally friendly and environment enhancing solutions from being put into practice.


Argument against that:


3.There are 7 billion people on earth now, that seems like a lot, but in fact it’s only about 1000 times Amsterdam. If any one has ever flown in an airplane, he or she knows that the unpopulated areas outnumber the populated ones by far. There about 196 official countries in the world, so that means 5 times Amsterdam per country. That’s not bad.


Besides the population of ants is larger than the mass of all of earth’s human population.


So we really don’t have to worry about having enough air and water.

Julian Lincoln Simon (February 12, 1932 – February 8, 1998)[1] was a professor of business administration at the University of Maryland and a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute at the time of his death, after previously serving as a longtime business professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.[2]

He is author of “The Ultimate Resource” He argues that all through humanity humans have worried about being on the brink of extinction because of a shortage of the material they were using at that moment.

Some of the “crises” he notes are a shortage of tin in the 13th century BCE; disappearing forests in Greece in 550 BCE and in England in the 16th century to 18th century CE; food in 1798; coal in Great Britain in the 19th century; oil since the 1850s; and various metals since the 1970s.


A large section of the book is dedicated to showing how population growth ultimately creates more resources. The basic argument echoes the overarching thesis: as resources become more scarce, the price rises, creating an incentive to adapt. The more a society has to invent and innovate, ceteris paribus[clarification needed], the more easily the society will raise its living standards and lower resource scarcity.


According to him more people means more resourcefulness, so overpopulation is never a problem.

Besides that, it is the big companies themselves that cause the pollution, absolutely unnecessarily, because environmentally friendly alternatives for everything exist already. So if we all start living according to the environmentally friendly e4dc advice together with the spiritual guidelines given in intelligent devotion, which states that heaven has more than enough room for all humans and every life form and that says you never get anything better if you destroy or are negligent with what you have,   ( see ) every last excuse is taken away fro these companies to plunder the earth and poison the masses.

A tree specialist once told me that forests that came to be without human influence are dead forests, because humans traded seeds and took care of the biodiversity. By trading seeds humans   can attain more biodiversity than animals and plants can attain on their own.


So we are needed on earth, and necessary and useful to nature, but we should take our place, helping the animals and the environment, instead of not caring for anything or anybody and giving big companies an excuse for polluting and plundering the planet, and pretending exterminating humans is necessary in order for the planet to survive.


For more information see my website and this information is also on there under e4dc (Naturally, Happily, Healthily, Toxin Free diet and care).

  1. It is natural for the ill and weak to die. Survival of the fittest is the law of the jungle. Keeping weak elements alive is not only unnatural, it’s bad. By doing that you weaken the whole species.

Argument against that:

4.Except for a few exceptions, such as black widow spiders and sharks, the rule is that animals take very good care of the elderly and weak. But most animals take excellent care of their young, sick and elderly: elephants, swans. Some even take care of humans, such as dolphims and st Bernards. It has not done their survival any harm. Besides that it places an unhealthy stress on the whole society if the most vulnerable elements are not properly looked after and nourished, because that means no one is allowed to be weak. That causes the strong to become more stressed and this will influence productivity in a negative way. A trapeze worker will also dare more with a net than without. And if the elderly are not taken care of properly this is demotivating for the whole working population. The elderly have often worked their whole lives and should be honored, and every effort should be made to make their lives as long, healthy and enjoyable as possible. And children should be optimally taken care of and allowed to develop themselves optimally, for the future is in their hands.

Counter force 5

  1. The ordinary cancer industry uses very different methods. If this is so effective, why hasn’t it found its way to conventional medicine?

Argument against that:

5.The fight between herbal remedies and medicine is not new, but has always existed. Ralph Moss’s book Herbs against cancer describes this battle, and how it was artificially won by the medical industry, as we know it today.


The cancer industry is big business,, and those making truck loads of money with it won’t let go of this gold mine without a fight, so every real remedy is violently sabotaged. I already mentioned the €€30.500,- fine for even saying something is effective against cancer.


Food advice, and even dietitians and food research are being driven by commercial interests rather than by independent research. So the necessary research in healthy, natural foods is either not done, or not made known, because it’s commercially not interesting.


In the medical profession, not much attention is paid to diet, even though it is known that one in five cancer patients dies of malnutrition ( ) Perhaps because so much money is made by not understanding it and curing the consequences of improper diet with lucrative medicines and medical procedures rather than with unpatentenable natural foods.

One of the best known of the fairly recently developed drugs is called Imatinib. It is popularly known under the brand name Glivec, and has proven very successful in the treatment of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML).

With the aid of the drug, patients can now lead a nearly normal life expectancy whereas a decade ago they would have survived for a few years at most.

Reuters / Alexandra Beier

When Glivec was introduced in 2001 it cost £18,000 ($27,878) per patient in the UK. The price tag rose to £21,000 ($32,526) while in the US its price has sky-rocketed from $30,000 to $92,000. However, all the research costs were recovered in two years by the initial price which generated annual revenues of $900 million.

But in 2012, the drug’s annual revenues were $4.7 billion.

Grateful patients may have become the financial victims of the treatment’s success, having to pay the high price annually to stay alive,” the specialists write.

Ken Campbell from the UK charity Beating Blood Cancers told RT that drug companies often try and carry out a process known as “ever-greening”, where they try and make as much money on a drug before its patent runs out and it can be produced generically.



Also, all those fancy machines are produced and bought by hospitals expecting them to be used for years to come. A cure for cancer would mean a financial catastrophe for them, so they will do, and in fact do, anything to hide such solutions.


And , apart from that, most so called cancer remedies, and most drugs used in chemotherapy are carcinogenic, and so is radiation. So you are either robbed or killed by conventional cancer therapies.


Not surprising that 80% of the doctors don’t use them on themselves if they themselves become ill.

How to know what to believe:

Diseases should be fought in several levels.

1.The first level where diseases should be fought is in the brain. Through thorough investigation what causes diseases and what can be done against them you can reach conclusions that should guide your actions.

If you find all the differing opinions and the enormous amount of information confusing, the following graphs may be helpful in navigating through the forest of ideas about the best way to go about becoming and staying healthy.

To believe or not to believe flowchart

When are laws of physics being broken? Well, for example , if a substance is toxic to eat or even to touch, you can be pretty sure it does not magically become safe or even healthy in pills or in a vaccine.


How do you know who is financing the research?

It says in research papers who financed the research,


How do you know if a source is subjective or objective?

If a company has huge financial interests vested in the outcome of a study, and it also happens to be funding the research, you can be pretty sure that will influence the outcome.


How can you tell if all aspects are taken into account? What are all the aspects?

A number of aspects are physical, social, environmental, bacterial and psychological,

For example, if a conclusion is reached about the health benefits of a certain product, but that product is environmentally unfriendly or unsustainable, then the health aspects will also be influenced, since what affects the environment , eventually affects us all.


Furthermore, if a certain substance is considered unhealthy, while other factors, such as care products are not taken into account, then the conclusion is not reliable.


What is the scientific method?

In order to be able to conclude a certain outcome is caused by a certain action, all other aspects must be stable to ensure that the outcome is indeed caused by the factor that has changed. Otherwise parallel connections may be confused with causal ones. An example of this is when it was concluded that sunshine caused cancer, when it was in fact the toxic substances people tend to use to prevent sunburn that caused the cancer, not the sun. Another example is when it is concluded that being overly hygienic is unhealthy, while it is in fact the toxic substances that are used for cleaning that are healthy. Hygiene is perfectly fine, and even necessary for preventing disease.


What if the conclusion of research does not match the data? Then it’s usually safe to assume the conclusion has been altered to match what the financer wants it to say, and that the data are probably correct. Manipulating data is harder to do when working with researchers, since they often take their profession seriously, and are only concerned with performing their own research correctly, and may never even see the conclusions. If the conclusion is unexpected, but matches the data, there is a chance the data has been tampered with, for example by using a false control group, which gets a toxin as a placebo, rather than a neutral substance. There are known instances of this kind of “research”



Even though all the criteria for dependable research are met, it does not mean it has to be true for you. Everybody is unique, so you still need to judge if it is right for you.


When you have to choose between edible and non edible this flowchart can be helpful:


Flow chart edible vs non edible

Knowing your body, and knowing what each aspect needs to stay healthy is what the e4dc is all about.


The second line of defense is hygiene, personal, as well as in the house as well as environmental.

Parasites are as dangerous as toxins, and you don’t need toxins to get rid of them. Toxin free ways of maintaining personal and environmental hygiene are described in point 12 of the e4dc method..











Ralph Moss, PhD :Herbs Against Cancer

Mary Enig, PhD: Know your Fats

Corinne Gouget What’s in your food?

Maria Treben : Health through God’s pharmacy

Pat Thomas: Cleaning Yourself To Death : How Safe is Your Home?


as well as every article , lecture, (academic) study and documentary on herbs, health and environment I come across , an idea of which can be found on my scentses website


and, when my questions are not answered in any of those, I discuss with specialists directly.



What I can use for my work is determined by the method described in

the “To believe or not to believe” flowchart


Contact: or

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